Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

Masou Gakuen HxH is an action harem that blends many other genres together, including comedy, sci-fi, and romance. What we got out of it was an inconsistent concoction of mystery, drama, powerful gear and a plethora of villains. However, with that being said there was one consistency that was imperative to this anime, the showcase of fanservice.

The fanservice in Masou Gakuen HxH is the main appeal. The borderline h-scenes that involve Kizuna and the rest of the Amaterasu squad are able to emit such lustful emotions. For some people, those feelings were enough to get you by. If you’ve seen Masou Gakuen HxH you will know exactly what to expect from this list. Without further ado, let's break down some of the best character moments in Masou Gakuen HxH.

10. Kizuna Saves Aine

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

The first Masou Gakuen HxH character moment that we’re going to talk about is from the season premiere episode. That’s right, episode one is where we’re going to start off this list. After Kizuna had arrived at his new school Ataraxia, he was given orders from his sister Reiri to come to headquarters and meet with her. In the process of trying to complete his objective, he ended up getting lost. Kizuna stumbled upon a lovely lady named Aine. Unfortunately for Kizuna, Aine was very unpleasant with him.

After some time of belittling Kizuna, Aine got summoned to defend Ataraxia when a group of Magitech showed up to attack. Aine transformed using her Zeros gear and quickly took flight to combat the enemy. As the battle heated up Aine’s hybrid count started to lower and she was overthrown and sent spiraling down. Kizuna wasn’t sure how he could help her, so Reiri instructed him to raise her hybrid count by essentially molesting her. He rubbed nearly every inch of her body and even had his face in her crotch. Naturally, when Aine woke up she wasn’t overly impressed with Kizuna’s actions. This moment was the start of many sexual encounters between the two.

9. Climax Hybrid

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

This next moment involves Kizuna and Aine once again. It takes place during episode four, which happens to be named Climax Hybrid. At the beginning of the episode, Aine is battling it out with a Dragorie. During this fight, her hybrid count gets critically low and she gets knocked out. When Aine comes to, she is greeted by Kizuna who was in the tuning room checking on her well-being. Aine, as persistent as ever, thought that she could get right back up and take the battle to the enemy. Despite what her mind wanted, her body simply couldn’t keep up.

Kizuna talked some sense into Aine and explained to her that she needed to increase her extremely low hybrid count. For that to happen, Kizuna had to perform a Climax Hybrid with her. A Climax Hybrid is essentially the next level up from their previous engagement. After a drama-filled back and forth, they got down to business. They achieved the Heart Hybrid but Aine wasn’t quite satisfied and was begging Kizuna for more. He complied with the understanding that she will receive her Immoral Weapon called Pulverizer. When they hit their climax she immediately took to the skies in hopes of revenge. Aine got just that, as summoning her Immoral Weapon was too much for the Magitech to handle.

8. Yurishia Meets Eros

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

The number eight pick comes to us by way of episode two. This engaging sequence takes place well over half way through the episode. The Amaterasu crew is sent to a remote island to gather data from resource samples. This was Kizuna’s first mission as the Amaterasu captain and wanted to make a lasting impression. It’s safe to say he did just that, to a certain blonde member of the group.

Kizuna and Yurishia were together on the island when they encountered a Magitech beast known as a Dragorie. Despite Yurishia’s low hybrid count she activated her Kuros gear and took the fight to the A-Class Dragorie. Her willingness to outlast this beast was inspiring, but she eventually succumbed to the low hybrid count.

With Yurishia in a vulnerable state and nearly on death's bed, Kizuna comes in and makes the save, throwing himself in front of her. His heroic actions were met with the two sharing a Heart Hybrid with each other right on the island. After that lust-filled sequence, Yurishia was brimming with energy and used her Hell Fire ability to easily eliminate the threat. The Heart Hybrid was a little less explicit than the meeting with Aine in our first selection, but it wasn’t the last between these two.

7. Gravel the Powerful

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

The number seven choice showcases the strength of the villains in this series, in particular, Gravel. Aldea is fresh off retreating from the Amaterasu during the previous episode. Immediately at the start of episode seven, there is a meeting that takes place between Aldea and Gravel. During this meeting Aldea relays a message to Gravel, pertaining that she found the Zeros gear and it’s being used by Aine. Gravel, intrigued by the newly acquired info, seeks to find Aine herself and take the Zeros gear back to the Batlantis Empire.

