Top 10 Memorable The Law of Ueki Characters

For those of you that have watched The Law of Ueki Anime before, you’d know that this article is going to bring back some good old memories. But before you continue reading this article, for the newcomers, we’d advise you to go watch the anime first and then come back to this article because The Law of Ueki anime is a one of the most memorable anime and we’d surely wouldn’t want to ruin it for you!

The Law of Ueki is about a battle competition that's held to determine the next Celestial King. Amongst the 100 candidates for the Celestial King, each will choose a junior high school student to whom they will grant a special ability or power. The students will then have to battle with each other using their powers and whoever wins, will be the next Celestial King.

Having been approached by Mr. Kobayashi, Kousuke Ueki doesn’t really take interest in the miraculous and extents of being granted a powerful ability. When Mr. K demonstrated an ability by destroying a tree, Ueki simply asked for the ability to return the tree back to its normal state. Hence, granting him the ability to turn lovable into a tree. Though it might not seem like the best ability there is, Ueki will have to make due of it and survive the whole competition!

All that aside, if there’s one thing special about this anime, it's the cast of characters. So, here’s our Top 10 Law of Ueki Characters that will certainly take you down memory lane!

10. Rinko Jerrard

Taking the 10th spot on memory lane is none other than Rinko Jerrard. Being born to a family of the rich and wealthy, Rinko was manipulated by people around her. Putting up a nice front and pretending to be her friend, people have used Rinko to buy them stuff. Basically, they use her as a walking ATM machine of sorts. After realizing the ugly truth behind the true motives of her so-called ‘friends’, Rinko made the decision to join, Robert’s Ten.

In terms of appearance, Rinko is spectacled and has a decent sweet-girl appearance. Don’t be fooled, though, her abilities to turn beads into bombs is a force to be reckoned with. Her most memorable moment is when she betrayed the Robert’s Ten, and she was being targeted by them. After seeing Kousuke Ueki’s determination to save her, she was touched and eventually joined Ueki’s team.

9. Ai Mori

Next up on the list, we have Ai Mori. In terms of appearance, this girl is the typical, normal, girl next door. As for her personality, Ai is usually very friendly and cheerful. Being the first companion to follow Ueki, Ai is very uptight in terms of keeping tabs for Ueki’s talents and making sure that he doesn’t lose them all and end up dead. Since power users refrain from harming normal humans, the punishment for it is losing a talent, and when all talent is lost, the power user will die.

The most memorable thing from Ai Mori is the fact that she can be very protective over Ueki since she gets mad every time Ueki does something reckless or stupid, taking the caretaker role for Ueki. Initially, Ai doesn’t have any powers or abilities, to begin with, but eventually she is granted the power to change her opponent into lovers of eyeglasses, forcing the opponents to knock themselves out for a pair.

8. Robert Haydn

Robert Haydn is next in the number 8 spot on the list. Unlike the other entries, Robert Haydn is the main antagonist of the series and is considered to be a very powerful one at that. His power has the ability to make ideas into reality, which is quite complicated as well. He can boost his sacred weapons by modifying them to a perfect ideal condition (making them unblockable or even an impenetrable defense).

However, for every time he uses this, he will lose 1 year of his total life. For that reason, Robert created the notorious Robert’s Ten Group, a secret group of gifted students who fight for Robert Haydn to preserve his powers. One of the most memorable moments of this character is when he engages in an all-out battle against his rival, Kousuke Ueki.

7. Hideyoshi Soya

This next character is considered to be the joker of the group. This character, as a whole, has a comical nuance that turns into the series’ gag and source of laughter. Having thick sideburns, long eyebrows, and not to mention his big ears, his appearance resembles a monkey.

For his power, Hideyoshi was given the ability to turn voices into portraits, in addition to that, he can make voices come out of them as well. In hindsight, this ability can be considered a useless ability, but throughout the series, Hideyoshi’s cunning distractions have successfully outwitted their opponents. The one thing that made this character so memorable is his determination and kind-heartedness when he takes care of kids at the Sun’s House (House of the Sun). In addition, the fact that he was inspired by the rest of Ueki’s team in terms of their willingness to fight for each other, eventually he found the courage inside him to face stronger opponents.

6. Tenko

Moving on to the number 6 spot on the list is Tenko! Unlike the previous entries of the list, Tenko is not a human. In fact, Tenko is considered to be a Heavenly Beast, (a mutated one at that) having the appearance of a large bipedal, fox-like, creature with horns and wings. Tenko became very close to Ueki thanks to his genuineness, as Ueki treats Tenko with respect and kindness, unlike other Heavenly Beings. He is considered to be Ueki’s closest companion, as he can be seen always latching on to Ueki’s wrist, giving him advice and guiding him throughout the competition.

