Top 10 Most Powerful Characters in Hyakuren no Haou to Seiyaku no Valkyria [The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar]

Yuuto has a pretty normal life for a high schooler. He’d go to school, go to club, and even had a very cute childhood friend/girlfriend. The two spend one evening investigating an urban legend dealing with a mirror at a local shrine. He attempts to take a picture of the mirror and the ancient object activates and transports him back to an undetermined point in prehistory, most likely the bronze age, leaving his sweetheart Mizuki Shimoya behind.

The world he finds himself in is based around patriarchal societies called clans in a landscape that seems much more like the dry arid desert of ancient Mesopotamia than its namesake from the cold tree filled north of Norse mythology Yaggridisl. He is adopted into the wolf clan and quickly rises through the ranks to become the patriarch of the clan. Yuuto isn’t skilled at combat or really a strategical genius he was just transported to the past with his smartphone that has a solar charger. He is able to connect to the present by transmitting near the mirror’s counterpart in his time where he can connect to the web as well as spend the night on the phone with Mizuki. He also finds himself, like many men of power, surrounded by women. We find in Yuuto’s case those women often are Einherjar, women with supernatural power. We now take our time to look at all these powerful people, both male and female, okay mainly female because this is a harem anime, in our top ten most powerful characters in The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar.

10. Mizuki Shimoya

Mizuki Shimoya is a normal girl who lives in the 21st century Japan. She is a quiet girl who is constantly pining over her childhood friend/boyfriend who has been swept to the ancient world. She does get to talk to him now and then using her phone and the magic mirror she got from the temple. You may not consider that Yuuto’s childhood friend who was stuck in the present who doesn’t have superpowers to be on this list of most powerful characters. Yet, here is the reason. She is the sole reason that Yuuto fought so hard on behalf of the wolf clan. Yuuto consolidated power for the wolf clan and brought peace to many of the other clans all for the chance to find a way home, a way back to Mizuki. The most powerful person in the Iliad wasn’t Achilles, it was Helen, for she was the reason the Greeks launched a thousand ships, just like Mizuki was the reason Yuuto reshaped the ancient world.

9. Felicia

Felicia is a beautiful, blond-haired young woman and a member of the Wolf Clan. Her position in the Wolf Clan seems to be something akin to a minister or chief of staff for the patriarch. She is also in love with Yuuto. She seems to make a consistent effort to use her feminine wiles to attempt to seduce Yuuto and make him hers. She as an Einherjar with superhuman speed and does battle with a whip. Felicia may not have the greatest physical strength or battle capability but she does have something major going for her, she has the ear of the king. She is above all on the list, that exists in his time, as his closest confidant and advisor. Felicia is the one that wakes him in the morning and is often the person he talks to last at night. Yuuto’s beautiful advisor with her sweet words and constant support is a soft power that can move the direction of a leader and the fate of a nation.


Linnea is the patriarch of the Horn Clan and a bit of a spitfire. She is what some would consider the tsundere of the harem. She is the leader of the Hoof Clan, who picks a fight with the Wolf Clan and is soundly defeated. Linnea is brought before Yuuta as a defeated patriarch and is given the choice. She can either become his sister or her capital would be destroyed. The role of a little sister is a subordinate to the patriarch without the rule of absolute subservience the “child” designation has. She even goes as far as to offer herself as his bride it that would secure her position and the safety of her people. She, despite her defeat, is still the commander of an army. She was also able to secure a seat at the table as part of a rising power. We get the sense at times people consider her naïve and foolish, but we think she could be smarter than that, taking a defeat and making yourself stronger is definitely a demonstration of power.


Christina is a member of the Claw Clan. She, by all respect, is highly intelligent. Christina is also a bit of a troublemaker, constantly poking fun at her younger twin sister. She is an Einherjar who has the power to conceal her presence and move swiftly. Christina specializes in intelligence gathering for the Claw Clan and later the Wolf Clan. She chose to serve Yuuto after watching him closely and respecting his style of leadership. The small impish girl may not be filled with offensive power but her ability to tell you what the enemy is doing and what the enemy is thinking is crucial to the Wolf Clans success and power worthy of respect.

