Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler Characters [Characters]

“Watashi wa akuma de shitsuji desu kara” – “I am a demon and a butler” – “I’m one hell of a butler”. Do these sentences sound familiar to you? If not, you should really go watch Kuroshitsuji series first before you continue reading this article. If the quotes above ring a bell with you, then you are in the right article!

Kuroshitsuji is about a boy named Ciel Phantomhive, who in the brink of his death, managed to summon a demon to serve him in exchange for his soul. The characters in the series are all very colorful and full of life, so this list will be focusing on the Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler Characters, ranging from their physical traits, to how their attitudes are portrayed in the series!

10. Mey-Rin

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As the maid of the Phantomhive Household, Mey-Rin is considered clumsy as she is always tripping over things and breaking them. Before she was admitted into the Phantomhive household, Mey-Rin had worked as a marksman. This is due to the fact that Mey-Rin is extremely far-sighted, granting her the ability to use long distance rifles like a handgun with the added precision and accuracy.

In episode 21, it is shown that Mey-Rin doesn’t wear glasses when she first started out as the maid. She was given her first pair of glasses by Ciel, and since then she refrained from taking them off or replacing them with a new pair even when it became a hindrance for her. Her quirkiness stems from her infatuation towards Sebastian, as she often blushes when he is around. In the first episode of the series, Mey-Rin was seen blushing as she spilled the wine on the table, indicating that she’s clumsier whenever Sebastian is near her.

9. Finnian

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Like and Mey-Rin, Finnian was recruited by Ciel and Sebastian as a gardener for the Phantomhive household. Before that, Finnian was involved in an unknown experiment as a test subject where he is injected with unknown substances every day. The experiment eventually yielded results, as Finnian grew to have superhuman strength.

When he was offered a job from Sebastian, Finnian asked for one thing only, and that is to be able to go outside, hence the gardener position. Despite his strength, Finnian is known to have a gentle and kind heart. This is shown in episode 7 of the series when Finnian tries to stop a dog from getting executed as he empathizes with the dog when it was accused of killing the people.

8. Baldroy

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Before working as a cook for the Phantomhive household, Baldroy was a veteran soldier who served in an unknown war. Due to his combat experience, Baldroy is known to rush into things. This can be seen when Baldroy uses flamethrowers and other explosives to cook as he claims it’s faster. Most of the time it doesn’t end well, but this becomes one of the quirks of the Phantomhive staff.

From the trio; Baldroy, Finnian, and Mey-Rin, Baldroy has a certain degree of leadership amongst them. Remaining extremely faithful towards Ciel Phantomhive, he is always enthusiastic when it comes to helping. In the first episode of the series, Baldroy was the one who came up with the idea that they should take the initiative and provide the guest with the best service without the help of Sebastian.

7. Tanaka

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Having to act as a previous butler for the Phantomhive household before Sebastian Michaelis came, he is now the steward in the household. It is unclear as to what Tanaka really does around the mansion, but he is usually seen drinking tea and chuckling “Ho ho ho”. Amongst the other Phantomhive staffs, Tanaka seems to be the only one whom Sebastian respects as he seems to have never caused any trouble for Sebastian.

Tanaka also possess a rather peculiar ability, as he is able to transform into “Real Tanaka”, in some occasions. His powers only lasted for a little while before he reverts back to his more common chibi form. As the eldest staff, he is the only one that knows about the history of the Phantomhive family, and how the mansion was burned down and rebuilt again.

6. Lau

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Lau is a Chinese nobleman who runs an opium business in England’s underworld, and is also known to be an ally and an associate of Ciel Phantomhive. Lau is a very carefree and easy-going person. He often appears to have his eyes closed and rarely opens them. Despite his calm demeanor, Lau can be violent at times.

One of his distinctive unique traits is that Lau has a peculiar way to say or act as if he knows what was going on at the moment, or that he is aware and informed of the situation at hand when he has no clue whatsoever. This peculiar trait often annoys people around him and makes him a unique and fun character to be with. It was first seen in episode 4 when Ciel hints that he was going to visit Undertaker and Lau’s reaction was as if he knew who Undertaker was.

