Top 10 Sexiest Infinite Stratos Characters

The future is pretty awesome most of the time, especially in anime. The world of Infinite Stratos is filled with amazing technology. The touchscreens for computers just appear out of thin air. We can teleport things on a quantum level. The trains are all sleek-looking monorails. A scientist created exoskeletons called Infinite Stratos (IS) that possess unparalleled combat abilities. Seeing the destructive nature of the devices, the world powers sign a treaty that they won’t be used in the military. Infinite Stratos devices aren’t abandoned; they are used in arena combat, most often between national teams. The IS gear also causes a dramatic shift in the balance of power between the sexes because only females have the ability to pilot them. We all know being dominated by women can be fun or there wouldn’t be so many of us who love tsundere girls. Did we mention that the flight suits for piloting an IS are skin tight? They are and they show every curve. The future is awesome with hot chicks flying around in skin-tight flight suits piloting mecha and engaging in mock battles. Who could ask for more?

The envy of every man in this world has to be Ichika Orimura. He is the only guy, a 15-year-old boy, who has the ability to pilot an IS. Ichika is basically forced to attend the IS Academy, a school full of boy-crazy teen girls, and we don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He does have to deal with the drawback of his sister being the Academy director and a famous IS pilot. We also have to feel for him as countless girls make a romantic play for him. Wait, what are we talking about? No, we don’t have to feel sorry for him, only jealous. We get to watch the enviable Ichika as he fights for respect (and his life at times) and attempts to unlock the secrets of his past, all while being surrounded by a harem of beautiful young maidens.

10. Kanzashi Sarashiki

Kanzashi is the younger sister of the Student Council President at IS Academy and an IS pilot. She is a quiet, conservative girl who’s shy and not prone to outbursts or violence on the grounds that it’s unproductive. Kanzashi spends her time studying, training and watching anime under her covers. She sits in the back of the class and was apparently never noticed in the first season.

She looks a lot like her older sister. She has white blue hair and red eyes. Unlike the other girls, Kanzashi hasn’t modified her uniform. She does wear two techno-inspired hair pins and glasses. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle under the covers and watch anime? We all know the cute quiet ones can be a handful, and that the demure can have a simple sex appeal.

9. Tabane Shinonono

Tabane is a genius, she is the one who invented the IS after all. She refers to herself as “Tabane the Genius,” completely understanding that she is in a class all her own. She is also the older sister of Houki, Ichika’s childhood friend. Tabane bounces around with the energy that makes you feel like you are dealing with a child suffering from ADHD. Her genius also has a big disconnect with her creations and the potential danger they present as we see in the course of the series.

Tabane has long purple and pink hair that flows down her back. She also has an ample bosom, and shows it off in scoop-neck dresses. Tabane seems to have a love of fairytales with her clothing taking hints from stories like Alice in Wonderland. Her genius isn’t only focused on robotics, either. We can tell that from the way she comments on the looks of others she has at least a portion of that overpowered brain reserved for more lustful thoughts. Tabane shows that smart can be sexy, even when you wear metal rabbit ears on your head.

8. Maya Yamada

Yamada sensei is the assistant homeroom teacher for Ichika’s class along with Chifuyu Orimura, Ichika’s demanding older sister. She is a caring teacher who seems to be concerned about all her students, both academically as well as their wellbeing. Yamada, like all the women in this story, have a deep affection for Ichika, though the level of affection isn’t elaborated on. She was once an IS contender and still has many of the skills that made her one of the best in japan. Yamada pilots an IS designed for long-range attacks using a long barreled cannon.

Maya Yamada has green hair, green eyes and glasses. Her outfit of choice is often a yellow mini dress with black knee-high boots. Yamada also has some sex appeal and not just because of her ample oppi (breasts). She has a rather cheeky way of teasing Ichika when he gets too close to her, suggesting that they start dating before moving to second base. The looks, her teasing ways and the way she stays cool under pressure all make her one sexy sensei.