Gravel drops down from an airship and is met with Ataraxia’s defense, who tells her to leave immediately. Naturally, she doesn’t comply and demands that they hand over Zeros right away. The Ataraxia forces realize that negotiating is futile and start to fire at her. This is where Gravel showcases her Zoros gear and dominates her enemies. The force she conjures up literally turns buildings into rubble; it was as if a giant bomb went off in the vicinity. It’s no surprise that Gravel handled the defense force so easily, because when the Amaterasu arrived they didn’t fare much better. Gravel takes down the entire team and leaves them injured before taking off to recover.

6. The Mistreatment of Gravel

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

Number six on the countdown goes back to Gravel, but in this sequence, she is the one being humbled. After Gravel’s failure to produce in the previous episode, she and her lover Aldea are punished for their actions. They both get put into humiliating situations all to please the Batlantis Royal Guards. Aldea is turned into a slave. She crawls around on a chain leash and is strictly obedient to the Royal Guards. Their mind control tricks are clearly in play and it’s too much for Aldea to handle.

Gravel, on the other hand, is chained up in a vertical position and is subjected to physical and psychological abuse. The Royal Guards start by accusing her of being a traitor. Gravel tries her best to alleviate the situation by defending herself through words, but to no avail. All she gets in return is a slap to the face. Gravel then gets molested by a few of the Royal Guards, in what is an uncomfortably sexual scene. When you factor in the whip and all the fondling in this scene it can be concluded as a highly erotic piece. However, having said that, it’s still very unsettling when you see her in such a compromising state. After all, it was only a couple episodes back when she looked nearly unstoppable. What a significant fall for the general.

5. Battle with Aldea

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

Continuing on to the midway point of this list, we come across an important character-defining moment for both Hayuru and Aldea. In episode six, Hayuru was fueled with rage and vengeance to strike back at the Batlantis Empire who had left her city in a depilated state. She wanted to capture Aldea in hopes of finding out more information about this Batlantis Empire.

Hayuru channeled her anger and against the orders of high commander Reiri, she went and challenged Aldea one on one. This perhaps wasn’t the best idea for Hayuru, who is normally the clear-headed member of the group. When Hayuru finds Aldea she immediately attacks her. Aldea activates her Magitech armor called Zeeru; which is similar to a Heart Hybrid Gear that the Amaterasu wear. The Zeeru is extremely powerful and had illustrated that when it reflected Aine’s Immoral Weapon prior to this meeting.

What makes this a character defining moment for these two is that Hayuru shows that her past still haunts her and that she wants to redeem herself from those mistakes. On the other hand, this is Aldea’s shining moment of the series. She exhibits strength that easily overwhelms Hayuru and defines herself as a true manipulative threat to the Amaterasu. Moreover, Aldea was the direct cause to Hayuru performing a Climax Hybrid with Kizuna in this episode.

4. Bathe in Shock

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

Now if you happened to read Honey’s Anime review of Masou Gakuen HxH you should be able to recall a moment in there where we talked about this specific scene. It happened to be a scene that we liked very much, so it was only natural for us to add this sequence into our top character moments. If you didn’t read our review, shame on you. In all seriousness, though, this moment took off during episode five. In what was one of the more steamy episodes of the series, we got to see the reserved but often strict Hayuru, and Kizuna ‘bonding.’

The scene was set up by Reiri who wanted Hayuru and Kizuna to start bonding more than they had to this point. Hayuru viewed Kizuna as a lewd individual and was unwilling to perform a Heart Hybrid with him. This led to Reiri setting these two up in one of the more awkward situations presented in this anime. Reiri told Kizuna he could use the bath in the girl’s dorm, but not to worry, he would have it all to himself.

Once Kizuna arrived at the bath, he realized that wasn’t the case. He stumbled in on Hayuru who had her back turned to him. When she turned around their eyes were locked on their nakedness, and instantly Hayuru ducked down in the water. An overwhelming sense of panic fell over the room as Hayuru proceeded to shout all sorts of hurtful words at Kizuna. “Eros Overlord” had to be our favorite of the bunch.