6. Albertina

Albertina is the older twin sister of Christina. She was born a daughter of the Claw Clan, but like her sister, decides to pledge an oath of fealty to Yuuto and the Wolf Clan. She, in terms of personality, is much slower than her sister. She has a very innocent quality to her that in a way is very deceiving. She is an Einherjar. Christina has the ability to move at superhuman speeds and like her sister the ability to conceal her presence. She was often used as an assassin by the Claw Clan. Yuuto doesn’t like the idea of assassination and makes her us her skills as a bodyguard. He does recognize that she is very skilled at killing people and that it is a great card to have up his sleeve.

5.Loptr (Rungr)

Loptr was once a member of the Wolf Clan. He came up through the ranks of the clan with his clan brother Yuuto. Loptr felt slighted after his dream of becoming patriarch was crushed when Yuuto was chosen (over his own objection) to be the successor. Loptr in a fit of rage drew a sword and attempted to kill Yuuto but instead struck down the patriarch of the Wolf Clan. He then fled the kingdom. He found himself a new clan and built himself a power base, eventually rising to the rank of a patriarch of the Panther Clan. He develops a strategy of using cavalry, something he learned from Yuuto and goes on the warpath. He is smart and is willing to leverage everything he learned as a Yuuto’s comrade to take revenge on his former brother. Loptr is impressive in his ability to build a new base of power and leverage what he learned from Yuuto with that kind of skill, underhanded or not, he surely gets a place on this list.

4. Steinthor

Steinthor is the leader of the Lightning Clan and has the intention of expanding their territory. The only roadblock in their way was the Wolf Clan. The two clans meet on the field of battle and the Lightning Clan seem to gain the upper hand. We eventually have a battle that comes down to Steinthor fighting the Wolf Clan’s Einherjar. He demonstrates that he, too has the power of an Einherjar and fights with a giant iron hammer and is very strong compared to the Einherjar of the Wolf Clan. He could soundly beat the seven best warriors that the Wolf Clan has to offer and is only defeated by the well thought out trap of Yuuto’s. We have to acknowledge that personally he is great and powerful but so is his arrogance that he can use brute force to win every battle.


Ingrid is the Master of Blades. She is a master blacksmith. Ingrid under Yuuto’s instruction has created katanas, stirrups, paper, and glassware. She spends a lot of time alone with Yuuto in her forge which is treated as a state secret. Ingrid like most of the women in his orbit has a crush on him. She also doesn’t seem to have the courage to confess. We get the feeling that she has known Yuuto the longest out of all the members of the harem. She is almost never seen in battle but she we consider her to be the biggest reasons for the Wolf Clans success. She is the person responsible for not only their weapons of war but the economic prosperity of the clan. She may not be a warrior but her ability to make reality the technology that Yuuto explains to her makes her one of the most powerful characters in the story.

2.Siegrune (Rune)

Rune is an Einherjar and Yuuto’s most trusted general. She is a formidable warrior and uses a katana to her given to her by Yuuto. She is Yuuto’s sworn daughter and though she may have unwavering devotion towards him doesn’t seem to have the same amorous affection for him that the other girls do. We see her many times on the battlefield fighting one on one with the best the enemy can throw at her. She is a leader that leads from the front and charges into battle and inspires her troops. Her battlefield prowess isn’t the only reason she is powerful. She is a general that is used to victory and a winning general’s momentum is as important for victory as everything else.

1. Yuuto Suou

Yuuto is a Japanese high school student that has found himself transported to the bronze age. He uses his wits and his link to the future to make his way in the primitive era. He is able to maintain a connection with his own time with a divine mirror and makes uses of it by accessing knowledge of the future. He makes himself valuable to the people of the Wolf Clan giving them an advantage over the other combative clans. He doesn’t have any special powers but finds his way to the top and becomes a respected leader. Yuuto is also blessed to have earned the respect and loyalty of the top tier talent many of whom are young beautiful ladies–lucky boy. He is powerful not because he has the powers of an Einherjar, because he doesn’t, but because he has managed to bring advanced technology, universal education, and unity to the clans of Yggdrasil making them and him a force to be reckoned with by the larger world.

Final Thoughts

The simplest task was complicated in the bronze age. You had a few real cities with running water and sewers but the concept of sanitation and hygiene wasn’t exactly common. Yuuto with his advanced understanding of the world is easily able to effect change on the primitive culture of Yggdrasil. He is able to create an age of enlightenment and spurn innovation that not only helped him but the people and world around him making him a god among men and gods are indeed powerful.

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