Top 10 Map Loot Locations in PUBG

PUBG-map-loot-560x315 Top 10 Map Loot Locations in PUBG


So now that you know what items you’ll need to loot in order to survive for long periods in PUBG, knowing just where to grab these important items is just as crucial. The island in PUBG is quite vast and having to comb through random locations can take a lot of time which may not fare so well, especially when the clock is against you. While running through smaller towns may net you some decent loot if you’re lucky, having a guaranteed outcome is usually what determines just how long you’re able to hold your own in battle. This pertains to weapons, equipment and consumables that become even more imperative as you get down to the final 10. So let’s jump right into the top 10 map loot locations in PUBG to give you better insight as to where to venture to, so that you can grab that dinner in no time.

10. Novorepnoye

Novorepnoye is a really nice spot to snag some big ticket items when the plane happens to fly near it. This port located on the south eastern part of the map is filled with lots of great hiding spots since much of the area is littered with enormous crates, and looks like something out of action flick. This area of the map is where you’ll tend to find more experienced players since as stated, your blind spots are limited due to the vast amount of crates, so playing to that advantage and trying to find higher ground to pick enemies off is important. The risk that you take to get there is quite high since much of the island is accessible either by hopping out of the plane or finding a boat and sailing your way there. The latter is where the risk comes into play because unlike other areas of PUBG where vehicle spawn locations are more welcoming, Novorepnoye has very little as far as escape options and if you’re lucky to even grab a boat to get out.

9. The Ruins

The Ruins is our favorite spot to grab items not because it’s high end (which it isn’t) but because there are plenty of escape routes and wicked hiding spots for you to take advantage of. This wild crazy maze is full of surprises and should you be lucky enough you can score some level 3 items here. We’ve managed to grab a Level 3 Helmet, Backpack and Vest all in this location, along with a SCAR-L and Kar98. Don’t sleep on this location despite what many will say because while it’s nestled directly in the middle of the island, it can really pay off for you in the long run if RNG favors you. Which brings us to just why The Ruins is at number 9, and it’s because while RNG typically works in our favor a lot of the time it will not always be that way. There will be times when you rush over to The Ruins only to find some shotguns, pistols and one Level 1Police Vest and that’s quite depressing. It’s a 50/50 location meaning that sometimes you win big and sometimes you lose hard but that’s the thrill of going there because if you win, chances are your survival rate will increase.

8. Zharki

Zharki is the more lesser known areas in PUBG and requires some time to get to, especially when the plane decides to fly in the other direction. It’s one of the more quieter areas which means you don’t need to put your life on the line that much in order to score something useful. This area is considered to be a medium loot area which means that it’s not necessarily great but not terrible either. You’re likely to find things like shotguns, SMGs, and an assortment of consumables that will surely be of importance come mid-late game. One awesome thing however about Zharki is that, while the area may not carry as many high end items for you to scour through it does come with a ton of vehicle spawn locations around it. That means once you’ve collected your goods and are ready to move on, chances are you’ve got an escape vehicle waiting to set you free.

7. Stalber

Not too many people talk too much about Stalber not because it’s a bad place to go, but because unless the plane flies over that area it’s not worth traveling to since it’s very far off to the upper section of the island. If you do ever get a chance to eject to Stalber chances are you’ll be in for a treat because it’s not a very high traffic area compared to the others on our list, which means that loot will be much easier to grab without much fuss. You’re not going to run into the upper echelon of items such as a Level 3 Helmet that often but there’s definitely a nice assortment of things to pick up such as painkillers, energy drinks and powerful rifles. While you can certainly find some rifles along the way it’s not as frequent and so, while Stalber does provide a safe haven for players it doesn’t always give you a nice selection of tools so you kind of have to take what you get.

6. Polyana

Polyana is a huge town filled to the brim with houses and plenty of vehicle spawns to help you out should you need to rush out immediately after taking some loot. Due to its size in relation to other areas on the island, Polyana is ripe for the picking and you need to dive in as quickly as possible to grab rifles, SMGs and other precious toys. It’s a high risk high reward area so that means you certainly will not be alone in the looting adventure, so having a keen eye on just who’s around you will be imperative to your survival. As soon as you eject from the plane and find yourself closing in on the area, be sure to use your observation to your advantage. See just how many people are floating around you and who you’ll need to deal with once you land, doing so will ensure that you can avoid running into the enemy carelessly but also give you some awareness of vehicles and routes to escape from. Always plan ahead before coming here otherwise you’ll be back in the lobby real quick.

5. Mylta/Mylta Power

Mylta is located at the lower end of the island which places itself somewhat near to the renowned Military Base. It has some really great areas to loot from while providing some great camping spots to pick off unsuspecting enemies. It takes up a large portion of the map since it’s also connected to the more dangerous yet highly rewarding Mylta Power Plant, so if you don’t happen to find something you like in town just run over to the abandoned Power Plant for some real goodies. There are plenty of vehicle spawns nearby as well both on ground and on water so once you’ve decided your loot adventure is finished, then you have the option to escape unscatched. You’ll come across things like Level 1-2 armor and the occasional sniper rifles, but often times you may see M16A4’s along with SMGs so take what you can and don’t be picky.

