Top 10 Nintendo Gamecube Game OST [Best Recommendations]

Released in 2001 and 2002, the Gamecube came out swinging with great games like Wave Race and Luigi’s Mansion. Throughout its relatively short lifespan, the Gamecube never slowed down with the quality of its games. Whether it was releasing old ips in new adventures or coming out with new series that would later become hits like Pikmin and Chibi-Robo!, the Gamecube had it all. The games on the Gamecube were only made better by all of the amazing OSTs that accompanied the fantastic games that came out.

With so many great games on the Gamecube, there are sure to be hundreds of amazing songs that stand out on the system. While we don't have time to look at all of the songs on the Gamecube, we do have time to look at some of the best on the Gamecube. We are going to be taking a look at the Top 10 Nintendo Gamecube OSTs. The games we are going to look at all have music that makes the games better whether it's by aiding in the immersion of the game's worlds or by featuring songs that match the style and tone of the game perfectly.

10. Pokemon Colosseum

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Developer: Genius Sonority
  • Release Dates: March 22, 2004

Pokémon Colosseum follows the story of Wes, a former member of the villain organization Team Snagem, who ran away from Team Snagem's base with their latest invention called the Snag Machine. The device Wes took allows the user to capture other trainers’ pokémon. After Wes arrives in Phenac City, he meets a girl named Rui who has the power to see pokemon who have had their hearts corrupted. Together with his partners Espeon and Umbreon, Wes sets out to use the Snag Machine to capture these shadow pokémon that were corrupted by the evil organization Cipher while also trying to take down both Team Snagem and Cipher.

Composed by Tsukasa Tawada, Pokémon Colosseum's OST perfectly captures the style and essence of the handheld Pokémon games and brings it to the Gamecube. Being the first console Pokémon RPG, Pokémon Colosseum was able to bring a new feel to the ambient town music and the epic battle themes are found in most Pokémon games. The soundtrack is filled with amazing a variety of different styles ranging from the harmonica-filled Phenac City to the samba style Miror B songs theme. Pokémon Colosseum also features many tracks like the Pyrite Town and Shadow Pokemon Lab themes that give off a jazz vibe, that perfectly fit the style and design of the Orre region. Pokémon Colosseum finds the perfect balance between combining the usual Pokémon tunes with its own unique style making it one of the best soundtracks you will find on the Gamecube.

9. Super Monkey Ball

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Amusement Vision
  • Developer: SEGA
  • Release Dates: November 18, 2001

Based on an arcade game by the same name, Super Monkey Ball is played by tilting and manipulating the game's world in order to guide a monkey trapped inside of a ball to the goal. The player chooses either AiAi, MeeMee, Baby, or GonGon, with each monkey having a different sized ball to roll in and rolling differently based on their size. The game starts off easy with only a few ways to fall of the level, but as the levels progress, more hazards are introduced adding in even more difficult. With three different difficulties, over 100 levels, and fun mini-games like bowling, Super Monkey Ball is a blast whether you're playing alone and looking for a challenge, or if you're looking for a fun party game to play with some friends.

Being one of the launch titles for the Gamecube, Super Monkey Ball is often overlooked and forgotten when talking about the best games and soundtracks on the system. Most of the music in Super Monkey Ball are upbeat techno tracks that perfectly match the worlds in the game, but Super Monkey Ball also offers a couple of tracks that break the techno mold featured in the rest of the game like Monkey Fight Menu. Tracks like Arctic and Sky High take this upbeat and techno style and incorporate different elements to make each world feel different. The music matches the difficulty of the game with the world themes getting more intense as the game progresses. Although it may not be the most diverse OST on the Gamecube, Super Monkey Ball excels at creating an ambient atmosphere with its music making it one of the more memorable OSTs on the Gamecube.

8. Animal Crossing

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Nintendo EAD
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: September 15, 2002

Animal Crossing has the player take control of a character who is moving to a new town filled with anthropomorphic citizens. The player character is given a loan from a shop keep named Tom Nook and from there, the game opens up and the player is free to do as they please with their only goal being to pay back Tom Nook. The player can go all over town meeting all sorts of interesting characters and find new tasks to complete. There are even special holiday events that align with the Gamecube's internal clock. With a house to expand and a city to explore, Animal Crossing simulates real life and manages to make it even better.

The OST of Animal Crossing consists of a bunch of lighthearted and relaxing songs that will please both your ears and your soul. Legendary Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka served as sound director of the game, with Toru Minegishi and Kenta Nagata composing the indoor and outdoor filed themes respectively. This powerhouse team created one of the best soundtracks on the Gamecube by utilizing the Gamecube's internal clock to create songs that would play at different times of day and on different holidays. No matter where or when the songs played, every song from Animal Crossing gives off a serene feeling that makes it one of the best soundtracks on the Gamecube.

7. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: The Game Designers Studio
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: February 9, 2004

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles takes place in a world infected by a terrible poison called Miasma where the only thing preventing the poison are large crystals that protect towns and settlements. Every two years, a group of adventures sets out on a perilous journey filled with monsters corrupted by the poison in order to increase the power of the crystals. Setting out from the town called Pipa, the player chooses a character from one of four races and sets out with a caravan on the journey to collect Myrrh in order to replenish the power of the crystals. The player sets out with the caravan they can explore the world with up to 3 friends on the same console as they go on their adventure to save the world.

Being one of the few RPGs on the Gamecube, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles didn't disappoint in terms of bringing the great music traditionally found in RPGs to the Gamecube. The OST of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles relies heavily on pipe instruments giving the whole game a medieval vibe. The medieval vibe is present in everything from the town things to the battle themes and you can even hear it in the vocal tracks on the soundtrack. The style of music the game employs perfectly pairs with the visual style of the game contributes to the overall immersion. The soundtrack stands out amongst all of the great music on the Gamecube with a different take on traditional RPG music.

6. Metroid Prime

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Retro Studios and Nintendo
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: November 17, 2002

After intercepting a message from the Space Pirate frigate Orpheon, Samus goes to investigate the ship to see the crew had been killed by their own experimental subjects. On the ship, Samus fights and defeats the Parasite Queen who falls into the ship's core causing the ship to be destroyed. On her way off the ship, Samus fights against Meta-Ridley and ultimately ends us damaging her power suit, leaving her with only the base power it once had. After escaping the Orpheon, Samus chases Meta-Ridley onto the mysterious planet Tallon IV. Samus sets out to explore Tallon IV and find Meta-Ridley while battling against all new enemies and running into all sorts of challenges she has never faced before.

After eight years and skipping a console generation, the Metroid series finally returned to home consoles with a move to first person style gameplay. Jumping from the SNES to the Gamecube allowed long-time Metroid Composer Kenji Yamamoto to capture the dark and dreary nature of space like never before. While many of the tracks sound reminiscent of songs you would hear in the earlier games in the series, the new setting and almost horror-like approach set them apart from most OSTs on the Gamecube. Tracks like the Tallon Overworld theme and the Chapel of the Elders aid in enveloping the player in a sense wonder as they explore these new worlds for the first time. This carries over into the battle themes as well forgoing the usual intense boss battle music for more sinister and creepy tracks to accompany the game’s toughest battles. While the Metroid Prime's OST may not be the music you turn on to help you sleep at night, no other game on this list features as many songs that fit into the tone and style of the game than Metroid Prime does.

5. Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Monolith Soft and tri-Crescendo
  • Developer: Namco
  • Release Dates: November 16, 2004

Baten Kaitos tells the story of Kalas and his journey to avenge the death of both his brother and grandfather. After Kalas meets a young girl named Xelha, they accidentally set free the god Malpercio by activating a magic card known as an End Magnus, which was one of five cards that had been used to seal Malpercio's power away. Kalas then decides to put his quest for revenge on hold and instead focusing on stopping the evil Alfard Empire from obtaining any more of the End Magnus in hopes of releasing more of Malpercio's power. With his new friends and powerful Magnus cards at his side, Kalas may be the only person who can stop the world from falling to into ruin.

Baten Kaitos has everything you could want out of an RPG when it comes to its OST. With the calm and soothing town and field themes and the epic the boss themes that show off the variety of musical styles that the composer employs to give the player an amazing listening experience. The variety in the music in Baten Kaitos is what sets it apart from not only the other RPGs on the Gamecube but almost every other game on the console. Baten Kaitos captures the essence of an RPG OST and combines it with epic orchestral pieces, some techno songs, and many other musical styles to give the player the variety of music that makes it great. The battle themes further show off the variety in the soundtrack with Chaotic Dance being an upbeat techno style battle theme and Violent Storm having more traditional aspects of a battle theme. Even though it isn't the greatest OST on the Gamecube, Baten Kaitos has the quintessential RPG OST on the Gamecube.

4. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Nintendo EAD
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: March 24, 2003

On Outset Island, a young boy named Link is having a coming of age celebration. The celebration is stopped when a giant bird drops a girl named Tetra in Outset Islands forest. While Link is saving Tetra from the monsters in the forest, the giant bird then takes Link's sister Aryll mistaking her for Tetra. Despite still being weary of Link, Tetra reveals herself to be a pirate captain and offers to let Link travel with them in order to find his sister. Tetra brings Link to Forsaken Fortress where the giant bird named Helmaroc King lives. Link finds Aryll and many other girls that had been captured by the bird, but he is captured and thrown into the sea by Helmaroc King's master, Ganon. Link is saved by a talking boat named King of Red Lions, and together they set out on their adventure through the seas looking for the three Pearls of the Goddesses in order to stop Ganon once and for all.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, takes the fun of a Zelda game to the seas and has the player sailing between islands instead of exploring a big open field. The OST captures this change in scenery perfectly with songs that are all upbeat but create a sense of wonder when arriving on a new island. Tracks like Dragon Roost Island and Outset Island give a sense of what the island is like and how it fits into the world of Wind Waker. The Great Sea plays whenever Link is out sailing around the world and is able to provide the player with not only a great song to listen to, but also a song that represents the grand adventure they are own. The 4-man composition team that created the OST were able to show that even though you were playing a Zelda game the adventure you were partaking in was one that had never been seen in the Zelda universe before.

