Top 10 Most Popular Animal Crossing Characters

Animal crossing is one of the very few games out there that lets the player truly play at their own pace. It's a charming little gem of a sim that gives you the freedom of a chilled life and various customisations to craft your own unique little experience. With its easy-going style and relaxing rhythm, be it going alone to catch some fish for those sweet bells or making friends with the villagers, the whole game presents a stress-free and immersive world that you can feel a part of for a long time.

One of the more unique aspects of the game are the villagers that populate your town, who can interact with you on a daily basis. There is only enough room for a couple of villagers to live in your little paradise and they always move in or out depending on your interactions with them. Some players are lucky to have villagers that they like whereas some players seek out certain villagers to migrate into their village. There are also the regular characters that appear in everyone’s villages, each with a unique personality that you’d come to love.

Who are the most popular characters and Why? You ask…well here are the Top 10 Most Popular Animal Crossing Characters and just to be clear, we are not looking only at the characters from the Anime movie but also from the games as well. So without any delay, let us begin!

10. Kid Kat

Coming in hot at number 10 we have Kid Kat, otherwise known as one of the four superheroes in the series. Who doesn’t like an adorable helmet-wearing cat that acts like a power-ranger striving to uphold peace and justice in your little village? Kid Kat is a sports and fitness fanatic that has a house full of exercise equipment, that he probably uses to keep in good shape to fight crime. He wears red clothing initially with the number “1” on it, probably symbolizing that he considers himself as the fittest villager.

Sometimes Kid Kat can appear a little too competitive and will become offended at the sight of ‘snooty’ and ‘cranky’ villagers, but gets along really well with more ‘peppy’ type of villagers. He may seem a little rude at times and appear very simple minded, but his energy and love for bug catching will win you over. He is an adorable little heroic villager that you will want in your village to uphold the peace and keep you on your feet.

9. Whitney

Up next is the arctic wolf Whitney, whom also appears in the anime movie though her personality is completely different. In the game, she is a cheeky and snooty type of villager who likes to gossip about others. She is known to be quite short tempered and also a challenging villager to befriend, but once you do gain her trust she will become very nice to you. Whitney likes to talk about fashion, love and romance. Her house is rustically decorated with a very ‘chic’ style and likes acquiring white furniture if you’d happen to have some.

In the Anime movie, Whitney is completely different with a kind and posh personality. She also has a few visual differences but her experience with relationships is revealed more so than in the game, hinting possible a relationship with a certain feathered villager. Her cold but cool image and warm but soft inside type of personality will definitely capture your heart.

8. Beau

Moving up the list, the next popular character comes in the form of a lazy deer otherwise known as Beau. A laid back villager who enjoys living the carefree life, eating food and relaxing whenever possible. He is easy to get along kind of villager who gets along with other villagers quite well unless they are the ‘jock’ type, in which case Beau will end up offending them because of his lazy lifestyle.

Beau’s house is what you would expect from a deer type of villager, with an outdoorsy feel he has a room filled with relaxing components. Such as a hammock, a meadow carpet and mountain standee’s to imitate the land where deer love the most. He even has the ‘Mountain song’ playing on his tape deck! Beau is a well sought after villager because of his chilled and stress-free personality.

7. Marina

Let’s move away from the mammals and into the sea, where our next villager comes from. Marina is a bright pink octopus who has a one of a kind obsession with hygiene and cleanliness. She is a friendly and hospitable villager that is very easy to get along with, she has many hobbies that include gardening, fishing, and bug catching. Though Marina has trouble getting along with ‘snooty’ or ‘cranky’ villagers, especially if they make hurtful comments to her. She often asks for favours but is very gracious to you if you help her out.

Marina’s house contains a lot of furniture from the ‘Lovely’ series, making her whole room bright pink like her skin. Even the toilet is pink! She is the only female octopus in the game, which makes her a highly valued villager because of her rarity. If you happen to have her in your village, don’t let her slip away because it’ll be very difficult to get her back!

6. Chief

On to number 6, we have Chief. An orange wolf that is too cool to get caught shopping for himself because he considers it too ‘lame’. He is a cranky villager that appears arrogant and has a tendency to belittle others but has deep thoughts about the weather and other villagers. He may seem mean and grouchy but as you get to know him, he opens up and begins to warm up to you, becoming more friendly and more social able.

Chief enjoys gardening, fishing and bug catching. He is known to challenge you to fishing competitions from time to time. Chief has a home building style that changes across the various games, but generally, all have an industrial sort of feel. Known for having ‘robo’ and ‘construction’ themed furniture, and sometimes even ‘modern’ items. His house has an intense sort of feel to it, even more so when you hear the intense rhythm of the song ‘DK K.K.” playing through his home. He is one cool wolf that you don’t want to miss the chance to obtain.