The older brother to Mylta, Mylta Power, is one of the more lucrative spots to grab hot ticket items since it has a huge building with small warehouses surrounding it in order to take advantage of. The main building itself comes with the creme de la creme of loot items such as Level 3 Helmets, Backpacks and Armor, along with a plethora of powerful assault rifles to back you up. Consumables are scattered just about everywhere so you’ll have no issues finding Bandages, Energy Drinks and First Aid Kits. Just be extra careful though since Mylta Power is a high risk area meaning, you won’t be the only one stalking the premises looking for gear so be sure to keep an eye out at all times. This place is huge and so it can be difficult at times to pinpoint just where the enemy is coming from, so if you ever go to Mylta Power make sure you have a gameplan first before rushing in.

4. Rozhok Surrounding Area

We’re getting down to the nitty gritty here of our top 10 map loot locations and coming in at 4th is Rozhok. This place is full of hot spots that are scattered all around, from the ever-so-popular (and extremely high risk) School, to the apartments that are close by. You also have The Ruins to run off to if you ever need to escape unharmed but this place is where you’ll want to be in order to grab some precious loot. We’re talking high end assault rifles like the SCAR-L, M16A4 and then powerful rifles like the Mini14, Kar98 among many others. The only issue with this place is that it’s one of the more popular areas and so you’ll need to play with caution since everybody will be running around frantically, looking for that one gun to end you with.

3. Pochinki

Pochinki is a top 3 contender on this list because it’s a very large area directly in the middle of the map, and for that reason you have options to venture off to other more well known areas to grab more loot if you’re feeling greedy. The area is littered with housing making it a death trap for anyone who’s caught running around outdoors, so making sure you knab a nice house for yourself and just wait for others to foolishly make mistakes is the best thing to do. It’s a very high risk zone because there’s never a guarantee of survival since every house may have one or two people lurking inside, waiting like a spider for its prey to walk into the web. So when traveling to Pochinki be sure to eject from the plane as quickly as possible, plan out your escape and loot routes, then get the heck out of there before hell breaks loose.

2. Georgopol

Georgopol is enormous and we mean it. This place is located to the Northwest of the island and is home to the Hospital and some big crates lying around waiting to be looted. You have a plethora of apartments to rummage through and so making sure to prioritize your route before landing is crucial. One of the major areas of the apartments is the rooftop since it allows you to scour the building from top to bottom, rather than dealing with the horde of players who rush in through the first floors. This will give you a slight advantage as you’ll be able to race through each floor and hopefully be lucky enough to score a powerful S686 or perhaps a nice AR to blow off some steam. The nearby Hospital is quite random in terms of formidable loot but what makes it so enticing is that, vehicle spawns are all around the area so if you ever find yourself in a tight squeeze then making a dash towards a car is your best bet to stay alive.

The containers adjacent to the Hospital come with some pretty strong weapons but be wary because it’s an area that’s very limited in space meaning, you’ll be doing a lot of close quarter battles in order to grab what’s around. If you find an SMG or something worthy enough to deal with close range assault, grab it asap and deal with the problem before you end up on the ground.

1. Military Base

This place isn’t for the faint of heart we’ll just tell you that now. The Military Base is a no holds barred loot location and is hands down the most popular loot location in all of PUBG. The Military Base comes packed with a plethora of big ticket items like Level 3 Helmets, powerful sniper rifles and many more. You pretty much get the whole spectrum at the Military Base so you need to run in, grab what you see immediately and dispose of any threats that may try to swindle you of your loot. It’s extremely high risk but very high reward if you manage to get out alive, so plan accordingly once you’ve managed to grab what’s necessary. Now you can choose to go all out Rambo and take out as many enemies as you can but bear in mind that you’re putting yourself and loot at risk, so have a strategy in mind when choosing the more aggressive route. If you’re new to PUBG then perhaps taking it easy at first will allow you to fully understand the layout of the Military Base, and know which parts of the Base are great for snagging great items. Dying in PUBG will come frequently so at the very least use the opportunity to venture through the Military Base to see what’s lying around, then as you gain more experience then take advantage as much as possible.

Honey's Final Verdict:

So that about covers the top 10 map loot locations in PUBG. Of course there’s a ton to explore on the island so don’t hesitate to dig around and perhaps find some gold mines of your own. These are just the more prime spots where you’re most surely guaranteed to grab a nice assortment of tools needed to eat those hot Chicken Dinners, but the game isn’t limited to just the ones mentioned. Experiment, take risks and just come up with your own method of approach in order to have the best experience possible in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Let us know what you think is the best looting spot down below and of course, be sure to catch us live on to see us playing PUBG and more!

As always, if you want to know about all the latest buzz straight from the bee’s nest in Japan, be sure to keep it locked here at Honey’s Anime.

By. Robert ”NualphaJPN” B.

PUBG-map-loot-560x315 Top 10 Map Loot Locations in PUBG
It seems like all of these locations are really risky to dive into, but hey it's a survival game so not much else to expect.
PUBG-map-loot-560x315 Top 10 Map Loot Locations in PUBG
I really love the frantic style of running through the Military Base. It really helps you to warm up for the big fights in top 10!