Top 10 Netoge Character Moments

We’ve come to an end of the 2016 Spring season and it didn’t particularly bring a compelling package to the ecchi genre. With that being said, one ecchi anime did stand out from the pack. That being the anime called Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? It blends lighthearted club activities with gaming, romance, bonding with unusual social skills and finally more gaming.

Netoge, for short is a fun anime that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It features a dim-witted female by the name of Ako Tamaki. She’s a very cute character but her antics and decision making are questionable at best, especially in regards to in-game choices. With that and the rest of the cast adding their twist to the story, it left us with some rich memories during its 12 episode run. That’s why we’ve created a stellar top 10 list of Netoge character moments for you to enjoy!

10. Ako Calls out Character Names at School

The onset of this countdown is going to bring us straight to episode two of the anime. Approximately eleven minutes in we get to the point where Ako Tamaki decides to swing by Hideki Nishimura’s class and greet him by the only way Ako knows how, by referring to him as his in-game character name “Rusian.” Initially taken back by Ako’s greeting, Nishimura is quick to downplay his Rusian name to his friends, stating that he doesn’t know anyone by that name. Ako remains persistent and continues to refer to him as Rusian, much to the dismay of Nishimura and Segawa.

An innocent greeting now leads to an even bigger problem, for most notably Nishimura. Now irritated, Nishimura asks what Ako wants and she simply replies that she didn’t get enough time to spend with him last night. Needless to say, that reply caught the attention of the entire class. What now turned into a simple misunderstanding has Nishimura searching for answers. Before he could truly explain himself, his friend asks what their relationship is and Ako replies that Rusian is her husband. Oh yes, she went there! We feel your pain, Nishimura!

9. The Guild's First Offline Meeting

Moving right along to our next favorite moment, we come across the debut episode roughly sixteen minutes into the anime. The episode builds up to this landmark meeting between the newly formed guild called “The Alley Cats.” Nishimura has essentially written off the idea that there are female gamers that play “LA” which stands for Legendary Age. During one online meeting with the guild, he is assured that Ako and Apricot are indeed girls. This leads to an offline meet up where the fun begins. After Nishimura comes to the realization that his entire guild consists of “real-life girls” they head to a restaurant as their first commemorative offline party.

One of the reasons that make this scene great is Ako’s inability to call Nishimura anything but Rusian and her supremely clingy behavior. She’s simply fascinated by the fact that Nishimura is a living, breathing, warm-blooded human being. Another solid moment is during the introductions when Segawa is reluctant to say her character name “Schwein.” Kyou is quick to remind her that it’s German for pig, much to the chagrin of Segawa. The best part about this scene is when the rest of the guild recognizes that Segawa has a “normie” persona at school. Both Kyou and Ako go in a twisted trance and want to eliminate Segawa because they hate “normies.” Their faces and movements are to be feared, but it’s also very comical!

8. Preparing For the Cultural Festival

A cultural festival was brought to the club's attention from the club advisor Yui Saitou. They wanted to do something special to show what they’ve accomplished for the time they’ve been together. What better way than to take part in the “Siege Warfare” that takes advantage of the PvP (Player vs. Player) update. All they would have to do is survive the guild-on-guild action and claim their stake as the winners of Siege Warfare. Easy enough right? Later on, we will explain why it wasn’t.

As for the reason that this is number eight on our list, we’d have to go midway through episode ten during their preparations for battle. The highlights come when Kyou takes to the battlefield. She first clashes with Segawa but makes a critical error and miscalculates the AoE (Area of Effect) of her “Meteor” spell. This leads to her getting thrashed by Segawa. This is followed by Nishimura amusingly launching his shield at her repeatedly. Kyou is thwarted once again. Finally, she takes on Ako, but falls to Ako’s “Skill Seal” magic and staff attack. Kyou was initially portrayed to be the strongest as the guild leader with the highest stats, but she was shown otherwise. It’s generally not right to make light of someone else’s failures, but in this case, it’s worth a laugh.

