Top 10 Mekakushi Dan Members in Mekakucity Actors

Mekakucity Actors is a comedy-romance anime based off a series of songs by Jin (or Shizen no Teki-P) called the “Kagerou Project”. It centers around a stylish group of teenagers called the “Mekakushi Dan,” or “Blindfold Gang,” who possess a wide range of mysterious abilities associated with their eyes, bestowed upon them by snakes, which they try to use for the greater good.

Although it is a relatively short show, with only twelve episodes as of 2016 (although a follow-up project was announced), it blends many genres and utilizes non-linear storytelling that would take its own article to describe coherently. Combined with its depiction of super powers, ensemble cast with a bevy of interesting backstories, and musical influences, it’s a show sure to please fans of all the above. Here are our Top 10 Mekakushi Dan Members on Mekakucity Actors!

10. Ayano Tateyama

Ayano, aka Ayano Tateyama, is known as member 0 of the Mekakushi Dan, and has two songs associated with her character, “Transparent Answer” as well as “Ayano’s Theory of Happiness.” Her backstory is somewhat tragic. She was a cheerful youth who performed poorly in school, due to her stressful family dynamic. Her parents adopted three young children with red eyes, and she originally created the Mekakushi Dan to support them as their big sister.

Ayano’s mother died horrifically, in a landslide, and her father, Kenjiro, began experimenting on her friends to try to find a way to bring her back from the dead. After discovering that her father was possessed by the spirit of an evil snake, she commits suicide by jumping off the school roof to help him snap back to reality. She is eventually possessed by a snake and obtains an ability called “Favoring Eyes,” which allows her to project her thoughts and emotions onto others.

9. Haruka "Konoha" Kokonose

Also known as Haruka Kokonose, Konoha is a frail-seeming albino with a large appetite and a rather absent mind, as well as member number 9 of the Mekakushi Dan. He has four songs, “Yesterday Evening,” “Outer Science,” “Summertime Record,” and “Konoha State of The World.”
He suffered from attacks as a child that left him weakened and vulnerable, inspiring a wish for a stronger, robust body from a young age.

Due to the experiments of Ayano’s father, Kenjiro, he suffered a stroke and died. However, he received the ability “Awakening Eyes,” which allows him to live in his ideal body at the expense of his previous memories. His current body is his favorite video game character, which finally allows him to live without fear of his childhood illness. In various timelines throughout the show, he is antagonistic towards other members of the group and even goes so far as to kill some of them.

8. Hibiya Amamiya

Member number 8 of the Mekakushi Dan, Hibiya, aka Hibiya Amamiya is the youngest member of the group at only 12-years old but is thought to be rather mature despite his youth. His songs are “Moon Viewing Recital,” as well as “Heat Haze Daze.”

Originally from a small, countryside village, Hibiya traveled to the city to take summer courses. However, he becomes involved in a mysterious supernatural event, wherein he is forced to relive the day that his best friend died in a car accident. Each day ends with him sacrificing himself to try to save his friend. When he encounters a snake, he escapes his cruel loop and is granted the ability “Focusing Eyes,” which allows him to see objects from a great distance, and from an aerial view. Although he is no longer forced to relive his own private hell, the inability to save the person he cared about threw him into a deep depression.

7. Momo Kisaragi

The younger sister of the series protagonist, Shintaro, Momo Kisaragi is member number 5 of the Mekakushi Dan and an incredibly popular idol. Although she is a happy (if clumsy!) person, the stress caused by the pressures of her lifestyle take their toll on her. Her songs are “Moon Viewing Recital,” (along with Hibiya), and “Kisaragi Attention.”

As a child, she was often overshadowed by her brother and yearned for attention, although that changed once they turned towards adulthood. During a school trip to the beach, Momo and her father were swept out to sea and drowned. She was possessed by a snake and given the power of “Captivating Eyes,” which draws attention from everyone, regardless of their preferences or interests. Because people respond to her regardless of their tastes, she has a rather eccentric style and often disagrees with others.

6. Shuuya Kano

Shuya Kano is the number 3 member of the Mekakushi Dan, who has an unfocused and aloof personality. He is a shameless flirt and loves to tease, and he always has a smile on his face. His song is “Night Tales Deceive.”

When Kano was younger, he was raised by his emotionally unstable mother, who refused to send him to kindergarten. Although he was abused by his mother, he tragically thought he deserved it and often sought to hide the abuse from prying eyes. When the apartment he and his mother lived in was broken into by thieves, they were both stabbed to death. When he was possessed by a snake, he was given the ability “Deceiving Eyes,” which allows him to deceive those around him and perceive anything he comes into immediate contact with, which he often uses to hide his true feelings. Despite the deceit, he is often relied upon by other members.