7. Lingyin Huang aka Rin

Rin is one of the lead contenders from China training at the IS Academy. She is also a childhood friend of Ichika, their friendship starting after Houki moved away. She has been in love with Ichika since childhood. Her family owns a Chinese restaurant leading to Rin learning how to cook. A skill she threw herself into when, though he doesn’t remember the details, Ichika told her he’d marry her if she learned how to cook so he could eat her delicious food every day. The problem is that Rin remembers that very clearly and he doesn’t, making it a sore point in their relationship.

Rin may be a petite girl but we don’t discriminate in the sexy category. She has a mischievous smile with a snaggletooth that appears when she gets overly excited or astonished -- and that’s adorable. Rin modified the school uniform so the sleeves separate from the shoulders a bit, giving her a little of that 80s sweatshirt-off-the-shoulder look. She does pilot a pretty cool piece of equipment, too, an IS called Shenlong. The form-fitting IS uniform doesn’t do much for her barely-there breasts but it hugs her curves. We would also be remiss if we didn’t mention the yellow bows in her twin tails for the perfect sexy impish look.

6. Houki Shinonono

Houki is a student the IS academy and a childhood friend of Ichika. She is accomplished at kendo and competes at the national level. She is an IS pilot and the sister of the leading IS scientist. The discipline she has mastered in kendo has spread to the other facets of her life. Her traditional and serious attitude makes her a bit of a stick-in-the mud when it comes to having a good time. She pilots the IS called Akatsubaki, a melee-class fighter that lends its effectiveness to her abilities with a sword.

Even though she’s serious, Houki is also seriously sexy. She is tall, and her IS Academy uniform skirt makes her legs look even longer. The high-knee high boots and thigh-high stockings draw your eyes right to the zetta ryouiki. Her very long purplish hair is tied back into a ponytail with a green and black scarf. Her ample cleavage is always accentuated in the skin-tight flight suit, giving us a little thrill each time she suits up. She doesn’t know how sexy she is, either. The embarrassment on her face when her sensuality is even suggested is enough to cause steam puffs to pop out of anyone’s ears, making her one the sexiest IS girls.

5. Laura Bodwig

Laura is another first-year student at IS Academy and a highly ranked German pilot. Laura’s relationship with the rest of the group gets off to a rocky start. She shows up at the school bent on beating the living daylights out of Ichika, stating that he she will never accept that a weak, unskilled pilot like him is Chifuyu’s (Ichika’s sister and her former teacher) actual brother. She is a rather vicious fighter and a 3rd-generation IS. She nearly kills two of her classmates who come to Ichika’s defense. The plot has Laura come around into the Ichika camp eventually and so much so she declares he is her wife (yes, wife).

Laura is the most petite member of the harem, showing that small can be very sexy. She has long sliver hair and one red eye. She keeps an eyepatch over her technologically modified yellow left eye. The uniform she wears is a slightly altered version of the school uniform. She chooses to wear pants and boots instead of a skirt in fitting with her military upbringing. She has her softer side, too, especially after she begins to room with Charlotte (the cat pajamas are especially adorable). She exudes confidence in her abilities and is straightforward about her intentions. This juxtaposed with her shyness about her left eye and her appearance in anything other than a uniform make her very appealing.

4. Tatenashi Sarashiki

Tatenashi is a very clever girl. She hails from Russia, is a second-year at the IS Academy and because of her combat skills rose to be the Student Council President. Tatenashi has an air of dominance; when you face her in a debate or on the battlefields you know she has a plan to win. She shoulders a lot of responsibility, too, as the head of the powerful Tatenashi family.

Tatenashi has short light blue hair. She has penetrating dark red eyes. Her figure is very alluring with curves in all the right places. Tatenashi most often wears the classic uniform with red stockings and carries a fan that she snaps open and closed to make a point. She has at times worn less in her attempts to tease and seduce Ichika, such as one of his white dress shirts (without pants) and she even did the naked apron. We love this girl for her grounded self-assurance because, after all, confidence is sexy.

