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The harem that dares to go further than nekomimi, Monster Musume gave us a taste of what it's like to live with lamia, centaurs, and humanoid slimes. More of a fetish show than your regular ecchi, monster girls aren't for everyone, but if you're interested in the perverse side of anime in the slightest then chances are you gave it a watch. At the very least we can safely say there's a lot of variety in the girls.

With monster girls being as they are, preference is mostly down to the individual's taste. If the horse thing throws you off, you probably aren't gonna be into Cerea, and if you're hyped for slime then Suu is your default best girl. But regardless of bias, we've looked at the many great girls in the series and made a list of who we think are the top 10 sexy Monster Musume characters. So read on for our top picks.

10. Lala

From the shadows she comes, death itself, to release you from something, chuunibyou. Lala is the headless Dullahan with an imagination that adamantly refuses to stop. We say headless, really it's just detachable, like an electric toothbrush. A toothbrush that's come to reap your soul. But seriously now, although Lala doesn't get much screen time in the series she's quite adorable when not trying to act like a badass, and is very easy to tease.

The fact that Lala's head and body can be in different places at once leads to her numerous ecchi experiences, largely involving bondage and webs. Is it weird? Yes. Is it sexy? We think so. Watching her chuunibyou facade quickly dissipate and her cute red-faced side take over is adorable and sexy, with it quickly becoming obvious that she really lacks any control over her surroundings.

9. Zombina

Gung-ho and completely without shame, Zombina is a zombie sewn together from various different parts, though they fit together surprisingly well. Her lack of life has ironically made her one of the liveliest of the bunch, becoming very easily bored when idle, and being pretty chatty even with her enemies. She's also a fan of using her zombie status to freak people out, such as taking her body apart as if it were lego, and being seemingly unable to stay dead. You know, dead dead.

Taking Lala's detachable head to another level, Zombina has a detachable everything, which could be...interesting? As the more tomboyish member of the cast, as well as one of the most brazen girls, Zombina has an appeal different to that of the other shyer and innocent girls. With her aggressive personality added to her overall good looks, with a slim waist and sizable chest, Zombina is the perfect fit for anyone who fancies being pranked by a pretty girl.

8. Doppel

A dark skinned babe with white hair, Doppel somehow manages to stand out even amongst a cast of monsters. As a doppelganger, Doppel doesn't actually look like that at all, but if she wants to take on the appearance of a naked loli then we're not gonna argue with her. It's a toss up as to whether Doppel is mature or just plain lazy, as she avoids taking part in the rest of Smith's squad's antics, preferring to lurk in the shadows. Ah yes, she's a lurker.

Being able to change her shape at will, Doppel can actually be any one of the sexy girls on this list, though that does feel like she's cheating a bit. As she more often uses her powers to play tricks on people instead, though, her main appeal lies in her regular, petite form. Her complete lack of clothing is an obvious plus as mentioned, with only thin locks of hair covering her more delicate regions. Doppel is the transforming tease that can always suit your tastes, whether it's lolis or big chests.

7. Meroune Lorelei

Meroune's obsession with tragedy is on a level you don't often see, even wanting to live it herself and be part of some unusual NTR relationship. This freaky mermaid doesn't mind turning into sea foam as long as it makes for a good story, though we can safely say we'd prefer it if she didn't melt away. Apart from all that though she's a lovely girl, incredibly polite, and clearly from a high-class background, with even the respectable Cerea looking up to her. Mero's gothic lolita style adds to her refined look, even when only wearing a bikini.

Often seen in her swimsuit, there's never a time when she doesn't look good, especially considering mermaids are one of the prettiest monster girls out there. Her pink hair and tail are a cute contrast to her masochistic personality, giving her the appeal of an innocent maiden gone bad. Along with her being partial to Rachnera's bondage antics and desire to be a mistress rather than a wife, it's Mero naughty and twisted personality that really makes her sexy.

6. Kii

Kii is here to demonstrate how plants can be sexy too. Yes, that's right, but don't go down the park just yet. Kii is a Dryad who isn't too pleased with humans after a crazy illegal waste incident turned her into a giant deranged tree. With some intense leafy hair and bark in the place of clothes, when she's not on a crazed rampage Kii is a lot more attractive than she realises.

With only leaves covering the important parts, Kii is one of the more exposed girls, though she doesn't seem to care. Considering how large her chest is in her adult form, the leaves don't do a particularly good job of covering her up anyway, as well her bark leaving her shoulders, thighs and tummy, exposed for all to see. When she's not had much nutrients she reverts to her cute loli form as well, so that's two for the price of one.

