Top 10 Most Useful Sigils from Darwin’s Game

Superpowers in anime and pop culture as a whole are a dime a dozen. As usual, the only way to keep superpowers appealing is by giving it a fresh spin. In Dragon Ball, it’s through ki manipulation, in Naruto/Boruto, it’s Ninjitsu, and we have Stands in JoJo. In the world of Darwin’s Game, superpowers are called “sigils,” which a player can gain upon signing up for the titular game. Each individual who chooses to participate is given a sigil that can either save them or be their undoing. With this list, we wish to share with you readers what we think are the Top 10 most useful sigils from Darwin’s Game.


10. True or Lie (Ryuuji Maesaka)

Kicking off this list is True or Lie, the sigil of Ryuuji, the Sunset Ravens’ machine gun user. As the name suggests, it allows Ryuuji to see if a person is lying or telling the truth. Granted, it gives him no physical advantages in battle, but when the time is right, it can give him more of a tactical and/or psychological advantage. Upon the final act of the event battle in Shibuya, he is taken hostage by Wang and the Eights, and Kaname comes to negotiate his release. He sees through Kaname’s bluff that he wants to negotiate with Wang, and that knowledge helps him and Kaname gain the victory. While True or Lie may be helpful to know who your enemies are, there are instances it can help your friends.

In a realistic situation, we could all use such a power. While we’re not sure if the ability can apply to what you see on TV or read in print, by talking to a loved one, the person at the grocery store, or your boss, the ability to see if what they’re saying is the truth or a lie can either be fun or destructive.

9. Ichiro’s Plant Sigil (Ichiro Hiiragi)

When Kaname plays in his first battle royal event, he’s initially stuck inside a hotel in which some of the elevators and stairways are blocked by heavy wild plants. This is all due to the sigil of Ichiro, aka The Florist. Unlike most of the sigils listed here, Ichiro’s sigil, which allows him to manipulate plant-life, is never given an official name. All we know for sure is that it allows him to manipulate plants to the point that he can take over a hotel that is over 50 stories tall. He can control it to the point that he can manipulate its growth and can be used for super long ranges, or when he needs to fight, he can use that ability to make armor made of thick wood and dirt.

While the idea of manipulating plant life may seem like a silly ability to have but once you see it in action, you’ll see what it’s all about. As we said before, it has long-range abilities and while it is mostly shown as a defensive maneuver, it has its offensive qualities as well. Through Ichiro’s use of the sigil, the audience can get an idea of how powerful nature can truly be as he can manipulate the growth of plants to the point that it can not only consume a tall building but burst through inches of steel and concrete and crush opponents under its weight.

8. Beelzebub (Wang)

Another great sigil to have is Beelzebub, which belongs to the sadistic Wang, the leader of the Eights. So what does Beelzebub do? It allows the user to teleport within 10 meters or switch places with another person. Thanks to Beelzebub, Wang is more dangerous than he was to begin with. Not only does he exploit it in Darwin’s Game, but for his own personal gain as well since he has gone as far as killing cops. With Beelzebub, Wang can get within striking range at a moment’s notice and slice you into mincemeat. Depending on his mood, he can either take you out on the spot, or torture you. While the ability is effective and deadly under Wang’s manipulation, Kaname and his crew were able to exploit his habit of always attacking from behind. While Beelzebub can be useful, if you don’t switch things up, you’re about as cornered as a rat.

7. Tempest (Keiichi Katsura)

What if you had the ability to weaponize air at just the flick of a finger? If so, that’s what Tempest can do. So, who is its user? That would be Keiichi, a former elite karate fighter who works for Wang. With his black belt skills, he doesn’t need to connect in order to kill you! He can use just the airflow from his punches and kicks to instantly behead you like a Mortal Kombat fatality. Just by using a waving motion, Tempest allows the user to turn the airflow from that into the deadliest of weapons.

6. Pollux Light/Castor Light (Sui/Souta)

You’re probably thinking that this is cheating, but please hear us out on this one. While they may seem like they’re essentially two sigils, which to a certain extent is true, they happen to belong to two separate egos in one body. This is pretty much the case for Sui, a little girl, and her deceased brother, Souta, whose personality still resides inside of her. Since they are separate entities in one body, their separate sigils more or less come down to being a two-for-one package.

Pollux Light, which is controlled by Sui, gives her the ability to manipulate any form of liquid. So, let’s say you fight at the public pool, she can use her sigil to drag you into the pool by controlling the water with her will. Then what happens when Souta turns over and uses Castor Light? He can freeze the liquid. So let’s go back to the pool example, once you’re trapped underwater in the pool, Souta can just freeze it and you’ll instantly die.

