Top 10 Shugo Chara! Characters Who Changed for the Good

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Sakura_Moonprincess here! This time we are going to take a trip back into the world of fairies that is Shugo Chara. The manga female duo Peach-Pit have created wonderful worlds centered on girl power! However, the story of the shy Amu and how she has a change of character (and lots of magical adventures along the way!) captured our hearts. Because, who hasn’t dreamed of having little fairy like creatures who grant magical powers to you? So, that is basically why we want to remember the story of Shugo Chara! and other characters who changed in it for good. Without further ado, let’s go!

Warning: This article is full of unmagical spoilers. Read at your own risk or choose another article to read instead.

10. Yuka and Mi

Meet Yuka! This girl is curious about many things, so she tries everything at least once. Nevertheless, at the same time, she is so saturated with activities that Yuka can not end anything. Of course, this frustrates her. When she is trying to fix her plush and is so slow and unskilled with it, Yuka gives up. All her accumulated stress transforms her Egg into an X Egg.

Guess who had to go to the rescue? Amu finds a strange X Egg that drives away the people will power. When the little sad Mi (who is born from the Egg) is purified, she encounters Yuka and helps her fix the plush slowly and at her own pace. Thus, Yuka realizes that she has to find her own speed to do the things that she likes.

9. Yuki Hatoba

We meet Yuki in the fourth episode of Shugo Chara, although we cannot see much of her character. What we know about her is that she will move overseas and that she is fearful about it. The new experience is so overwhelming to Yuki, that she becomes the first person that gets her Egg transformed into an X Egg! So Amu has to purify her and her Guardian.

Curiously, once purified, her guardian turned out to be a stewardess who speaks English. This means that deep inside, Yuki was preparing for a change. In the end, she did not move out. However, Yuki surely learned to be more opened to new experiences thanks to Amu.

8. Tsukasa Amakawa

This guy is the handsome director of Seiyo Academy, who is kinda always there taking care of the students. He has told Amu some stuff that turned out to be true! The reason is that Tsukasa is none other than the King of the Guardians, the first Guardian ever who left behind useful artifacts for the future generations in advance. This includes the Heart’s egg book.

We can see Tsukasa became knowledgeable and sorta powerful in different terms. Remember that teachers are revered in Japan because they really study hard to teach and watch over the students. Plus, Tsukasa works in a planetarium. Don’t tell me he didn’t grew up to be cool! Thus, Tsukasa changed from good, to even better!

7. Nami and Nemi

These two cute girls are twins, so Amu was extremely confused when she first met them. It turns out that Nami wanted to buy a present for her crush and Nemi wanted to help her. But when they discover they have a crush on the same guy, things get complicated. The twins basically transform into the magical Twin Dream and fight.

Although the twins look similar even when transformed, Nami has ice powers while Nemi manipulates fire. Fortunately, thanks to Amu, they end up fighting together against the little ducks and reconcile. So, they learn that their relationship was much more important than a crush. Trust between sisters is essential, don’t you think the same? 🙂

6. Shuraiya and Lamila

Shugo Chara! has had everything magical except royalty… until Chapter 36, when a prince from a faraway land is introduced. By the likes of it, Shuraiya might come from a South Asian country, as he is arrogant, demanding and is looking for a bride. Oh, and Shuraiya also wants a dragon for some reason. His Chara Lamila is quite mature, as Shuraiya dreams to become a great king like his father someday.

The bad part is that Shuraiya was polluted and his egg became an X egg. Next, he wrecked havoc stealing eggs from other people, particularly his females fans. With the help of his servant Pearl and Amu’s magic, though, the egg was purified before it even hatched. With this, Shuraiya and Lamila learned to work together and Shuraiya became a bit more humble.

5. Yua Sakurai and Cecil

This is a truly musical duo. Yua is a model who dreamt of becoming a singer, but somewhere along the way she had an accident which made Yua afraid of singing 🙁 That is why her Guardian Cecil is such a musical character that loves to sing, because she symbolizes Yua’s desire to sing freely.

Unfortunately, Cecil’s egg was turned into a Mystery egg, causing Yua to become Bad Singer Dream when she transforms. It takes the intervention of Hoshina and Amu to confront Yua with her fears and calm her enough to purify Cecil and her. In the end, Yua is able to sing in front of people again. That means she conquered her fears 🙂

4. Shouta and Kuuta

A more acute case than Yua was Shouta. He used to live in a big manor until tragedy broke his family. Shouta’s dream was to become an artist, but as his family has many troubles, he thinks he won’t be able to fulfill that dream. Thus, Shouta suffers from depression.

The problem with this is that depression also affects his egg, transforming it into an X egg. That is why Kuuta, Shouta’s Chara, became an evil paint brush-like creature. But Amu (as always) saved the day. Shouta was encouraged to not give up on his dream, and Kuuta returned to his egg, patiently waiting for the day to hatch. These two characters are a touching homage to all artists, don’t you think the same?

3. Rikka Hiiragi and Hotaru

This girl is pure dynamism and good vibes! Whether it is to save a kitten or be the best friend, Rikka will be there for sure… Although we must confess she is kinda distracted with humans. Since Rikka found out about the Guardians and Eggs, she has wanted nothing more than to become an Apprentice.

And that is exactly what she becomes. As an Apprentice, Rikka takes care of the important mission of looking after the X Eggs, and she has the rare ability to listen to them even before she had a Guardian Character! But once Hotaru is born and purified by her, Rikka becomes Pure Feeling. Now she is a powerful girl who can restore the X Eggs. Therefore, she started being awesome and ended up even better!

2. Hikaru Ichinomiya

This blond attractive guy was sort of a bad guy in the beginning. Hikaru was known as the Gozen, the president at the Eastern Company. They are the guys who were looking for a special egg called Embryo. Anyway, Hikaru was being used and lonely, thus he had an empty heart.

Nevertheless, thanks to Amu, he decided to start anew and even became a guardian apprentice. He transferred to Seiyo Academy and is patiently waiting and learning from Amu and the other guardians until the day he replaces them as a full guardian. We can see he had a full change of heart, right? Now he has friends and a life purpose. That is why he is so high in the Top ten!

1. Amu Hinamori

And finally, we have the protagonist and main heroine of Shugo Chara! Amu is a shy and not so confident girl who will always help out if someone has a problem. She also sometimes acts as a tough girl, although she is caring and warm. Her mother dresses her, thus, Amu apparently is a fashionista. Nevertheless, she wishes for a more round up personality and thus, her adventures with the Charas begin.

Amu is so polifacetic that she has four Charas: Ran (confidence), Miki (artistry), Su (care) and Dia (notability). She is the most powerful girl around, as she also learns to use amulets with her transformations. As Amu becomes more confident in herself, she even mentors new Guardians like Hikaru and Rikka. In the end, Amu becomes a much more confident and integral girl. That is why she is the ultimate character who changed for good!

Final thoughts

Shugo Chara! made us cry, laugh and wonder how can we become better persons. Especially in the case of Amu, who was confused about her many possible paths in life. But among anything else, Shugo Chara! made us remember how sometimes people believe we are a certain type of person but our real personality could be different too. Through meeting and helping so many characters, Amu learned to become herself: a little bit of everything good is inside of her!

Which is your favorite character from Shugo Chara! Who changed for good? Would you like to share him/her/they in the comments? Don’t forget we are open to everything you would like to tell us. See you soon!

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