7. Ako Thrives at Ultra Force

Continuing on this reflection of some of the best character moments in Netoge. We come to the beginning of episode five where Ako asks the club if they could play a different game. Something that’s “exhilarating.” Kyou brings up a FPS (First Person Shooter) game by the name of “Ultra Force.” Obviously, this is unknown territory for the group. To get Ako in the spirit of shooting her enemies Kyou suggests that Ako treats the enemies as if they were normies. From then on, Ako is revitalized with the heart of a lion and is ready to take on all challengers. If nothing else she would provide motivation for the entire guild to try and overcome a new challenge.

Immediately loading into the map, we get a scene of all the characters in different roles, as well as a tight shot of Kyou’s ample assets. Their inexperience instantly leads them to disaster as Kyou shoots her “self-destructive bazooka” and it takes out five people, including herself and Segawa. Now pinned down, Nishimura finds himself seconds away from certain death. From a building far away, Ako surprisingly gives him support in the form of a sniper rifle. She pulls off three consecutive headshots and wins the game for them. Who would have thought Ako would have such precision?

6. Nekohime’s Offline Meeting with Ako

This next moment came as a big shock to some people. Nekohime is this adorable female character in Legendary Age that turned down Nishimura’s advancements early in the anime. Nekohime told him that he was a male posing as a female character. Later on, we find out that Ako went behind Nishimura’s back and arranged an offline meeting with someone. Naturally, that got Nishimura’s attention and when he arrived at the scene he found out that not only was Nekohime the one Ako was standing with, but Nekohime is a female and a teacher at their school.

Towards the end of episode three, we see a confrontation between Ako and Saitou. Yes, that’s right, a student and teacher ‘battle.’ To defend her husband’s previously hurt emotions, Ako comically proceeds to pull out a life-size replica of her staff she carries in-game and tries to whack Saitou with it. She charges with all her might but all she ends up getting is a devastating clothesline that knocks Ako right off her feet. Despite Ako’s good intentions, it probably wasn’t best for her to take on her sensei like that. Regardless, this moment proved to be pivotal in both character and story development. Immediately after that incident, Saitou becomes the club's new advisor.

5. Nishimura Unwillingly Has Sunscreen Applied To Him

We’ve reached the midway point of this list and we’ve already come across some great moments. Let’s continue, shall we? Our number five choice brings us a nice and refreshing summer camp approach to episode seven. The club heads to Kyou’s cottage to enjoy the outdoors. With that in mind, Kyou implements a 24 hour no net game policy. The idea is to try and get Ako to enjoy more of the normal things in life, thus potentially being able to regulate both sides of her life properly.

The moment gets started not too long after Segawa and Kyou show up in cute swimwear after the arrival of Ako. Kyou notices almost immediately that Nishimura doesn’t have any sunscreen on and she offers to put some on him. Before he could give a good reason not to, the other two girls offer to help as well. What Nishimura gets is a trio of attractive girls using their heavenly hands to rub nearly his entire body with sunscreen. It’s something that we think most males would only dream about, but for some reason, Nishimura was less than content with it. More so, he felt “defiled” after it was all said and done. The girl’s eagerness and swimwear, with Nishimura’s reaction, makes this an enjoyable moment in the series.

4. Nishimura Walks In On Ako Half-Naked

This next scene is a real doozy. This awkward but amusing moment appears in episode five a little more than fifteen minutes in. Nishimura travels to Ako’s house to see what she is up to. He’s greeted by Ako’s mother who has a striking resemblance to her daughter. If it wasn’t for the age difference, they could get away with being twins. He receives the key to Ako’s room shortly after Ako’s mother takes off for work. Nishimura then swiftly heads in the direction of Ako’s room and knocks to let her know that he wants to see her.