5. Healing Grace (Kaede)

In something as intense as Darwin’s Game, it’s only natural that people are going to get severely hurt (and even killed!). At some point, there’s got to be a player whose sigil is healing, right? Turns out, there is and that user is Kaede (despite the name, she’s just a Russian weeb who adopted a Japanese name). The Healing Grace name more or less speaks for itself. It allows Kaede to heal the physical wounds of just about anyone and even reattach limbs! However, it does have its limits such as it can’t heal people of illnesses like cancer or mental disabilities. Considering the physicality of Darwin’s Game, either having this sigil or having a teammate with it would be of great contribution!

4. Laplace (Rein Kashiwagi)

What if you had the ability to see the future? If so, that’s more or less what Lapalace, the sigil of Rein, serves as. However, Rein sees things in a more mathematical definition in reaction to a person’s movement. Based on, let’s say, the speed a person runs at, she can predict where and when they will appear at a certain spot and what they will do. In addition to seeing the basic measurements of people, she can also see the ingredients of a drink to see if it’s poisoned or not.

Like all sigils, Laplace does have its distinct drawbacks. If Rein is too deep into seeing her calculations, she doesn’t have the ability to see what’s going on in the moment. Other counters to her sigil can also be sigils that defy the laws of physics, for example, teleportation. In a general sense, Lapalace would certainly be a useful sigil to have in an emergency situation. It can give you the ability to gain a comeback victory or provide you a means of retreat. With such crucial information, you can immediately react before the enemy even knows it!

3. Stealth (Banda-kun)

When Kaname had his first match in Darwin’s Game, his first opponent was a knife-wielding maniac who dressed up as the mascot of the local baseball team. We know it sounds like a bad horror movie, but what was it about him that made him truly dangerous? It was Stealth, his sigil, which could make him invisible! (However, it requires that the body be fully covered, hence the mascot costume). With a sigil like that, no one can see you coming! If you’re the user, you pretty much got every advantage you can think of. A person may think that they’re safe in, let’s say, a bathroom stall, but the whole time, the user might’ve been right behind them only to be ready to stab the opponent in the head from the neighboring stall like in the opening scene of Scream 2.

Like all powers/sigils, Stealth has its disadvantages but they don’t apply as long as you’re careful. Being invisible might be cool, but it could incidentally be used against you. Take, for example, if you run into traffic. Drivers won’t see you! After all, being invisible doesn’t mean you can phase through objects like Kitty Pryde from the X-Men. The user is still subjected to physical contact, and the user paid for this in the parking lot. So if anyone ever gets such an ability, just be sure to look both ways before crossing the street and obey all traffic rules before stabbing someone.

2. Fire God’s Hammer (Kaname Sudou)

At a close second, we have Kaname’s sigil, the Fire God’s Hammer (or Hinokagutsuchi in the original Japanese). It allows him to recreate simple objects (mostly firearms) he has been exposed to with the power of his thoughts to the point that it’ll make Tokyo’s gun control laws as ineffective as Chicago’s. If he or any member of his team needs a weapon, he can just think of a 9mm and it’ll appear in his hands. So if you’re ever in a fight and need firepower, then Fire God’s Hammer is there for you to make a weapon that is as good as the real thing. Whether you need a Tommy Gun, a taser, a chainsaw, a butterfly knife, an M-16, a Desert Eagle or some grenades, Kaname is there to supply you. However, the major downside to this sigil is that constant use will exhaust him.

1. Telekinesis (Youta Shinozuka)

If any sigil could be most useful in battle, it would certainly be telekinesis, which was briefly used by Shinozuka, Kaname’s classmate who was forced into the game. So, why put a sigil that only had a few moments at number one? Obviously, because of the potential that comes with it once a user understands its limitations and how to properly use it. Due to Shinozuka’s brief use due to his untimely death, we only got to see it in action for a limited time (and it was never officially named like Ichiro’s sigil). In the short time Shinozuka was a player, he was able to fight off a good number of the Eights. If anyone knew how to use telekinesis like an extension of their own body, they’d be unstoppable. Unfortunately, Shinozuka was in no position to see how far he could go with his potential.

With such a power, anyone could do anything with just a single thought. This is a power that most people would definitely abuse. Did someone cut you off? Instead of giving them the finger, you can just use a single thought to fly their car into the air! Need some money from the ATM? Instead of John Connor’s “easy money” method from Terminator 2, you can just use your mind to force some money out! Knowing human nature, more bad than good would probably come from such a power, but it would certainly be fun.

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, with great power, there must also come great responsibility. Some of these abilities provided by Darwin’s Game can be used for evil, and there are those that are used to help others. While some of these powers are certainly great, the way each character uses them proves that in the end, we still have our limits. Some sigils don’t give the user any physical advantages when it might count the most, and there are others that can be exhaustively draining to the user. Then, there are sigils of which the only weakness is based on the user’s experience and/or how they apply them. If a user isn’t trained or conditioned to use their sigil, then they’ll never know their potential. For others, they just rely on one trick and before they know it, the jig is up. So, what are some sigils portrayed in the Darwin’s Game anime that you think would be awesome to have? If you have anything to add, please leave a comment!

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