3. Connective Hybrid

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

The Connective Hybrid scene makes episode eight potentially the most risqué episode in the entire series. The Connective Hybrid is when the Eros gear and two other units simultaneously share a Heart Hybrid together. In other words, it’s a threesome. The participants in this episode are Yurishia, Scarlett and of course, Kizuna. The reasoning that Reiri suggested that the group do this is because of Gravel and Aldea. They were a thorn in the side to the Amaterasu and they needed an edge. This is where The Connective Hybrid comes in.

This scene between the three could literally be considered a softcore hentai; reminiscent of Aki-Sora. The steamy goodness starts in the “Mobile Hybrid Special Bath Mk. 2” where the three of them essentially dry hump each other in the bath with their bikinis on. Things get taken up a step further with everyone getting out of the bath and stripping down completely naked. There is a bonding scene between Yurishia and Scarlett and then the main event happens. The girls tackle Kizuna and simultaneously pleasure him. This passionate scene includes, Yurishia straddling Kizuna, body rubbing, finger sucking, breast squeezing and some other desirable positions that we won’t give away. Watch it for yourself, if you haven’t already.

2. Aine's Trump Card

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

Our number two selection comes down to episode twelve where the captain of the Batlantis Royal Guards, Zelshione is there to ‘greet’ the Amaterasu. After Zelshione disposed of Scarlett and her crew in the episode prior, she looked to take on the Amaterasu in the final assault. This prompted Kizuna and Aine to retreat and perform a Climax Hybrid while, Sylvia, Hayuru, and Yurishia, try and handle Zelshione. That’s no easy task as the Amaterasu defenders found out, as each one of those girls were incapacitated. After a supremely erotic scene between Aine and Kizuna, they were both fully charged and ready to take on Zelshione, or so they hoped…

Zelshione was a powerhouse and was handling even Aine and Kizuna together. When push came to shove, Kizuna reached his top form by receiving stimulation through the minds of all the unconscious Amaterasu members. At this moment, Kizuna took on the powers of all the Amaterasu members and was able to wipe out the enemies surrounding Zelshione. Despite Kizuna’s enhancements, all he could do is push Zelshione to her limits. Just then, Aine rises up, and in a massive glow activates Zeros. Aine’s hair turns pink and she uses her ultimate attack called Code Breaker to vanquish Zelshione and save the day.

1. Sylvia In the Clutch

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments

In this thrilling episode, we are introduced to a new member of the Amaterasu crew. The young Sylvia Silkcut had been a support character up until this point in the series. She had been helpful to Kizuna and the rest of the crew when called upon, but she never really factored into many important decisions or outcomes. That all changed in episode eleven when Sylvia takes on the lead role during a decisive battle against the Batlantis Empire.

During the battle to take Tokyo back, the Batlantis Empire sent one of their top Royal Guards to capture Aine. It appeared that Ragrus was going to accomplish just that, but before she could capture Aine, Sylvia showed up in her hulking Taros gear. Sylvia dismantled her competition both physically and mentally. Ragrus would not admit defeat, so in an act of desperation, she used her Inferno attack that propelled her Magitech armor into the sky with the intention of blowing everyone up. Heroically Sylvia advances to the giant ball of impending doom and uses her Immoral Weapon, Titania to snuff out the major threat.

It’s a masterpiece of a scene; the Titania is large and looks extremely impressive. The fact that it was able to box all that energy was amazing. This episode was ‘The Sylvia Silkcut Show’ and rightfully so. Between the raw emotion, the powerful display of Taros and the importance of the battle, it’s only fitting that this is our number one moment in Masou Gakuen HxH.

Final Thoughts

As this list comes to a close and we reflect on what moments stood out to us, it’s clear that the fanservice took front and center stage. This anime was built on its ecchi moments and this countdown exhibits just that.

Overall, are you pleased with what this list had to offer? There is an abundance of character moments in Masou Gakuen HxH, are there any that stood out to you? Be sure to give us a shout. We’ll gladly discuss it with you in the comments section below!

masou-gakuen-hxh-wallpaper-700x437 Top 10 Masou Gakuen HxH Character Moments


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