5. Takane "Ene" Enomoto

Ene is member number 6 and is a mischievous prankster cyber girl that lives inside the computer of series protagonist, Shintaro. Her songs are “Artificial Enemy,” “Yesterday Evening,” “Headphone Actor,” and “Ene’s Cyber Journey.”

Ene was once a human named Takane Enomoto, who suffered from a debilitating illness that caused her to randomly lose consciousness. She was obsessed with videogames, and stayed up late playing under the moniker “Dancing Princess of the Spotlight.” She died by poisoning in an experiment performed by Kenjiro and was possessed by the snake of “Opening Eyes,” which granted her immortality. Although she resides in Shintaro’s computer, she can travel through electronics at will. Shintaro views her as a virus since one of the pranks she loves the most is deleting files randomly from his computer.

4. Mari Kozakura

Mari is member number 4 of the group and was the first non-founding member to join. She is only ¾ human, and the other quarter is Gorgon (the most famous of which was Medusa) and has white hair that moves involuntarily depending on her mood. She has the appearance of a shy young girl but is over 100-years old. Her songs are “Imagination Forest,” and “Mari’s Fictional World.”

In the past, Mari lived an isolated life in the forest with her mother, who was ½ Gorgon. From a young age, her mother warned her to never look people directly in the eyes, for fear of turning them into stone. One day, Mari was attacked by a group of boys, and although her mother intervened by turning them to stone, they were both beaten to death by the townsfolk. Mari was gifted with the “Combining Eyes” snake from her mother, who in turn received it from Mari’s grandmother. As well as her “Paralyzing Eyes,” which can temporarily freeze people, it allows her to unify the powers of all the mystical snakes, which is her ultimate goal in joining the group.

3. Kousuke Seto

Kosuke Seto is the 2nd member of the group and is considered a rather nice guy since he gets along with everyone. His song is “Brave Boy,” for reasons that become apparent through his backstory.

Seto was a small, timid boy who was frequently bullied and had few friends, except for a stray puppy. Because of his inability to communicate with others, he always wished there was a way to understand people without having to talk to them. One stormy day, the bullies threw his beloved pooch into a river, and although Seto tried valiantly to save it, he drowned in the process.

After death, he was possessed by the “Stealing Eyes” snake, and acquired the ability to read the minds of those he makes eye contact with. Due to his nature, he tries to use his power sparingly, and only when he and his friends need it. He often gets into sticky situations because of his tendency to wander.

2. Tsubomi Kido

The 1st member of the group and the de-facto leader, Tsubomi Kido is a good-natured, androgynous girl who sometimes struggles to keep the other members of the Mekakushi Dan in check. Her song is “Blindfold Code.”

Kido was the second daughter in a wealthy family, but because she was the child of an affair her father had with another woman, she grew up distant from the rest of her relatives. Because of the way she was treated, she often desired to disappear. When her father suddenly declared bankruptcy, he burned the family’s house down in a mad fit, along with Kido and her sister inside. Her sister’s body was never found. She was possessed by the “Concealing Eyes” snake and can hide her presence, as well as anyone within two meters of her vicinity. She uses those powers to great effect, as demonstrated when she foils an attempted robbery in a department store.

1. Shintaro

Shintaro Kisaragi is an 18-year old hiki-NEET who has shut himself into his room for two years, living vicariously through his computer after befriending a strange cyber girl named Ene. His songs are “Lost Time Memory,” and “Transparent Answer.” He is the main character of the series.

As a child, Shintaro was a brilliant but cold student. He eventually became very interested in his classmate Ayano, who won him over despite his shyness. After Ayano’s suicide, he retreats into himself and embraces a hikikomori lifestyle. His life of solitude changes drastically when he spills soda on his computer and is forced to head to a department store to buy a new one since stores are on holiday hours and refuse to deliver. When his shopping attempt is interrupted by a band of robbers, he is saved by the powers of the Mekakushi Dan, and he eventually becomes the 7th member. Shintaro’s ability is “Retaining Eyes,” which allows him to remember past events. This ability becomes increasingly important as events with Shintaro and the rest of the group come to a head.

Final Thoughts

With that, our list of Top 10 Mekakushi Dan Members comes to an end. Although most of the characters in this list are considered heroes of the series, there is a vibrant cast of well-rounded support characters and villains that also deserve honorable mention. Who is your favorite member of the group, and why? Are there any characters you think outshine the rest of the cast? Sound off in the comments below, and let us know!

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