Top 10 Most Attractive Manga Characters in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom)

Let's be honest for a moment here. The reason harem and reverse-harem series are so popular is that every single one of them gives us a diverse cast of very attractive people of both genders. This means that no matter what your particular taste is, there's a possible waifu or husband for you in the series.

Hanazakari no Kimitachi E, also known as Hana-Kimi: For you in full Blossom in English, or simply as Hana-Kimi, is one of the most popular reverse harems in the history of the genre with no fewer than 4 live action adaptations. And in each adaptation, who is the most attractive cast member is always a debate because, with so many different actors, it's hard to choose a hard winner.

But for this list, we’re going back to the basics, to the original manga that started it all. So come with us to find out who is the most attractive member of the Hana Kimi cast.


10. Itsuki Kujou

This tall, strong young man is Megumi Tennoji’s deputy for the Karate Club at the Osaka School. He always looks stern and is very concerned with rules at school, which is one of the reasons why Mizuki dislikes him and tries to stay away from him. Another reason is that he may look very friendly and helpful at first, but he has a terrible temper and when he gets angry everyone in the school fears him.

He’s tall, blonde and very muscular. This makes him look a bit older than the other students. He wears his hair short with a slightly messy fringe, so he also gives a “guy next door” vibe that is very attractive to girls. And for the shippers, his close friendship with Shoutaro Kadoma makes him a perfect target for some interesting doujinshi.

9. Noe Shinji

Noe Shinji stands out from Mizuki’s group of friends because he’s always laughing. There seems to be no way for him to be sad, and his presence cheers everyone up . Sure, he's not the main character, and he spends a lot of time with his friend Kyogo Sekime rather than with Misaki, but he’s still a good friend who supports her even if he doesn’t know her secret. And unlike many of the students, he was born in the same neighborhood as the school, so he’s the one who knows where to go get things when needed.

Despite his cheerful demeanor, he has one weak spot: He’s quite easy to frighten. Ghosts, Ghouls and other scary demons make him really uncomfortable, so Kayashima tends to torture him by speaking about them. This makes Noe a bit more adorable as it’s impossible not to want to hug him when he’s scared. He’s also a bit of an anime fan, as the epilogue reveals that he ended up getting a job in an anime production company. Appearance-wise, he’s a bit normal, with short brown hair and cute brown eyes, but his personality makes him more attractive and thus earns him a place on this list.

8. Akiha Hara

This bisexual photographer really makes everyone turn around and notice him. Tall, thin, with long blond hair that he always keeps neatly combed in a ponytail, and with an attitude that oozes self-confidence, Akiha loves to spend time around Hokuto. At times it seems as if he has a hidden agenda behind his ever-present smirk—mostly because he always looks as if he knows more than everyone else around him—but the truth is that he just likes to have fun.

The good photographer helps Mizuki at times, as he also likes her a lot, but most of the time he’s just there to spend time with his “Senpai”, as he calls Hokuto. He’s divorced and he still likes his ex-wife, considering her the most important girl in his life. But he keeps that a secret, to keep his carefree and irresponsible façade in place.

7. Megumi Tennoji

While not an actual antagonist, Megumi is one of the people that Mizuki really doesn't want to figure out her secret. This is because he’s the leader of the Dorm where she’s staying and thus would be forced to reveal this to the actual authorities in the school and get her expelled. He’s also the leader of the Karate Club, very tall, with a strong frame, and short black hair. Just one look from him can make anyone tremble as he is very strict.

But beneath that fierce look, there's a very good heart. He cares for everyone in his club and dorm and will defend them when needed. And while he was one of the last people to find out Mizuki's secret, Minami claimed later that Megumi knew for a long time so if that is true and Minami wasn’t lying to make Megumi look smarter, it means that he has even more hidden depths that make him more attractive.

6. Nanba Minami

As the R.A. of Mizuki and Sano, he also has some responsibility to the dorm, but he’s a bit less responsible than Megumi. He has long, disheveled hair, and constantly acts like a “ladies man” who breaks many hearts as he goes through his studies. This is because his tutor, Kanako Tanabe, broke his heart. After that, he swore never to love again and instead just tries to have fun with as many girls as he can.

While that attitude would be more than enough to make him less attractive to the readers, Minami proves that he’s not a complete jerk by keeping Mizuki’s secret when he finds out about it and by trying to help her get together with Sano. He's also Umeda-sensei's nephew so we can see that the good looks run in the family.

5. Hokuto Umeda

Dr. Hokuto Umeda is one of the few adults in the story. Notice we don’t say “responsible” adult, mostly because he refuses to take any responsibility for what happens in the school besides keeping the students healthy. He figures out Mizuki’s real gender more or less the moment he looks at her but decides to keep the secret for reasons of his own—mostly that he admires Mizuki’s courage to go on with her crazy plan, and that he finds it very amusing. Not only that, he advises her whenever she needs him, which is very often.

