Top 10 Sexiest Rosario + Vampires Characters

Rosario + Vampire may be one of the best harem anime in the last 10 years. Tsukune Aono, the protagonist, can’t get into high school because of his grades, that is until he is accepted at Yokai Academy. Tsukune begins his life at the boarding school with high hopes for a simple school life, a dream that quickly disappears the moment he finds out that Yokai Academy is a secret school for monsters. The other students may look human, but they’re not. As a school rule they are to stay in human form as practice for their lives in the human world. Tsukune also finds out that any human found at the school would likely be killed.

We should feel scared for Tsukune in a world surrounded by monsters, but we don’t. You see we know Tsukune is the plucky hero in a harem anime and is soon surrounded by a bevy of lovely Bettys. The plain, weak, yet kind-hearted human becomes the love of not just one but four amazingly alluring girls. We quickly see Yokai Academy is filled with some of the sexiest non-human sweeties in anime.

10. Yukari Sendo

Yukari is a small girl with a big brain and the sexual ambition of a girl far older than her fourteen years. She has a playful personality and often uses her powers as a witch for mischief. She does learn her lesson later in the series and then reserves her magical mischief for her friends in the newspaper club.

We know this flat-chested Wiccan wants to get wild, too. She declares early on that she “swings both ways” and we salute her for her honesty. We’ve seen her drool over the idea of burying herself between Moka’s breasts, which lets us know she isn’t just all talk. She also seems to have placed a bet that Tsukune loves the loli look with her puffy sleeves, short skirt, and exposed garters. Yukari Sendo openly admits her love for Tsukune and Moka, claiming she doesn’t have to choose, she can just have both. We cheer her noble ideal of inclusion and that’s the reason she makes our list -- proving smart is sexy.

9. Mizore Shirayuki

The quiet ones are without a doubt worth keeping your eye on. Yes, they often come with baggage but who doesn’t have a little baggage? Mizore Shirayuki may have a little more baggage than most; the fate of her people depends on her popping out some kids, her overbearing mother, a near sexual assault by a teacher and a suicide attempt, but that doesn’t mean we love her less. She has light purple hair and blue eyes that are as cool as her snow fairy blood. Her look is very unique for a student at Yokai Academy, her fashion sense harking back to the grunge look of the 90s. She wears a long two-tone sweatshirt with the neck cut out so it sits off the shoulder. She also wears long striped over-the-knee socks, a short skirt and a belt wrapped around her leg.

We see Mizore’s vulnerability as sexy. The idea that this girl needs someone in her life to take care of her can be very compelling and give a rise to our protective instincts. We know that if we win her love she will do anything for us, as we’ve seen with her various overtures to Tsukune. She’s willing to do
“it” in private, in a field, in a snow bank, in his bed or her bed. She may seem very forward, but we get the feeling she’s truly shy and innocent at heart -- a very attractive quality. We know that girls with problems can be a lot of work, but there is something about their neediness that’s downright sexy.

8. Kokoa Shuzen

We love little sisters in anime. We love their precocious attitude and often doll-like stature. We love the way they look up to their older siblings with a love and respect that sometimes borders on more than platonic love. Kokoa’s love is no different. You might argue that isn’t the case since she seems to be constantly trying to kill her older sister but Kokoa loves her sister. At least the one she grew up with before Outer-Moka existed, the one she loves is sealed inside because of the Rosario.

Kokoa is on the list because she has a lot to offer in the sex appeal department, despite her small stature. The young vampire is a power house, though she may not look it. She’s extremely strong, easily able to lift 200 pounds with her dainty hands. Kokoa has green eyes, pale skin and fiery orange hair pulled into twin tails held back with large bows (and you know we love that). The fieriness doesn’t come just from her hair, her tsundere attitude is sure to get your blood boiling. We admit she may only be 14 but she still has some sex appeal, especially after looking into the future and seeing she’s going to grow up to be just has hot as her big sister.

7. Ruby Tojo

We all like a bad girl and Ruby Tojo is one of them, at least she was one of them during her attempt to wipe out an entire city with giant man-eating sunflowers. She was reformed by the power of friendship (awwwwww). Ruby isn’t a student at the school; she was hired by the head master to do odd jobs like being a nurse, maid, guidance councilor, janitor and witch. Like many of the girls in this story, she’s completely fixated on Tsukune.

The fact that she once was determined to kill thousands of innocent people isn’t lost on her; she believes she needs to be punished -- the tied up in tight ropes and spanked real hard kind of punishment. Ruby makes the list for her masochistic tendencies and being quite the looker, too. Her long, straight black hair, corset and love of playing dress up are all are part of the reason we love this Wiccan weirdo.

6. Ririko Kagome (Pictured Left)

Ririko Kagome is a math teacher who cares about her students and really wants them to succeed -- almost too much. She always offers private tutoring sessions to her students who need some one-on-one attention. The only thing she demands in return for her extra efforts is to suck . . . your emotions from your soul.