3. Super Smash Bros. Melee

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: HAL Laboratory
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: December 3, 2001

Super Smash Bros Melee is a crossover fighting game featuring all of your favorite Nintendo characters and worlds. Super Smash Bros differentiates itself from other fighting games by forgoing the traditional health bar and having the characters damage percentage increase throughout the match making them easier to knock off the stage. The game also throws in items from the various Nintendo franchises to help you in battle. With a singular player mode that sees you fighting against a set number of characters, a multiplayer mode that lets you battle against your friends, and 26 characters to unlock Super Smash Bros Melee provides you with hours upon hours of fun.

The OST scene in Super Smash Bros Melee brings in all of the fan favorite tracks from the Nintendo franchises scene in the game. Each song gets a new arrangement to update them to fit onto the Gamecube. The OST features Nintendo classics that are surprisingly excellent to fight to like the Dr. Mario theme and the Fountain of Dreams. Super Smash Bros Melee also features original songs like the Break the Targets theme and the All Star Rest Area theme that are not as memorable as the battle themes, but they are still excellent songs in their own right. With a plethora of amazing tracks from other games and a couple of great original tracks, the Super Smash Bros Melee OST is by far one of the best on the Gamecube, but the reliance on the music of other games keep it from being at the top of the list.

2.F-Zero GX

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Amusement Vision
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: August 25, 2003

The challenging high-speed racing game made its way to the Gamecube retaining the playstyle of the older games but giving it a major update in terms of its appearance and its soundtrack. F-Zero GX has 30 racers participating in an intergalactic Grand Prix where the futuristic hover cars navigate tight corners at incredible speeds. Featuring classic F-zero characters like Captain Falcon, Samurai Goroh, and Dr. Stewart, F-Zero GX features the largest collection of characters and vehicles ever in the series. Featuring five different cups to compete for and all kinds of characters to unlock, F-Zero GX is the biggest and best F-zero game in the series.

The last F-Zero game to have been released on a major console, F-Zero GX is the best in the series both in gameplay and most importantly in the sound department. Composed by Super Monkey Ball composer Hidenori Shoji, F-Zero GX incorporates fast-paced techno music with some heavy metal, to create one of the best OSTs of all time. The OST fits in perfectly in the world of fast-moving cars and characters with big personalities. With updated versions of classics like Mute City and Big Blue along with all new character themes, the F-zero GX OST is the high point in a series known for its great music. Daiki Kasho also contributed music to the game, including one of the most memorable songs in the entire game, the Captain Falcon theme. With the all-new track designs being over the top creative, the music needed to match the intensity of racing around these tracks and F-Zero GX delivered.

1. Super Mario Sunshine

  • System: Gamecube
  • Publisher: Nintendo EAD
  • Developer: Nintendo
  • Release Dates: August 26, 2002

Deserving a vacation after all of his hard work fighting against Bowser, Mario accompanies peach on a vacation island resort of Isle Delfino. After arriving, Mario sees that the once beautiful beach area of Delfino plaza was covered in graffiti. To make matters worse, the one causing all of the damage was a person who looked exactly like Mario. Mario obtains Professor E. Gadd's latest invention, the Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device or F.L.U.D.D. for short and cleans up the graffiti in the Plaza. Mario is arrested and thrown in jail for the graffiti and is ordered to clean up the graffiti all over the island. Together with F.L.U.D.D., Mario sets out to clean up the island while collection the shine sprites and discovering the secrets behind the Shadow Mario.

Upbeat tropical style music with music that fits each area of the game perfectly. Areas like Bianco Hills and Corona Mountain are made even better by the songs that play when you arrive in new locations. Super Mario Sunshine is similar to many of the classic Nintendo games on this list with its combination of the aspects of the classic games of the series and combining them with all new aspects that make it match the new settings in the series. What makes Super Mario Sunshine's OST the best on the Gamecube is the variety of top-notch location, character, and event themes the game has. The sheer amount of amazing songs in the game is astounding, not a single song feels out of place or just a throwaway theme. Composed by Nintendo's most well-known composer Koji Kondo, Super Mario Sunshine gives the player an amazing soundtrack that is pleasant to listen too and perfectly matches the game.

Final Thoughts

All of the OSTs on this lists are special in their own way and picking which one is the best isn't easy, but when it comes to video game music, there are no wrong answers. The Nintendo Gamecube is filled with fantastic games and amazing OSTs. The Gamecube has something for everybody, with great games from every genre that are worth checking out whether you are playing them or just want to listen to their music. Which game on the list had your favorite OST? Which game do you think should be number one? Let us know in the comments below.

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