Top 10 Sci-fi Anime Games [Best Recommendations]

There’s so much diversity when it comes to the Sci-Fi genre, but what makes it so special is that many stories take place in a far distant future which perhaps reminds us of the things to come. Whether these events happen in real life or not is up to fate, but we certainly enjoy the experience in video game form. Sci-Fi games blend in various forms of action, suspense, along with other popular genres to really provide an impactful story along with stellar out of this world gameplay. If you love traveling through the deep vast space on an epic thrill ride of uncertain events, along with futuristic robotic designs that are sure to amaze you, then you’ll most likely enjoy our top ten 10 Sci-Fi anime games list.

10. .hack//frägment

  • System/Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Developer: CyberConnect2
  • Release Date: November 23, 2005

.hack//frägment is an online RPG title that uses the same engine you’re probably used to from the other .hack titles. Once you rev up the game, you’ll be able to take part in a diverse character customization feature, and then take that character online where you can join popular guilds, and venture through the massive world grinding away as usual.

One major point that we’d like to highlight is that the game, at the time, was free to play online which was amazing because fast forward to now, you have to pay for pretty much everything, down to DLCs. In spite of the main servers being down, fans of the series have created a third party server that still allows you to take part in battles to this day. With an added feature to create your own dungeons using various tools and other players can take part in adventures in your dungeon which is pretty cool. Unfortunately the game will never see the light of day in the west, so if you want to take part in this throwback experience then import this bad boy if you’re a fan of the .hack franchise.

9. Infinite Space

  • System/Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: PlatinumGames | Nude Maker
  • Release Date: June 11, 2009

Infinite Space takes what you enjoy from Mass Effect and throws in a more challenging style of gameplay that will take you into space, battling other ships as you desperately try to prevent the Lugovalion invasion from spreading. Taking place in two galaxies: Small Magellanic Cloud and Large Magellanic Cloud, you’ll be hopping around between both worlds as you take control of your spaceship in real time, using a point and click style to get the job done.

Infinite Space combines both a 2D and 3D experience while throwing in some added features such as ship customization while taking part in multiplayer spaceship battles with friends. As expected from a visual novel title, the game promotes a nonlinear approach to the story which comes with an array of choices, all of which come with their dramatic consequences. It’s now up to you to choose which path is best for you in this science fiction adventure title from PlatinumGames.

8. Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness

  • System/Platform: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows
  • Publisher: 5pb. | NIS America
  • Developer: 5pb.
  • Release Date: March 24, 2016 [JP] | September 13, 2016 [NA] | September 16, 2016 [EU]

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness is yet another review title we took a look at, so be sure to read our editor Jenangelx3’s take on the game. The story takes place in a warped dystopian future where people are preemptively imprisoned for their disposition to committing heinous crimes, using start of the art technology known as Psycho-Pass. You have the choice of choosing between Nadeshiko Kugatachi or enforcer Takuma Tsurugi, as you must track down the dangerous hacker known as Alpha whose mission is to create conflict with the government.

This sci-fi experience combines a visual novel experience tied with mystery elements that you’ll need to pay close attention to in order to uncover the right information. Using any information that you find, you’ll work with other characters in the game to bring the vigilante into custody and prevent any further crimes from plaguing the city. With an impactful story, beautiful graphics and various endings to choose from, Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness will be sure to keep you happy just as the title states.

7. SD Gundam G Generation Genesis

  • System/Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Release Date: November 22, 2016

SD Gundam G Generation Genesis released this year and we had an opportunity to sit down with the game at Tokyo Game Show to see what the game was all about. The series deviates away from the typical adventure style gameplay and puts players in a more strategic position, as you now have to work your way through levels filled with numerous challenges while cool animations pop up to portray specific commands.

In spite of the different direction Bandai Namco took with the series, fans of Gundam will certainly find it to be enjoyable and those with a knack for strategy games will feel right at home. SD Gundam G takes everything you’d expect from any Gundam game and just throws in a little more flare to entice you. Cutscenes are fabulously detailed, solid character creation, a total of 38 works are included, along with the typical dialogue to reel you in along the way. It almost makes you feel like you’re truly commanding a fleet of Gundams, and you have to always be on alert to know when to attack and when to retreat. Certainly a wonderful title and we recommend grabbing it and giving it try.

6. Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization

  • System/Platform: PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • Developer: Aquria
  • Release Date: October 27, 2016 [JP] | November 8, 2016 [NA]

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization dropped in Japan back in October this year, with a North American release just this past November. We did a review on the title so be sure to check it out if you’d like to know more about the story. For now, we’d like to express just how fantastic the title is and for anyone who’s a true fan of the series will assuredly enjoy it.

You wander the vast world of what’s known as Origin in the game, teaming up with other characters to face off against monsters in order to restore balance in the universe. The major selling point of Hollow Realization is just how many cool features there, such as the dating system that allows you to wander about the game and build relationships which help boost your team morale going forward. It’s funny, witty, and exciting as you race around the map collecting rare items to take back to the blacksmith to upgrade your armor and weapons, and then grinding your way through what feels like an endless array of quests that are filled with thrills every time. Running around in an MMORPG never felt more gratifying.

5. Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

  • System/Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
  • Publisher: Square Enix Holdings
  • Developer: tri-Ace | Square Enix Holdings
  • Release Date: February 19, 2009

The Star Ocean franchise has been known mostly for its brilliant take on a lush and breathtaking fantasy universe, but Star Ocean 4 is the one title that goes beyond the norm and takes us on this epic journey into outer space to save the planet from terror. The Grigori are plotting something vicious and it’s now up to Edge to bring an end to it all and save the remaining population from impending doom in this sci-fi adventure.

With a plethora of new features thrown into the series, The Last Hope takes players on a brand new journey through a new world where you can jump from planet to planet in what’s known as the ‘Star Ocean’ and take part in an array of battles to help save the world. What makes the game so exciting is that not only can you battle on foot with your group of allies, but you can also take to the skies and battle enemies that try to break through the barriers you put up. This mixture of gameplay is what really brings out the action, and because tri-Ace is behind it all you’re definitely sure to have a spectacular time.

4. Macross Delta Scramble

  • System/Platform: PlayStation Vita
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Games
  • Developer: Bandai Namco Games
  • Release Date: October 20, 2016

Macross Delta Scramble just released for the PS Vita back in October of this year, and relives much of the anime series up until the halfway point. You and your crew fly around the Brisingr Globular Cluster as you scramble to take down enemies in main missions, that all stem from the actual anime itself. It’s a sci-fi experience that you don’t want to miss out on especially if you’re a fan of both the anime and the franchise as a whole.

As you pay attention to briefings that pop up frequently in the game, you’ll partake in main missions along with extra missions that will challenge your flying and attacking skills in your ship. Much of the extra missions go outside of the anime boundaries and truly test your ability to keep up with the fast paced action, since the difficulty level is slightly increased during these missions to keep you on your toes. The game plays smoothly in 3D with battles and you’ll need to shoot down an array of missiles that come your way, while random events will pop up out of the blue and you’ll never know what to expect. With a variety of different modes to choose from, Macross Delta Scramble is a sci-fi title you don’t want to ignore.

3. Mega Man X

  • System/Platform: Super Nintendo
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date: 1993

It was quite challenging to choose a Mega Man series to represent the entire franchise, and while many would agree that Mega Man 2 is definitely up there in the top 3, we simply couldn’t forget the popular Mega Man X. Continuing on with much of the Mega Man lore, Mega Man X is nothing but fast paced, challenging gameplay that constantly throws hurdles at you while providing you with that iconic Mega Man experience we all know and love. The story takes place a century after the original and feels a lot more futuristic, with the Reploids being introduced into it all.

So what makes X that much greater? For its time, the game showcased various new features that previous games didn’t have such as dashing across the ground, scaling walls, and new armor attachments that would boost abilities. This allowed players to skillfully make their way through each stage, encouraging you to take advantage of the new possibilities never found in previous games. That also brought in speedrunning where tons of players across the world now showcase some of the its stellar mechanics at such a high level, you’ll be blown away at just how quickly these players clear stages. Mega Man X has left a long lasting legacy that no one will ever dare to forget.

2. Steins;Gate

  • System/Platform: Multi Platform
  • Publisher: 5pb. | Nitroplus
  • Developer: 5pb. | Nitroplus
  • Release Date: October 15, 2009

Steins;Gate is arguably the best visual novel experience for just about anyone, whether you’re new to the genre or a long time veteran. You follow Rintaro Okabe as he travels through time to get himself closer to the Steins;Gate and restore peace to the world before havoc ensues. With the help of his Future Gadget Lab members, they’ll do whatever it takes to survive so long as humanity is safe from harm.

For those who need a little refresher on the series, we highly recommend checking out Steins;Gate 0 which we just finished reviewing and we must say, it was a brilliant experience. What’s great about Steins;Gate is that you’re never really sure how things will turn out, with such a moving story that you’ll be spending hours just reading through without even realizing the time. You get soaked into all of the drama and suspense that comes along with various events that take place throughout chapters, while trying to uncover the truth behind all that’s happening. It’s beautifully portrayed by incredible characters with sparkling personalities, and a satisfying soundtrack to keep you entertained.

1. Phantasy Star Online 2

  • System/Platform: Multi Platform
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sega
  • Release Date: July 4, 2012

Phantasy Star Online is truly a remarkable experience that can only felt through actually playing it. Also known as PSO by die hard fans across the globe, you control your own character as you travel across the vast world, battling monsters, grinding through various quests to collect rare items, and more importantly teaming up with other people to take part in an epic online universe.

Phantasy Star Online takes everything you’d expect from the fantasy universe, mixing science fiction elements along with RPG elements to create this adventure unlike no other. Despite being exclusive to Asian markets, many fans in the west have come up with creative ways to ensure they don’t miss out on the fun and massively online atmosphere. There’s never a shortage of things to do in PSO since Sega makes a consistent effort in ensuring that new updates are readily available pertaining to new quests, costume customization and more. This is one sci-fi experience that you truly don’t want to miss out on!

Final Thoughts

Science Fiction will always be a genre that goes leaps and bounds beyond any other, with worlds that truly go well beyond our imagination. Whether you’re hopping into a huge robot and blasting your way through a horde of enemies, or commanding a battleship and working your way through challenging objectives, sci-fi games will almost always come with something interesting to dive into. Let us know what sci-fi anime title really made you excited while playing in the comments section below, and be sure to follow us on Twitter to know about any upcoming contests and more!

As always, if you want to know about all the latest buzz straight from the bee’s nest in Japan, be sure to keep it locked here at Honey’s Anime.

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