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Some anime are just timeless and Ouran High School Host Club is one of those few anime that fails to be stomped down by time. Nearly 10 years after it aired, Ouran High School Host Club is still much loved by many anime fans. However, what makes Ouran High School Host Club so great?

Maybe it’s the appeal of the hosts? You can’t forget those side characters who make each episode worthwhile? Perhaps, it’s because it’s one of the best reverse harems on the market. Let me tell you folks, it’s all of the above!

Ouran High School Host Club is a reverse harem like no other. While it’s funny and ridiculous, it’s the moe characters that get all of us. Many of you may or may not know but moe refers to a character who gives you that special “burning” or excited feeling. They connect with you on a whole different level. If you think that a comedy anime like Ouran High School Host Club doesn’t have moe characters, let us prove you wrong. Here are our top 10 moe Ouran High School Host Club characters that make this anime so great!

10. Fujioka Haruhi

Haruhi Fujioka Ouran Koukou Host Club

First on our list is our very own main character: Fujioka Haruhi! Haruhi is a first year at Ouran High School and renowned as the scholarship student, which makes it known her incredible intelligence and severe lack of wealth. Haruhi may be female, but she lacks any consciousness of her own gender, which works to her advantage as a host.

While not everyone would say Haruhi is a moe character, let’s take a real look at her. At first, Haruhi appears as the serious, studious type but when given something that she likes, she gets this blissful expression that you can’t help but stop and stare at. Her expression changes are very slight, but they have a huge impact. You can feel her happiness when Honey shares his slice of cake or when she’s about to try otoro. Like Tamaki, you can’t help but want to spoil her! Her tiny smile just melts your heart!

9. Haninozuka Yasuchika

Haninozuka Yasuchika Ouran Koukou Host Club

If you don’t remember Yasuchika, he’s the younger brother of our very own Honey! Yasuchika looks very similar to Honey, but he has brown hair, wears glasses, and dislikes sweets. He is the captain of the Karate Club at Ouran High School Host Club, taking Mitsukuni’s place when he left the club.

Yasuchika is a bit of a troublemaker for the Honey, but how can you hate him? Yasuchika is the little brother with a big brother complex who suffers from an inferiority complex. He’s that little brother who wants attention! Yes, Yasuchika is an arse, but deep down, he’s a little boy trying hard to get his brother’s attention. Yasuchika even denies himself things that he loves like cute animals so he isn’t like his brother. Honey may be the resident shota, but Yasuchika is a shota on the inside and that’s what we love!

8. Suou Tamaki

ouran highschool tamaki Suou Tamaki

Tamaki is the only son in the Suou family. Tamaki is a second year student at Ouran High School and king of Ouran’s Host Club. After coming up with the idea for the Host Club, Tamaki handpicked each individual member to create a bishounen heaven for all the rich ladies in Ouran High School. Sure, he’s a little too carefree, but he’s not as big an idiot as he acts.

While Tamaki has his charms as the top host in the club, what really makes him moe is how he reacts whenever Haruhi’s face brightens or when he finds out that Haruhi likes something. He turns completely red and becomes speechless. Incredible, right? However, the best moment was when Tamaki realized he had feelings for Haruhi that were not the same as a father and daughter. That moment of realization was done so well that viewers can truly feel Tamaki’s confusion over the perversion of his fatherly love. His expression at that moment was so perfect. It was executed so well. Tamaki isn’t even our favorite character, but we cannot deny that in that moment, we loved him!

7. Morinozuka Takashi

ouran highschool takashi

When Ouran High School Host Club was first aired, Takashi, was known as the stoic type. Now, Mori fits the kuudere mold. He’s a third year student at Ouran High School and has the responsibility of protecting the Haninozuka family heir, Honey. While Takashi is a man of few words, he will do everything in his power to help others he cares for.

Takashi is usually in the background in Ouran High School Host Club, but the few moments he gets to shine in the limelight, he shows just how much he cares for Honey. Sometimes he’ll even help out Haruhi. He is the strong silent type but when Honey becomes angry at Takashi, Takashi is torn, unable to function any further. He may look like the uncaring type, but he has feelings just like everyone else. Takashi just hides it better. Doesn’t it just make you want to bring them out?

6. Nekozawa Kirimi

Kirimi Nekozawa Ouran Koukou Host Club

Now Kirimi is the cute baby sister of Nekozawa Umehito. Kirimi is an adorable blond haired, blue eyed girl with one goal: to find her prince. To add to her innocence, Kirimi is terrified of the dark and cats, so she needs her prince to protect her!

While Ouran High School Host Club doesn’t lack innocence, Kirimi brings in a more innocence storyline of a little girl seeking out her prince, which is in fact her older brother who she doesn’t know. Like Yasuchika, Kirimi has a big brother complex. Kirimi is in search of a love that she never knew. With her fear of the dark and strange fear of cats, you can’t help but want to protect her until her prince comes. She’s that little lolita character you just want to glomp onto.