5. Stitches

Halfway up the list comes the villager Stitches, a lazy cub that looks like an old stitched up teddy bear. He is a laid back, lazy villager who loves to eat food and relax. Though he occasionally can be seen fishing and catching bugs. Stitches is like a younger brother, he is friendly and nice towards you and gets on well with most villagers. However ‘jock’, ‘snooty’ and ‘cranky’ villagers may find him offensive because of his physical appearance.

Stitches is a young cub living away from home who has a house that reflects his childish and playful style, with furniture mainly of the ‘kiddie’ theme. A colourful toy infested room with a lot of playroom type of items and even has the ‘K.K. Lullaby’ song playing on his kiddie stereo. If you feel in need of a younger sibling to live with, then Stitches is the perfect companion to fulfill all your elderly sibling needs.

4. Lolly

At number 4 is another cat villager by the name of Lolly, who is a grey tabby cat with a sweet personality that befits her name. She is a cute ‘normal’ type villager who is very sensitive and also very kind. She has many hobbies including fashion, fishing, bug catching and furniture collecting. Lolly can be easily upset by ‘snooty’ or ‘cranky’ villagers but generally always seem to be in a good mood. She loves to converse with others and enjoys reading, and also appears to enjoy cooking too.

Her house changes throughout the games but follows the theme of ‘food’, as she has been known to have many fruit or kitchen style items that show her interest in the culinary arts. She has a very gentle demeanour and will always welcome you to her house, except sometimes she is worried that her house is messy. Lolly is a sweet and cheerful villager who is great to have in your village if you are looking for someone who will lighten up your day.

3. Marshal

Making to the top 3 is Marshal, an adorable and ‘smug’ little white squirrel that appears to have a ‘Tsundere-like’ type of personality. He has the qualities of a gentleman and is very kind towards other people, admiring you and even flirt with you if you are a girl. He has a unique set of hobbies including, dancing, collecting plastic bottle caps and loves trains. Marshal also loves fashion, which he often expresses when talking with him.

Marshal’s home has a unique style with lots of furniture from the ‘sloppy’ series, which are hard to obtain. His room can be a little messy and he will often ask you about it, he also loves the song ‘Space K.K.’. Marshal is a kind-hearted and enthusiastic villager that will make a great friend to hang out with if you ever have the chance to stumble upon him.

2. Rosie

Just missing out on the top spot comes a fan favourite, Rosie the cat who is one of the main characters in the anime movie. She is a peppy blue cat with huge anime styled eyes and has rosy blush cheeks, which is probably where her name comes from. She is a friendly, cheerful and hospitable villager that will easily win over your heart. Rosie always seems very excited and at times quite childish, she gets along well with many villagers but does not get on well with ‘cranky’ or ‘snooty’ villagers.

Her house does not have a certain theme; she has a random assortment of different items that reflect her hyper personality, though from time to time she appears to want to obtain pink furniture. Rosie is a fun and upbeat cat that can never appear boring, she has a young type of personality that is highly valued for anyone’s dream village.

1. Isabelle

At the top of our list, comes non-other than Isabelle. Wait…what? You heard right! Unlike the others on this list, the final pick is not a moveable villager but a character that is known to everyone, as she is the assistant to the town mayor. Why? That is because she is the cutest dog in the game that has a very friendly aura. Isabelle is very keen to make your town a better place, which is pretty admirable considering the fact that she is very clumsy and absentminded. Her perseverance in making your life more enjoyable is one of the best things about the game.

She always seems happy and cheerful, with a gratuitous and affectionate personality, though sometimes she can be quite hard on herself when she is sidetracked from her tasks. Although she doesn’t have a house to showcase her personality, she often changes clothes depending on the special events held throughout the year. Isabelle is a very special character that we have or will all have learned to respect and love because of the warm, and caring experience which she emanates makes us come back every day for more adventures in our own little worlds.

Final Thoughts

So that concludes our list of the top 10 Most Popular Animal Crossing Characters, what do you think of our list? Are there any characters that we missed that you like? Please tell us in the comment section about whom and why you think should have been included in our list.

These characters are highly valued in the gaming community, with people paying high prices to obtain these rare and lovable characters for their own little paradise. If you ever have the chance to come across one of these characters, we’d advise you to take good care of them, as they are truly ‘one of a kind’ sort of characters that will change your experience in playing this wonderful game.

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