Top 10 Most Powerful Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry Characters

The world of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is one where some have the ability to use magic to manifest their souls as weapons. “Blazers,” as they are called, go to schools and training academies to become mage-knights. The Blazers are ranked A (the highest magic ability) through F (the lowest magic ability). Ikki Kurogane is determined to be a mage-knight despite being an F-ranked mage. His first day at the academy sets up the romance of the story as he accidentally comes across princess and new student to Hagun Academy, A-ranked Blazer Stella Vermillion, in a compromised position. The princess takes offense and a duel follows, with the wager that the loser becomes the slave of the other. We eventually follow Ikki’s fight for his dignity, respect in society and his life in a violent tournament between schools called the Seven Star Sword Festival.

On the surface, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry seems to be just another harem comedy set in a magical high school. We see students with magical powers fighting some big bad or each other over and over again in anime. The viewers don’t blame writers for revisiting this concept again and again; the setting easily lends itself to action and drama. We are also happily surprised sometimes when the story is actually interesting and complements the action. We find this wonderful confluence of interesting characters, great art, and exciting action in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

10. Yui Tatara

Yui is a student at Akatsuki Academy and is a B-ranked mage. She has black hair, purple eyes and a petite figure. Yui is arrogant and short-tempered. She is filled with malice and has little regard for human life, and she’s willing to kill just to blow off steam. We also think she has a complex about her size and will attempt to kill anyone who looks down on her. Yui has a history of killing people, too, dating back to when she was a child.

Yui is an accomplished assassin and has the ability to reflect her opponents’ attacks back at them at an order of magnitude. She is a practiced killer with no conscience. Her ability to focus on one objective, kill, and nothing else is what makes her one of the most powerful characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

9. Katana Totokubara

Katana is the treasurer of the Hagun Academy student council and is considered the second-strongest apprentice knight at the academy ranking B level. You would look at Katana and think her an English lady, with her mature looks and trademark wide-brimmed summer hat. She in many ways exudes maturity by wearing her long dresses and a haughty expression. She does at times speak of death, maiming, and violence with a casual “seen that, done that” tone which can be disconcerting.

Katana is also lethal. Her ability is to control diamond dust. She scatters it on the battlefield and uses it to inflict thousands of small cuts against her opponents. Her most vicious attack is far worse and gruesome. She lets the diamond dust get inhaled by her foe, shredding their lungs from the inside out. Katana’s ability to control objects of immense beauty and use them with such killer effectiveness makes her one of the most powerful characters in the story.

8. Ayase Ayatsuji

Ayase is a tall girl with long black hair that she uses to hide her face due being terribly shy. She is especially nervous around boys, having never interacted with them outside of a structured environment such as a training dojo. Ayase, despite that shyness, is interested in romance. She often asks Stella about her relationship with Ikki and admits she’s jealous of her over it.

The sweet girl on the surface hides a warrior underneath, even though she’s only a D-ranked mage. She tricks Ikki before her bout with him in order to gain an advantage. When Ayase holds a blade she becomes far more confident. She is considered an expert swordsman having trained under her father revered as the “Last Samurai” since her childhood. She has amazing stamina, easily keeping up with Ikki on his near 20 mile morning jogs. Ayase also has the special talent as a Blazer called wound manipulation that allows her to increase the damage of even the slightest cut in people and objects. Her ability to turn the slightest knick into a life-threatening wound makes her one of the most powerful characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

7. Shizuku Kurogane

Shizuku is Ikki’s younger sister. She is a talented B-ranked Blazer and, like her brother, attends the Hagun Academy. She is a short girl with short silver hair and jade eyes and, as Stella points out, a chest that barely rises above sea level (as opposed to Stella’s Grand Tetons). Shizuku is a devoted sister whose affections are slightly overcompensating for the lack of love and acknowledgment that Ikki gets from their family. We say slightly, but in reality it’s a little worse. Shizuku suffers from full-blown brocon. She is convinced that she is all he needs: sister, mother, and lover despite how much he adamantly disagrees with the last one.

Shizuku also has amazing combat abilities. She is known as the Witch of the Deep for her mastery over the element of water. The ability to control water down to its ions is an impressive skill. She can add and remove ions to make the water a better conductor or insulator when it is exposed to electricity. Her control over water extends to freezing it, allowing her to launch attacks with it or use it as a defensive barrier. She also has the ability to surround her opponent in an orb of water, threatening them with suffocation until they yield. The world is filled with water, from oceans, to lakes to the plumbing in our homes, giving this Blazer an endless supply of weapons at her fingertips and making her one of the most powerful.

6. Amane Shinomiya

Amane Shinomiya is a first-year student at Kyomon Academy. He is a weak-looking boy, small with blonde hair. On the surface he seems to be a kind and gentle soul; the kindness is a lie. Amane has a large cruel streak running through his tiny body. He can be called a sadist as he enjoys inflicting pain on others. Amane isn’t random in his sadistic tendencies; he does seem to focus his attention on those he finds interesting.

Amane Shinomiya has the unique ability of Fate Manipulation. He can control the outcome of events by wishing. The power is not all-encompassing because those who can see through the wish can find short periods of time to change things. His power to change fate at will, even with its loopholes, makes Amane one of the most powerful characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

5. Nagi Arisuin (Alice)

Nagi, or Alice as he prefers to be called, may be one of the most underrated characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. The effeminate-looking Nagi is one of the students at Hagun Academy and the roommate of Ikki’s younger sister. He is a tall, lanky man with long dark hair and bangs. Nagi often refers to himself as a woman, calling himself a maid trapped in a man’s body. He is a kind-hearted person and is constantly encouraging Shizuku in her training and in her not-so-sisterly love for her brother.