5. Alois Trancy

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

In the second season of the Kuroshitsuji series, Alois Trancy is head of the Trancy household, who, just like Ciel Phantomhive, has successfully summoned a demon butler, Claude Faustus, to serve by his side. As a member of the noble family, Alois is a lot more unpredictable than Ciel, often times being extremely sadistic. He also seemed to be very attached to Claude, and as a result, he punishes anyone he thinks is trying to steal Claude’s attention from him.

His impulse for attention and violence can be seen in episode 1 season 2 of the Kuroshitsuji series as he gouges Hannah Anafeloz’s eyes out with his fingers, out of spite. All in all, the most eccentric part of Alois Trancy as a character is that he can be considered as one of those spoiled brats with a dangerous and unpredictable personality. Alois Trancy is also known to be nyctophobia, as in he is terrified of the dark. This was seen in the first episode of Kuroshitsuji Season 2, where Alois screamed when Sebastian shattered their chandelier, rendering the whole room in pitch black.

4. Lady Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford

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As Ciel’s fiancée, Lady Elizabeth is a typical happy-go-lucky girl who really loves cute things. She is very compassionate and fastidious when it comes to her eccentric fashion sense . In episode 3, it is shown that Lady Elizabeth imposes her fashion sense to everyone in the Phantomhive household, including Sebastian.

Despite her cute demeanor, Lady Elizabeth is known to throw tantrums if anyone should disagree with her. She cares deeply of Ciel as a fiancée and would do anything in order to bring happiness back to Ciel’s life after what he had been through. This can be shown in episode 10 when Lady Elizabeth tries to find the perfect present for Ciel. When she found out that the present she bought for Ciel was a fake, she became very upset.

3. Grell Sutcliff

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

As Madam Red's butler, Grell Sutcliff is pretty much useless, causing more trouble as he tries to help others. This was shown in episode 2 and 3 when Madam Red and Grell Sutcliff came to visit the Phantomhive household. At first, Grell might appear as harmless as he is useless, but when he and Madam Red were caught red-handed in the Jack The Ripper case, he quickly reveals his true self as a Grim Reaper.

As a Grim Reaper, Grell Sutcliff is a really flamboyant and eccentric character. His eccentric trait is that he uses female pronouns, which can be irksome. At times he can be sadistic as well. This was seen as he was able to kill Madam Red without any remorse, implicating his thirst for blood. He also seems to be overly infatuated with Sebastian, as he addresses Sebastian as Sebas-chan.

2. Drocell Cainz

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Earning the spot of number 2 on this list is Drocell Cainz. Drocell initially works as a puppeteer for the Mandalay family. As a puppeteer, Cainz has a really colorful and eccentric appearance; wearing a black top hat and a blue tailcoat, he’s always seen carrying a music box that only plays the tune “London Bridge”.

It was revealed in the series that Drocell Cainz is actually a doll and not a human. This can be seen in episode 12 of the series as Cainz displays some weird movements similar to a dolls. During the Shards of Hope arc, Drocell Cainz is responsible for the missing children and is seen making them into dolls. He uses puppet strings to control and kill his victims. It was revealed by Grell that the original soul of Drocell Cainz was collected a few years back, somehow someone had assigned a temporary soul into Drocell’s body.

1. Undertaker

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters

Ranking number one on this list is Undertaker. Although his real name is not revealed, and just like his name implies, he works as the undertaker in the Kuroshitsuji series. His quirkiness and uniqueness is shown in episode 4, as he is willing to provide information for Ciel Phantomhive only if they can make him laugh. In the same episode, he serves Ciel and the others tea in a beaker instead of a normal cup.

Despite his quirky demeanor, Undertaker is a former legendary Grim Reaper who is highly respected by William T. Spears, a supervisor in the Dispatch Management Division of the Death Gods. This was seen in episode 18 when William hits Grell Sutcliff for being rude and disrespectful to Undertaker. Much to Grell’s disbelief of Undertaker’s reputation, after he saw Undertaker’s face, he instantly falls in love with him.

And that concludes the Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler Characters! What’s your favorite character from the list above? Do you know any other quirky, unique, or eccentric characters that didn’t make it on the list? Be sure to leave them down in the comments!

Kuroshitsuji-Wallpaper-1-700x486 Top 10 Most Eccentric Black Butler/Kuro Shitsuji Characters


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