5. Suu

The imouto of Monster Musume, Suu is the dopey, squidgy little sister, often just doing whatever she feels like at the time. Considering she gets on well with Papi, this can often lead to her doing some unusual and pretty stupid stuff at times, though she's always adorable while doing so. With her size and intellect directly linked to how much fluid she's taken in, it's always a surprise to see just how smart and mature Suu becomes when she's had plenty to drink, though unfortunately, she's always quick to go back to her daft, flat chested self.

Suu might be the most innocent girl of the show, but she still somehow manages to commit most of the ecchiest acts, if only by accident. With her being a slime, Suu can quite literally be anything you want her to be, whether that's a tall, big boobed woman, a different person altogether, or a convenient blob to carry around in a bucket. Regardless of her form, she always manages to 'escape' from any clothing she happens to be wearing as well, but then that's to be expected of someone so slippery.

4. Papi

Red Bull in flapping female form, Papi is the feathery ball of energy we all need in our lives, though preferably in short bursts. Taking feather-brained all too literally, Papi is seriously slow witted for someone whose mind is otherwise going at mach speed, though her cute nature and constant smile seem to be enough to keep her out of any real trouble. Although she does do a great job of half killing Kimihito at times.

Who likes short shorts? We like short shorts! Besides her wings, Papi's main identifying feature is her skimpy clothing, wearing only a tube top and the smallest pair of denim shorts you've ever seen, which aren't even zipped up. Despite her loli appearance, this get-up, along with her naive and excitable nature, gives her an appeal that the other, more physically mature girls don't have. Certainly one for the flat-chest lovers, there's definitely something alluring about Papi's soft, feathery embrace.

3. Centorea Shianus

Centorea's honorable and pure personality makes her stick out like a sore thumb amidst the ultra ecchi Monster Musume household. Very easily embarrassed, Cerea's large horse lower half only adds to her awkwardness as she struggles to fit through doors and her obscenely large bust gets in the way of just about everything. Frequently various liquids. Despite her constant shame, Cerea considers herself Kimihito's knight, and is ready to defend him and everyone else should disaster strike.

With a chest the likes of which can barely be measured, Cerea's best asset is so high level it's almost unfair. Add to that the 'centaur tradition' of not wearing a bra and she becomes subject to some of the ecchiest scenes of the series. Her innocence adds a lot as well, with her getting very easily flustered at anything and everything of a perverse nature. Who doesn't love a blushing red face? Just some food for thought: you can literally ride her.

2. Miia

The main girl of the series, although you wouldn't think so with the attention the others get, Miia is the big chested lamia of the group. Quick to anger and relentlessly clingy, her love for her master is terrifyingly strong, especially for someone that can easily crush squishy humans, or monsters, by accident. Though if she really wanted to get rid of her rivals she could just cook them something, it's amazing how one can make almost any food turn out purple.

As the first girl of the series, Miia gets plenty of screen time and ecchi scenes, especially during the beginning of the show. Although very sure of herself, Miia remains constantly embarrassed by just about everything relating to her Darling which is erotically cute. She's also rocking some pretty great proportions, with a slim waist and large chest. Just perhaps not the best route if you're a leg person.

1. Rachnera Arachnera

The group's perverted onee-san, Rachnera is the most mature out of the girls, although she often just uses this to assert her dominance over them with her bondage fetish. Although very much in love with her master, Rachnera is by far the most logical out of the girls, with her frequently having to knock sense into the others or sort things out when Miia and Centorea are being overly clingy. Alternatively, she just wraps whoever is causing trouble up in her silky webs and has some fun with them.

Rachnera's maturity is what makes her the sexiest girl out of the bunch, giving off the older sister vibe while the others all appear cute by comparison. She's also by far the most forward out of all the girls, very openly telling Kimihito what she wants to do with him, and appearing to have no shame regarding her enjoyment of bondage. Despite Centorea beating her in the chest department, Rachnera's skimpy clothing is much better at emphasising her assets, with her also having the benefit of having a human butt despite her lower spider half. Unless of course, you'd have preferred a spider butt.

Final Thoughts

The most refreshing part of Monster Musume has to be the variety of different characters in it, and how because of their monster traits they manage to stand out and become memorable despite the reasonably large cast (for a harem at least). With all of them being so well designed and definitely sexy in their own right, as said before it really comes down to whether you prefer legs or tails.

With that in mind, which do you fancy? Tied up with Rachnera? Carried away by Papi? Or in the tight scaley grip of Miia? Whoever it is, let us know who your favourite Monster Musume is in the comments below!

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