We might even agree to that deal considering how hot this math teaching maven is. She normally wears a tight white blouse held closed by a little black ribbon, a miniskirt with a slit up to the hip, and thigh-high stockings with black garter straps. She decides to slip into something more comfortable if she’s chosen you for a special one-on-one session. The top is a black leather bustier, so she looks like she’s in for a little S & M, and the skirt, you can forget the skirt, since her bottom half is that of a snake. The idea of her wrapping herself around you and whispering erotic equations into your ear makes her one lovely Lamia (half-snake).

5. Shizuka Nekonome (Pictured Right)

We like older women, don’t we? They have a world of experience to offer, don’t they? Shizuka Nekomome is one of the teachers at Yokai Academy, and also a monster. As her name might suggest, she is a nekomusume (cat girl). She is also the advisor of the newspaper club, to which Tsukune and his harem belong.

Why is this over-30 kitten on this list? The short skirts and camisole tops are enough to make her stand out from your typical teacher. The odd speech patterns of this cat girl as she adds a “meow” to her sentences can even be endearing. Her ears pushing up from her head and her tail slipping out from under her mini skirt don’t make her the best example for staying in human form, but seeing that tail swing back and forth makes us want to pounce.

4. Ginei Morioka

The sexiness isn’t all confined to the ladies. Ginei Morioka is a student at Yokai Academy and can be a real dog when it comes to women. He’s a werewolf and also quite a newshound as the president of the newspaper club. He’s an amazing photographer, always finding time for his art (his collection of panty shots is legendary). Ginei also takes time as a senior to mentor the freshman girls and help them feel comfortable at the new school by giving them plenty of one-on-one time.

Ginei has redish-brown eyes and dark black hair held back with a red headband. The sexy train continues with his “I woke like this” sense of casual style, wearing the school uniform, with no tie since he wouldn’t be able to leave the top two buttons unbuttoned and expose the wolfs-head pendant hanging in the middle of his chest. Ginei could also charm the pants of you, which is exactly what he wants to do if you’re a girl. He may be girl-crazy and might be considered an extreme pervert, but even so he’s one sexy beast.

3. (Outer) Moka Akashiya

Moka is a student at Yokai Academy and the heroine of the Rosario + Vampire. We meet Moka when she meets Tsukune Aono by crashing into our protagonist on her bicycle. We also find out that Moka is a vampire the same way Tsukune does, when she chomps on his neck and begins to suck his blood. She does it in the cutest way, too, all embarrassed and apologetic.

The sweet Moka is a sexy Moka her long pink hair, green eyes, the cute school skirt and the choker around her neck make her innocently seductive. Moka is a sweet as her name, kind, helpful, and a good student willing to do anything to help her friends. She is considered to be the most beautiful girl in school and the target of many unwanted admirers. She is the one you can easily see yourself walking to school with and waiting for after school to share the walk home, just hoping that one day soon she’ll let you give her a kiss on the cheek.

2. Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu is a student at Yokai Academy and is deeply in love with Tsukune. She is willing to use every method of seduction she knows, and she knows quite a few as a succubus. The only thing she won’t do is use her magic to make him love her, because she honesty loves him and wants him to love her back. She is a cheerful and confident girl and (in our opinion) is often misjudged as an immature bimbo. Kurumu is one of the most honest characters in the series, and one of the most dependable ones too. You see her time and time again throw herself into danger all to protect her friends.

Kurumu has many assets that make her sexy. The schoolgirl look is great and the breasts she hides under her yellow v-neck sweater are magnificent. We even think there is something extremely cute about the way her socks gather around her ankles. We love the blue ribbon with white lace in her blue hair. We love her lack of shame, her willingness to dress, act, and humiliate herself for the man she loves. She also is an excellent cook and we can easily picture her surprising us when we get home with a naked apron all ready to let us nibble on her cookies.

1. Moka Akashiya

Moka Akashiya is simply damn sexy. The vampire is considered the most powerful of all monsters and in Moka’s case that is proven again and again as she teaches monster after monster to “know your place” by pummeling them. This Moka may be sealed by the Rosario and only comes to the surface when Tsukune removes it, but she makes an impact with more than her high kicks.

After she is released, Moka even looks different from her outer self. She looks more mature, her bust size increases just a bit, her butt looks firmer, her pink hair turns silver and her eyes become blood red. Inner Moka’s presence just screams power and can be intimidating to most, even for Tsukune in the beginning. The cool attitude, the arrogance, and the occasional tender moment are all attractive qualities in inner Moka. Besides, power is sexy, and she is the most powerful of all.

Final Thoughts

Rosario + Vampire is at its core an ecchi series, so of course it’s going to be filled with plenty of cute girls. The key that makes this one stand out is that each of the girls is loaded with personality, not one of them is just wallpaper. The girls and guy mentioned in this list each have unique personalities with unique back stories. We find that each of them bring their own brand of sexy to the table: innocent, forward, arrogant, shy, and tsundere. And each comes to the table with not only physical attractiveness but also personality.

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