Top 10 Manhwa Couples

It is February and everyone knows what comes with February – Valentine’s Day! In that Valentine’s spirit, we have decided to put together a list of our favourite manhwa items, putting forth the manhwa relationships we think are the most beautiful or heartwarming. We also just really love seeing our favourite ships take off and not sink, so hop aboard the SS Honey’s so we can take you on a romantic cruise around some of the cutest, most interesting manhwa couples we’ve seen, particularly those which seemed impossible at the beginning of their respective season. So on to it we go – just don’t fall in love with us along the way.

10. Sia Lee & Shin Jiho – unTouchable

  • Authors: Massstar
  • Genres: Romance
  • Volumes: 139
  • Published: July 2014 – April 2017

Unlike the blood-sucking vampires of old, modern vampires don’t need to suck blood in order to feed. Sia Lee, one such modern vampire, absorbs energy from human beings through her touch. She has been hungry to touch her neighbour Jiho since he moved in next door to her. However, one critical problem prevents Sia Lee from getting the opportunity to touch Jiho: he’s a germaphobe! Will Jiho one day overcome his mysophobia and let Sia Lee touch him, or will he let her drool for eternity?

From not being able to do so much as break the touch barrier to blossoming romance and the prospect of marriage looming, Sia Lee and Jiho are our first beautiful couple. Given how their relationship began as a result of Sia Lee’s vampiric urges, it is quite beautiful to see it morph into the union of two attractive and talented individuals that it is. We guess Sia Lee wanted a taste of Jiho and ended up getting the whole plate for herself!

9. J & Jay – 100% Perfect Girl

  • Authors: Wann
  • Genres: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published: August 2006 – November 2009

Jay Jin is a teenage rebel who is very determined to prove that she is serious about making art. In South Korea on a business trip, the tall and enigmatic J. Max is a foreigner who seems to have nothing in common with Jay; however a chance meeting in a hotel lobby propels the two of them to attraction. There is but a problem: they do not speak the same language. How will Jay and J’s love survive their language barrier problem, as well as the various interventions by friends and family to separate them? We’ll let their love do the talking.

This relationship beat the odds. It was love at first sight for J. Max. He fell in love with a Korean high school girl when she picked up his ring from the floor of a certain hotel. As soon as he saw her, he followed her; however, the teenager, Jay Jin, took care of this man, thinking he is a poor foreigner. After she offered him a chicken kebab, he fainted, was sent to hospital and returned to his home country, knowing only the name of the girl he fell in love with. Being royalty, J. had the license to put up an ad throughout all of Korea. He eventually found her and proposed. Their love overcame the distance.

8. Lee Yun Lee & Ju Dong Hwi – Nineteen, Twenty One

  • Authors: Kim Hye-Jin (Art), Yohan (Story)
  • Genres: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: August 2010 – December 2010

After a terrible accident causes her to lose two years of her life, Yun Lee carries heavy emotional scars, having missed out on the pivotal ages of 19 – 21. She is miserable, but trying to get her life back on track and attending a preparatory school in order to catch up. While on her way to feed some stray cats one day, Yun Lee meets a young man who seems to be able to give to her what she lost: ages 19 – 21.

This is a heartwarming story about a young woman who felt a void in her life and finds a love that makes her forget that she ever felt empty to begin with. When Yun Lee meets Dong Hwi while feeding the strays, she is immediately taken aback by his caring nature towards the stray cats. Yun Lee becomes curious and before long, they become friends; however, the prospect of becoming more than just friends looms.

7. Soah & The Water God – Bride of the Water God

  • Authors: Yoon Mi-Kyung
  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
  • Volumes: 24
  • Published: October 2007 – 2014

The Water God is angry at the people of a certain village, so the village has been experiencing the repercussions of a severe drought. In order to appease the upset god, the villagers offer the hand of one of the village girls in exchange for rain. They give the Water God Soah, and he takes her to his Water Kingdom, where her life as his wife shall begin. Can love blossom where unions are forced? Time can only tell.

Unlike the other romance titles on this list, the relationship listed here is not one that was organic in its conception: the Water God and Soah met as a result of an arrangement made by Soah’s fellow villagers and the Water God. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t like the couple at all – the two grow to love each other intensely. The Water God, Habaek, even tells Soah that no matter how different she looks in every incarnation, he promises that he will find her.

6. Woo Do Hee & Kim Hae Gyung - Shall We Have Dinner Tonight?

  • Authors: Park See-In
  • Genres: Romance
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: November 2013 – November 2014

Woo Do Hee and Kim Gyung Hae are young and single, but they have a history of broken relationships in common. They meet one day when they both decide to dine alone at the same restaurant. They soon become friends who eat together each week; however, each shared meal causes their relationship to grow several shades deeper as they help each other heal from their histories of heartbreak and suffering.

Shall We Have Dinner Tonight plays beautifully into the realm of a dreamy love story: a chance meeting causes a spark which ignites a friendship and it is through this friendship that they grow to understand each other in a different way – through rosier lenses. Their relationship highlights the way in which people’s past relationships mould their outlook and behaviours in new relationships.

5. Oh Jamie & Joo Holy – Oh! Holy

  • Authors: Ah Hyun
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, School Life, Shoujo
  • Volumes: TBC
  • Published: October 2016 –

Oh Jamie is your average teenage boy… except, he isn’t. His only friends are ghosts – his ability to see the ghosts impacting on every facet of his life, especially his social life. Given the dire state of his relationships with other people, Jamie is surprised when the most popular girl in class, the class idol, Joo Holy, initiates a conversation with him. It is in that conversation that the two of them begin a journey of hilarious misunderstandings, but more importantly, the signs of a romance waiting to blossom?