He wears his blond hair short with messy bangs and has to wear glasses that partially hide his beautiful golden/green eyes. He has had many male lovers, as he's the one confirmed gay character in the series, but is really annoyed when Akiha comes to visit, which is too often for his liking, especially as Dr. Umeda is still in love with his high-school crush, Ryoichi.

4. Nakatsu Shuichi

Poor Nakatsu Shuichi seems to see the last person to figure out Mizuki’s real gender but that doesn’t stop him from being attracted to her the moment they met. As everyone thinks Mizuki is a boy at first, the fact that Nakatsu acted jealous every time Mizuki paid more attention to Sano made everyone in their dorm believe Nakatsu was gay. Nakatsu himself decided that if that was true, he didn’t care as long as he could be with Mizuki—and of course was relieved when he discovered her true gender.

Nakatsu is very athletic, with short bleach-blonde hair that he keeps a bit messy. Because he entered the school with a soccer scholarship, it’s normal to see him practicing in the field, wearing the school’s uniform. As he came from the Osaka region, he has a Kansai accent that makes him stand out from the rest of the school. Despite his rivalry with Sano, he’s also a loyal friend who on occasions defends Taiki from other students when they grow tired about hearing about ghosts.

3. Taiki Kayashima

At first impression, Taiki Kayashima is a bit weird. After all, he claims to have the ability to see ghosts and auras: in fact, he is constantly telling Nakatsu, his roommate, how his aura looks. This makes Taiki look like a bit of a crazy new age follower, more so when you see him practicing yoga. However, he is a very grounded person who cares for his friends and others. In fact, he realized Mizuki’s secret from day one and refused to reveal it—or even the fact he knew it—because he felt it was none of his business.

To add to his aura of mystery, Taiki is tall, thin, and has short black hair with longer bangs. He also has gorgeous green/blue eyes and while Taiki usually looks very serious, he has a good sense of humor. While he is not considered as attractive in-universe as others lower on this list, his calm demeanor and sweet attitude make him rank a lot higher because after all, beauty is not only skin deep.

2. Ashiya Mizuki

When she was very young, Mizuki’s parents moved from Japan to the United States and that’s where she grew up. But when she became a teenager and was ready to enter high school, she decided to move back to Japan and enter an all-boys school just to follow her high jumper idol, Sano Izumi. Now, this may look a bit extreme and, let’s be honest, a little stalkerish, but Mizuki had good intentions at heart: after all, Sano had stopped jumping and she wanted to help him find his love for the sport again.

In order to pass as a boy, Mizuki cut her brown hair short, although she kept messy bangs that reach her big brown eyes. She manages to look masculine enough due to having a flat chest that she flattens even more with a tight vest most of the time, but in secret, she wishes her breasts were a bit bigger. Once in Osaka Gakuen, she became part of the athleticism’ club because she inherited her mother’s speed. As a boy, she was very cute but didn’t manage to fool Sano for long—even if she didn’t know it at first. Once she left Osaka, she let her hair grow long again and started wearing cute dresses.

1. Sano Izumi

Sano Izumi is quite attractive, there’s no denying it: He’s a former world-class athlete even if he’s only 17, and while he doesn't high jump or compete formally anymore, he still practices and is part of the track and field team at the Osaka Gakuen school, so he's still very fit when the story begins. He realized quite quickly that Mizuki was a girl but despite being a bit annoyed at her questions about his retirement, he decided to keep her secret and little by little he fell in love with her.

He's got short black hair and really long bangs that can cover his grey eyes if he wants to. Due to the fact that he was a professional athlete before, he can be a bit prideful and that at times makes the other students at the school be less than friendly to him. Still, Thanks to Mizuki’s presence, he thaws a bit and manages to make real connections with the other guys at the dorm, and even reconnect with his father and his younger brother. Because he’s a very sweet guy inside, he is definitively the most attractive man in the whole series.

Final Thoughts

What people think is attractive may vary from person to person. One girl may love long hair in men, while another could think that only short-haired guys are worth her time. A man may love active girls who do sports, while others prefer more shy and quiet ones who enjoy making crafts. That doesn’t mean we can’t completely agree in which characters are gorgeous, just that we have more diversity for everyone.

With that said, who is the character you find most attractive in the Hana Kimi manga? Do you think they’re equally attractive in the many live adaptations, or do your tastes change for each series? Let us know in the comments below.

Hanazakari-no-Kimitachi-e-wallpaper Top 10 Most Attractive Manga Characters in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana-Kimi: For You in Full Blossom)


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