Ako, shocked that he’s standing outside her door tells him “now isn’t a good” ― before she could finish the line, Nishimura inserts the key and opens the door. To his astonishment, he has Ako within arm’s reach in nothing but her pink bra and underwear. What’s most indecent about this is the fact that it wasn’t even securely on her body. Well, due to the awkwardness he exits the room and waits for Ako to get herself ready. When he receives the clearance to come back in, she’s now completely naked on her knees telling him to “be gentle.” Woah, what a sight! There’s no doubt they had different intent. However you want to look at it, this one will be a standout for this series.

3. The Final Battle

This next choice essentially spans the entirety of episode twelve. It’s during the aforementioned Siege Warfare. Now for this selection, we are going to mention several different parts that happened throughout the episode due to the length of the battle. There wasn’t just one moment after all; it was a collection of moments. With that in mind, we’re going to start with the formation of the “Stray Cat-Princess Elite Guard “and the battle between the high-ranked Wallenstein guild who had previously turned their backs on the Alley Cats in a previous episode.

The Wallenstein guild was pushing towards the throne and Nanako did the most honorable thing she could do. She distracted the four remaining members to focus their skills on her, killing Nanako instantly. Nanako wasn’t the only one who played an important role as Ako stood in front of a shield stun to save Kyou. Finally, the last line of defense was Kyou who was constantly being attacked by Bats, the leader of Wallenstein. Yet he couldn’t penetrate her defense because she used a 10 million coin item 487 times to make sure that she didn’t lose. Ultimately it was worth it in her eyes as the club did end up getting that commemorative photo for their cultural festival.

2. Bath Scene at Kyou’s House

This next scene brings a lot to the table, including laughs, sexuality, a cell phone and net game lingo. It all comes together nicely to form our number two selection. The scene has the four girls spend the night at Kyou’s immense mansion. It gives Ako a chance to be away from Nishimura, despite her pleas against it. The girls jump into the bath around 14 minutes into episode nine. Initially, Ako is reluctant to get into the bath with everyone else but she later realized that she had her “first time” with Segawa at a camp. The “first time” she was referring to was not sex, but bathing with someone else.

While in the bath Segawa starts to feel overwhelmed in the presence of three busty beauties. Addressing this to all three of them, they end up referencing net games to convey their message about the sizeable differences between their breasts to Segawa’s. This comes complete with a droll delivery from Segawa “I don’t have enough materials to make that item.” The final shenanigan to come out of this bath scene was a discussion about what body type Nishimura liked the best. Ako decided to video chat him, much to ire of her company. That produces a naked scramble that leads them outside. If only Nishimura knew was he was missing!

1. Nishimura’s Account Gets Hacked

After plenty of thought, Honey’s Anime decided on episode eight of the anime, when Nishimura gets his Legendary Age login compromised. It’s a telling story about teamwork and eventual triumph for the club, both in-game and in real life. Luckily for Nishimura, Ako was able to quickly identify that it wasn’t Nishimura and whatever sufferable advances the hacker made on Ako was discarded. Naturally, after an incident like that, they would want him to get his account back, so the club worked together to do so.

The Black Magician offered some help by giving the guild a URL to the swindler’s blog. On there he relishes at what he did to Nishimura. The club devises a master plan that went above and beyond to make sure justice was served. After countless days creating a similar blog and writing fabricated posts dating several years back, the club was able to attract his attention. From there they baited that miscreant into an RMT (Real Money Trade) that is illegal in Legendary Age. With all the evidence against this spiteful player, he was banned. The determination and large payoff are what made this a superb episode and our favorite moment of the series.

Final Thoughts

It’s wonderful to just sit back and reflect on anime. We hope this reflection was a positive one for everyone. With everything we’ve seen on this list and in the anime, surely Netoge won’t be leaving our minds anytime soon.

Out of all these moments listed what was your favorite? Did we miss one? Be sure to let us know! There are certainly more than 10 character moments worth noting, so we’d love to discuss it with you folks.

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