3. Chifuyu Orimura

Chifuyu is Ichika’s older sister and homeroom teacher. She is a strict woman in the classroom, at home and while in command. Chifuyu practically raised Ichika after their parents abandoned them, which made her a very stoic woman who hides her feelings from even her brother. Chifuyu’s formalness goes as far as her brother calling her sensei in class and on school grounds as opposed to Onee-sama (big sister). She is also a former World Champion IS pilot and now runs the Academy as well as serving as a dorm mother. Yet for all her strictness she cares deeply for her brother and wants to protect him from the dangers of the world, especially now that he is an IS pilot.

Chifuyu is a tall woman, most likely in her early twenties, who has an incredible bearing. Her classroom attire is a white dress shirt, black jacket and black skirt with a green tie, stockings and high heels. We also get to see her put many of the other girls to shame when she shows up at the beach in a black bikini, looking like a fashion model. The glances she gives some of her students could stop stampeding rhino in its tracks and we love her all the more for it. Onee-sama Chifuyu is definitely one who likes to take control of every aspect of her life, and that in combination with a drop-dead gorgeous body is very sexy indeed.

2. Charlotte Dunois

Charlotte begins her life at IS Academy as a 1st-year transfer student named Charles, obviously a girl in disguise. She makes quite a buzz at the academy as only the second “male” in the world who can pilot an IS. Charlotte also becomes Ichika’s roommate by default. The two “boys” form a bond of friendship, though Ichika thinks Charles is a little shy. Charlotte fights extremely well her custom IS, the Raphael-Revive. It’s a fast-moving, gun-toting mecha that may only be a second generation but can more than keep up with the third-generation models.

When it is revealed that Charles is Charlotte the sexy comes out. She trades in her pants for a skirt and stops binding her chest, giving her far more curves. Charlotte is definitely a fan favorite. Ichika even described her smile as that of an angel. At several moments when she is alone with Ichika, she puts him in an awkward situation and then accuses him of being a pervert, but in a teasing flirty tone. We get a chance to see Charlotte’s kinky side during a competition for Ichika’s affections where she dresses as a sexy poodle and offers him a cookie wedged in her cleavage. When you cross kind, kinky and cute you get some out-of-this-world sex appeal.

1. Cecilia Alcott

Cecilia is a 1st-year student and the first heroine we meet at IS Academy. She is also one of the top pilots in the world. Cecilia can come across a snobbish; we first get a taste of that when she refers to Ichika as a commoner and Japan, her host country, as culturally backward. She is the heir to a large fortune and has had little help from her family protecting that fortune. After battling with Ichika, she realizes she wants a strong man like him in her life. Her IS is called Blue Tears and is made for ranged combat. The blue and white unit’s main weapon is a long rifled canon and four orbiting blades that fire lasers.

Cecilia a blond-haired blue-eyed babe. Her long blond hair drapes down her back, kept in place by a blue headband. She almost gives off an Alice in Wonderland vibe. Unfortunately we don’t get to see a lot of her legs while she is in uniform as she modified it to be more “lady like” with a lengthened hemline. She does however change into the same skin-tight piloting uniform when she mans her IS. Cecilia is beautiful and will surely tell you she is; she used to model before flying an IS. The haughty attitude in combination with being an excellent pouter makes her one of the sexiest IS girls.

Final Thoughts

The women of Infinite Stratos are a harem that will satisfy a variety of tastes. You have a bevy of beauties of all shapes, sizes and attitudes for two seasons’ worth of episodes and an OVA. We envy Ichika and his infinite possibilities with these stratospheric sirens. We just can’t keep ourselves from coming back to watch this collection of cannon-toting teens. We can’t imagine a sexier group of saviors to be battling the world with.

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