5. Kasanoda Ritsu

Kasanoda Ritsu Ouran Koukou Host Club

Kasanoda Ritsu, most commonly referred to as Casanova by the Host Club, is a first year at Ouran High School and the heir of the Kasanoda yakuza. Casanova has a rather rough looking appearance that has spawned several rumors, which has lead to many people fearing him.

Casanova may have a scary expression, but he’s completely adorable! He has no idea how to make friends, but he adores cute things despite scaring them off. He even falls for Haruhi and doesn’t know what to do with his feelings. How can you not feel for him when he endures the humiliation that the Host Club puts him through to gain friends? Casanova is that one character with the rough exterior and the innocent interior. How can you say that the yakuza can’t be moe? Casanova will even wear cat ears if it’ll make him well respected. His naivety is just sweet.

4. Nekozawa Umehito

Nekozawa Umehito Ouran Koukou Host Club

Nekozawa Umehito is the older brother of Kirimi as well as the president of the Black Magic Club. He has a photophobia which is why Umehito often wears a black cloak and hides within the shadows. Nekozawa is often seen with his cat puppet, Beelzenef.

How many are confused by Umehito’s inclusion on this list? Don’t be! Umehito may appear strange at first, but in reality, he’s misunderstood. Who doesn’t like a man with a complicated background? He hides in the darkness due to his aversion to light, but Umehito would sacrifice himself to protect his imouto, Kirimi. Umehito has a darling sister complex, but since she fears everything about him, will stay away from her regardless of his own feelings. Umehito is the type to give his all for the person he cares about; you just have to break through his barriers first. Why would you even question his inclusion onto our list of moe characters?

3. Haninozuka Mitsukuni (Honey)

Haninozuka Mitsukuni Ouran High School Host Club

Haninozuka Mitsukuni, referred to as Honey, or Honey-senpai, is a third year in the Ouran High School Host Club and the resident shota. Despite his age, Honey is small in stature, enjoys eating sweets, and is often seen with his stuffed rabbit, Usa-chan. Honey can usually be seen bouncing around the Host Club or climbing Takashi like a tree.

Whether you’re a shotacon or not, how can you not love Honey? He’s the adorable shota who eats nothing but cake and candy, while enjoying the company of Usa-chan. Honey is that little boy you want to cuddle. He’s got that warm smile that gives you that special burning feeling that is moe! Forget social norms and just open your arms to his shota charms. You know you can’t resist!

honey Mitsukuni Haninozuka Ouran High School Host Club captcha

2. Ootori Kyouya

ouran highschool host club kyouya ootori

Ootori Kyouya is the youngest son of the prestigious Ootori family as well as the manager of the Ouran High School Host Club. Unlike the other hosts, Kyouya handles more of the business side of the Host Club, manipulating events to help increase revenue. As a second year at Ouran High School, Kyouya is working hard towards his future due to the fact that he is the youngest of his family.

This is for all the people who love megane-moe! Kyouya’s cold and calculating personality pairs so well with his meganekko, how can you not love him? When the light flashes over the lenses as he pushes his glasses back into place, it’s game over. Kyouya won. Kyouya is he cold type, but that’s what makes him so moe. You just want to melt his heart and find out who he truly is, if you can just get past the damn glasses because he wields them so well. Either way, both sides of Kyouya are irresistible. As Renge says, [we] can eat three bowls of rice!

ouran highschool host club kyouya fanart Wallpaper

1. Hitachiin Kaoru & Hikaru

ouran highschool hikaru
ouran highschool kaoru

We know the Hitachiin twins are two people, but truly, you can’t ignore that much of their identity is as one. Hikaru is the more devilish twin with a mean streak while Kaoru tends to have a more sensitive side, especially when it comes to the feelings of his twin brother. Alongside Haruhi, Hikaru and Kaoru are first year students and the devilish twins of the Ouran High School Host Club.

There’s a saying: “Twincest is wincest” and for this host club, it is so true. Hikaru and Kaoru capture many fans with their display of yaoi twincest that plays off of two taboos that makes it all the more incredible. If that doesn’t have your attention, then maybe you’ll love how these twins find meaning in Haruhi, who sees them for who they truly are. Hikaru is the tsundere who has no idea how to express his feelings other than through pranks while Kaoru hides away his own feelings in favor of his brother. Oh, it’s just moe!

wallpaper Ouran Koukou Host Club

Final Thoughts

Ouran High School Host Club is an amazing anime made up of a great cast of characters that bring hilarity to your computer screen. Yes, it is a reverse harem, shoujo anime, so there are a lot of moe characters, but those same characters can appeal to both sexes. One sex can swoon while the others laugh at their moe stereotypes, but they both work so well. That’s what makes Ouran High School Host Club a great comedy for everyone.

Are there any other characters that you think belong on this list? Let us know! What else do you think about the characters? What makes them so moe?



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