The most memorable thing about this character is when Ueki was badly injured and Tenko spat out a large round rabbit-like creature that envelops Ueki. This rabbit-like creature has the ability to heal one’s wounds for the minimal time of 12 hours. Tenko agreed to protect Ueki for 12 hours, fending off heavy attacks from Taro Myojin, that made Tenko lose one of his horns.

5. God

Next, we have God. As the former King of the Celestial World, God is the one who sets up the whole tournament. Now at first you would think that a man with this sheer amount of power would be scary and intimidating, but the fact is he is very comical in terms of appearance, as well as, personality. He dresses very casually and is seen often sleeping on the job.

God also loves women and is considered to be a bit of a pervert at that. In terms of his powers, there is no doubt that God is extremely powerful. As a Celestial Being, he has access to sacred weapons, similar to those used by Ueki. His most memorable moment is when all of his ‘ghost’ workers went on strike and refused to report current match scores, due to low wages.

4. Inumaru “Wanko”

Placing the number 4 spot on the list is Inumaru Wanko. Overall, Inumaru is a very kind-hearted person. Often times putting the needs of others over himself, his selflessness became the main reason why other people especially Ueki’s team love him. Inumaru is one of the candidates for King of the Celestial World and became the one that gave Seiichirou Sano his power.

In some later episodes of the series, it was revealed that Inumaru was sent to hell after breaking a rule, which is granting two people powers; one being Seiichirou Sano, and the other was Ai Mori. Inumaru was later chosen as the next Celestial King by Team Ueki, after winning the competition.

3. Seiichirou Sano

Moving on to the number 3 spot on the list, we have Seiichirou Sano. Sano has a distinctive burn mark on his left eye caused by a hot spring accident, which doesn’t seem to faze him at all. Despite that incident, Sano’s deep love for hot springs remained unchanged, as he dreams of having the talent to find hot springs when he obtains the blank talent. Sano is always, if not often, seen wearing a hot spring robe and a pair of sandals.

Do not underestimate how simple he dresses, as Sano is known to be a very smart person, as he is able to outwit his opponents in the most creative ways. One of the most memorable things about this character is his sense of justice, which makes him a helpful person. Because of this, he and Ueki make a great team. Sano’s power is the ability to change towels into steel while holding his breath. It might seem to be a simple power, but in the hands of Sano, this power can be useful in so many different ways.

2. Kousuke Ueki

Branching its way to the number 2 spot on the list is none other than our favorite main character, Kousuke Ueki. In the very early episodes of the series, you’d probably be amazed by this character’s personality as a whole. Ueki is a very humble human being, as he refused to have any sort of crazy powerful ability when asked by Mr. K. Instead, he asked for an ability to make the tree whole again. Thus, Mr. K granted him the ability to turn thrash into a tree.

One other thing that made this character so lovable is his sense of righteousness. He can be very reckless at times, allowing himself to be sacrificed in order to save others. This selfless trait is the main reason why many other characters like Seiichirou Sano, Ai Mori, Rinko Jerrard, and Hideyoshi Soya, all chose to fight alongside him. On the flip side, Ueki is quite funny, thanks to his idiotic facial expression. Because of this, he is often misjudged by others.

1. Mr. Kobayashi

Taking the number one spot on the Top 10 Memorable Law of Ueki Characters list is none other than Mr. Kobayashi, or more commonly known as Mr. K, himself. Being a candidate for King of the Celestial World, Mr. K is the one that gave Kousuke Ueki his powers.

In terms of personality, Mr. Kobayashi is known to be laid-back and friendly. Upon granting Ueki his powers, Mr. Kobayashi ‘organized’ a few ‘situations’ that involves Ueki to test his righteousness. After passing the test, Mr. K subsequently chose Ueki as his pick for the tournament. One of his memorable moments is his involvement with Ueki when he broke the rule of not interfering in a fight between Ueki and Robert Haydn. As a result of directly helping Ueki, Mr. Kobayashi was sent to hell.

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, The Law of Ueki is a very interesting anime to watch. If you want some hearty laughs to go along with all the action happening, then this is the anime for you! Despite being a bit old, this anime will definitely be one of the most memorable anime you will ever watch!

This concludes the end of the Top 10 Memorable The Law of Ueki Characters! Who is your favorite memorable character? What favorite moment do you love about that character? Make sure to leave your comments in the comment box below!

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