Nagi has the advantage of constantly being underestimated. The kind eyes hide a man of calculation. His skill is one of shadow manipulation, allowing him to control shadows and even use them to teleport himself from one area to another. Nagi carries a blade that allows him to pin someone’s shadow to a fixed point, in turn pinning the person to that position. The ability to fly under the radar and control darkness itself is an amazing power and puts him firmly at number five on this list.

4. Tohka Todo

Tohka is the student council president of Hagun Academy. She is a serious girl with an awkward appearance. Tohka wears large round glasses and keeps her long light brown hair in two oversized braids. You might assume she was the shy, bookish librarian type from the way she looks, yet she is a focused person taking her studies and fighting very seriously. She is extremely confident, some may say to the level of arrogance in her abilities in battle.

Like most students, Tohka is extremely proficient with a sword, specializing in Battoujutsu. She has the ability to call on lightning as a weapon with lethal effect. When she is engaged in battle she often wishes for a more powerful challenger to test her skills. Tohka also begins to shed the motherly personality she has off the battle field for one that leans towards the sadistic in her attempt to prove she is the best. Her ability for call on a force of nature with explosive results to launch a ranged attack makes her one of the most powerful students at Hagun Academy.

3. Edelweiss

Edelweiss is a beautiful young woman, whose white hair and crystal blue eyes look as cool as her personality. She has an almost chivalric code of honor despite being a criminal. Her choice of costume fits in the bikini armor category, wearing a dress similar to a swimsuit, a breast plate, feathered skirt and a tiara-like headpiece. She completes the regal look with a short white cape that seems like it’s always flapping in an unseen breeze. She may be lethal but isn’t completely cold or unkind; she’s willing to spare children and those who refuse for fight her.

Edelweiss has immense strength, even for a person in a world of super-powered humans. Her reflexes are even faster than Ikki’s. She moves so fast even he has trouble spotting her; in the end Ikki has to predict her movements by looking at the way her muscles flex. Her reflexes are even faster than Ikki’s. She simply radiates power when shße summons her sword spirit. We are told that some of the most powerful mages just stop in their tracks due to the intensity of her aura, making her at home on this list of the most powerful.

2. Stella Vermillion

Stella Vermillion is a student at Hagun Academy and a rank-A apprentice Knight. She is feisty and occasionally snobby, most likely due to her life as a princess. She is simply the textbook definition of tsundere. Stella doesn’t like complements when it comes to her abilities, either. You won’t get a thank you if you call her a prodigy, you’ll more likely get a kick in the face. Stella isn’t always stuck up and conservative. She becomes attracted to Ikki and often finds herself willing to do many embarrassing things to show her devotion, including saying that she doesn’t “mind doing it” with him.

The red-haired, twin-tailed beauty is a powerhouse in battle. She has immense magical power, 30 times that of the normal Blazer. Stella has the ability to use magical attacks continuously without showing fatigue. She can even use her magic to fortify her strength to that of super human levels. Stella doesn’t just use magic; she is a very skilled swordsman able to hold her own against even the most well-trained. She also has one other very powerful ability: to summon and control flames. She can use these flames to create barriers for defense and launch explosive attacks to pummel opponents. Stella Vermillion, as far as raw talent goes, is the most powerful character Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.

1. Ikki Kurogane

Ikki Kurogane is the lead protagonist of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. He is a young man with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Ikki is considered handsome by many of the girls at the academy for his well-toned body and handsome face. He is an independent-minded young noble with a caring personality. Ikki is also driven to succeed as a mage despite his F ranking for latent talent. He feels a connection to and has respect for all mages that may not have the talent of the A-ranked but are willing to work to develop their skills to the best of their abilities. Ikki comes from a well-respected clan of mages, the Kurogane clan, who treat him as worthless due to his low ranking. He is a calm, modest, and centered individual with a clear-cut set of values that define his actions; some would call those values Chivalry.

Ikki is a master swordsman. He has honed his sword skills through continuous training to compensate for his lack of magic power. The ability to move his body using the Trackless Step (a method of controlled breathing and foot work that allows him to move faster than an opponent can see) and the creation of several secret sword techniques make him cunning on the battlefield. He has trained his body to exceed the abilities of normal humans and even Blazers. Ikki’s vision, body control, hand-to-hand combat ability, mental control and stamina are unparalleled. We’re sure if he donned a cowl and a cape he could be Batman. Ikki’s determination to push through pain, suffering and any obstacle in his path in combination with his honed ability to take down opponents without having magically enhanced abilities makes him one of the most powerful characters in Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry.


The story of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry is packed with powerful characters. We have seen characters with the ability to control shadows, fire and above all themselves – right down to the cells in their bodies. We get a bit of romance on the side, a part of the story we think is a bit overlooked as classic hero/heroine storytelling, but it’s not. Ikki and Stella are in an adorable and sometimes awkward relationship starting in the first few episodes. But we know that is not the point of the list. This list is about power. The power to outsmart, engage and pummel your opponents in a battle royal spectacle. The single power that should be at number one on the list, and it wasn’t even magical, was Ikki’s belief in himself and his determination to overcome everything in his path.

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