The relationship between Oh Jamie and Joo Holy, especially in the beginning phases of the manhwa, is one of the purest relationships in terms of intention: they both simply wanted to look out for each other. The two of them are incredibly honest people; however, as a result of Jamie’s not-so-great social skills, a lot of the things Holy does are misunderstood, and as a result of the influence of ghosts in his life, Jamie often does things that are misunderstood. However, misunderstanding could never stop these two from falling head over heels for each other!

4. Song Jae Gu & Yong In Gui – Girls of the Wild’s

  • Authors: Kim Hye Jin
  • Genres: Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School, Harem
  • Volumes: 260
  • Published: August 2011 – October 2016

Wild’s High has a 42-year history as an all-girls private high school, with the girls being trained in some of the most deadliest martial arts forms on the planet. There is a plethora of different styles from boxing, to sword-fighting or even, Taekwondo. The Wild’s League is the most popular event in the country – it is the only place where teenage girls can participate in fights to the death. With such a history in place, the Wild’s has changed to a co-ed school; however, only one male applicant was received: Song Jae Gu. He is given a full 3-year scholarship, regardless of grades. Given the situation at home, Jae Gu jumps on that opportunity as every moment of the past two years has been spent taking care of his younger twin siblings. However, after meeting the champion of the Wild’s League, pouring coffee all over her and calling her a monster, Jae Gu’s life is about to get very interesting, especially when other girls begin to involve themselves with him.

Jae Gu and In Gui started off on the wrong foot, with both of them misunderstanding the other. However, as time went forth and they interacted a lot more, especially in the company of other girls such as Choi Dal Dal and In Gui’s best friend, Lee Moon Young, Jae Gu and In Gui grew closer to each other. Despite Dal Dal consistently letting her feelings for Jae Gu show, Jae Gu eventually chose the blonde-haired beauty he hadn’t quite gotten along with at first – and it wasn’t a short journey.

3. Jung Jae Min & Baek Ma Ri – Orange Marmalade

  • Authors: SeokWoo
  • Genres: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Shoujo, Vampire, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 66
  • Published: February 2011 – December 2013

In a time where vampires are known members of society and treated as outcasts, they are forced to keep their identities secret as a result of the peace treaty vampires and humans signed two hundred years ago. Baek Ma Ri is a young vampire who has had a tough life due to the way in which vampires are seen in human society. She saw herself get kicked out of several schools and moved away from several neighbourhoods, leading her to settle down with her family in their current city. Her experiences have left her completely disillusioned about friendships and love, but upon smelling the sweet scent of Jung Jae Min, Baek Ma Ri is stirred. Baek Ma Ri struggles to fight her vampiric urges and bites Jae Min’s neck. The encounter becomes overwhelming as Jae Min begins developing feelings for her.

Despite Ma Ri becoming cold and closed-off as a result of the constant prejudice which is a constant worry for her kind, she found it difficult to resist Jung Jae Min’s blood. With his hard-headedness, Jae Min refuses to let Ma Ri go no matter how hard she tries to drive him away from her. She tries to resist her victim but soon she finds herself falling in love with him too.

2. Lee Jin Sung (Zack Lee) & Kim Mi Jin (Mira) - Lookism

  • Authors: Park Tae Jun
  • Genres: Drama
  • Volumes: TBC
  • Published: June 2017 –

Lookism is a term used to refer to the positive stereotypes, prejudice and preferential treatment given to people who are conventionally attractive. Park Hyung Suk (Daniel) is a teenage boy who has always been bullied, overlooked and berated because he was short and overweight. One day, Hyung Suk could not withstand anymore bad treatment and told his mother that he would like to change schools. Suddenly, a miracle occurs.

Lee Jin Sing (Zack) and Kim Mi Jin (Mira) are some of the first people Hyung Suk meets upon changing schools and exploring his new neighbourhood. The two of them have been friends since a very young age. Zack is extremely hot headed and violent; however, as time progresses, as well as due to Mira’s dislike of his constant fighting, Zack finds himself raising his fists in unprovoked combat less than he ever used to. He cares deeply for Mira and he cannot stand it if someone disrespects her.

1. Jang Sung Gi & An Sea Na – Skill of Lure

  • Authors: Woo Sang Ho
  • Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, School life, Slice of life
  • Volumes: 36
  • Published: March 2013 – January 2016

Jang Sung Gi is incredibly unlucky. Everyone around him thinks he is a total pervert, but in reality, he just has terrible social skills – especially around women. This inability to express himself, coupled together with his bad luck, creates incredibly awkward situations for him. However, when a fellow student, Hwang Jae, sees Sung Gi broken and pathetic, he decides to help. Unbeknownst to Sung Gi, Hwang Jae is a pickup-artist, a master of attracting the opposite sex. Hwang Jae teaches Sung Gi from the ground up, honing his conversation and interaction skills through various exercises. All this so Sung Gi can one day use the skills he is learning to attract the girl that he truly likes.

Using what he has learned from Hwang Jae in order to change Sea Na’s opinion of him, Sung Gi managed to pull off mission impossible. However, he was also able to change the feelings of disgust and hatred into love. Sung Gi got over his confidence issues in order to slowly capture the heart of a particular girl, and coming to see how earnestly Sung Gi does it is simply beautiful.


Manhwa is a medium capable of many things – romance is definitely one of those things as it is in manhwa that we find some truly beautiful stories of love and romance. We have listed some of our favourite from this specific medium, but we know that there are more out there, more beautiful manhwa couples whose relationships we can enjoy. If we’ve missed your favourite couple, drop a comment below and tell us all about them!

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