Top 10 Strongest Avengers Characters

Superheroes aren't just some made up role model from your childhood. These days, superhero-themed movies featuring men in costumes are all the rage and not seen as childish, anymore. The Avengers series is one of the most popular film adaptations of superhero-themed comic books. When it comes to superheroes, we all have our favorites and one of the main reasons that drive us to prefer certain superheroes is due to their immense strength. With that being said, we have come up with a list of who we think are the Top 10 Strongest Avengers Characters.

10. Captain America

Steve Rogers, a frail man with a strong sense of patriotism, was enhanced to be a super soldier after he was injected with an experimental serum. The resulting effect was astonishing as Steve Rogers transformed into the superhuman known as Captain America. We wonder if it would have been better to inject the serum into a strong person with superpowers.

Being level-headed, Captain America is often praised for his ability to lead. He is portrayed as the goody-two-shoes who is not equipped with unique powers or equipment, and as such, his strength is sometimes underestimated. Although Captain America is not the strongest Avengers character, he is one of the best when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

9. Quicksilver

Quicksilver has the ability to move at superhuman speed. With such ability, he could at least run away easily from enemies whom he cannot defeat due to his lack of power. Besides being able to move swiftly, he can also think fast as well. Otherwise, his superhuman speed would be rather useless.

Quicksilver has a lot of potential and it is a pity he died so quickly in the Avengers film. He looks so cool in the X-men series, he had saved the day a couple of times and had he been used more often, he could have easily solved a ton more problems. For instance, Quicksilver would have easily solved the battle between Magneto and the others in X-men: Days of Future Past, with his fast thinking and super speed.

8. Wolverine

Wolverine is a notable character but he has yet to make an appearance in the Avengers movie. Nevertheless, you should not lose hope of seeing him in one of the upcoming Avengers movies as Wolverine did appear in the comics. During his imprisonment by the Weapon X program, he was experimented on and the outcome enhanced his human capabilities.

It would be difficult to kill Wolverine due to his incredible regenerative ability. That, coupled with the fact that his bones are fused with the hardest metal known to man, called the Adamantium. Many of us fear to play too rough with cats due to their sharp claws and Wolverine has extra sharp and long claws. Yikes. Besides, Wolverine is known to be a fearless individual who usually dives into something despite the risks, so he is a survivor and not one to be messed with!

7. Ironman

Tony Stark is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, who suffered a serious chest injury that lead to the creation of an advanced suit of armor to save his life. He then upgraded his suit with various weapons and technological devices. He runs the company called Stark Industries.

Tony Stark is not blessed with supernatural powers but with his genius brain, he managed to make himself powerful through the creation of an insanely powerful suit of armor. He may just be a guy in an armored suit, but he is among the smartest characters in the Avengers team. The suit he created also enables him to determine the weaknesses of the enemies, as well as make him fly, which not many characters are able to do. Therefore, his is a useful fighter who can combat at both short range and long range.

6. The Hulk

The Hulk is a fearsome character due to his incredible strength which is increased by the intensity of his anger. He may not be blessed with wings or other methods that enable him to fly, but through his sheer strength alone, he is able to jump quite the distance, vertically and horizontally, and his strength is enough to propel him into space!

Alas, sheer brute force is not everything. The Hulk is undeniably strong, but in that green beast mode, he is not capable of thinking logically and just smashes anything that comes in his way. Therefore, intelligent opponents with a well-thought out strategy would be able to defeat The Hulk easily.

5. Vision

Vision is a combination of robot and human. He was originally created as the perfect form for Ultron, but he later joined the Avengers to stop Ultron. Vision draws energy from the sun through the Solar Jewel on his forehead. Aside from superhuman capabilities, in terms of strength and intelligence, he can also shoot solar beams.

Vision is capable of many things, but what blows us over is that he can time travel and shapeshift as well! Those abilities are not shown in the movie adaptations yet, though. He seems to have some feelings for Scarlet Witch, which led to him accidentally injuring War Machine. Therefore, Scarlet Witch is one of his weaknesses!

4. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange was a neurosurgeon whose hands were heavily injured during a car accident. On his quest to search for a way to heal his hands, he encountered the Ancient One and became his disciple. Hence, he becomes a practitioner of martial arts and mystical arts.

Doctor Strange is a magician who draws his powers from mystical beings. He also wields mystical artifacts such as the Cloak of Levitation which enables him to fly. He is regarded by Eternity as the mightiest magician in the cosmos. There will be an upcoming movie in which the role of Doctor Strange will be played by the well-loved actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. We definitely cannot wait to watch it, especially since Doctor Strange is such an awesome and powerful character!

3. Sentry

Sentry, or Robert Reynolds, was a meth addict who broke into Professor Cornelius’ laboratory where he found a certain serum and consumed it. Like Captain America, the Super Soldier Serum gave Sentry great powers. However, the serum was more concentrated and enhanced compared to the one Captain America received, therefore creating a superhuman who is stronger than Captain America.

Sentry’s physical strength was shown to rival that of The Hulk’s when the two of them fought each other. Sentry has god-like abilities, for example, he is capable of resurrecting others. He brought back his dead wife to life after Ultron murdered her. However, Sentry does not seem to have control over this ability, otherwise, the Avengers team can just go on a kamikaze spree against their enemies and be brought back to life afterward if they die. Sentry also possesses an impressive healing ability, as he is able to heal himself even after being molecularly dispersed!

2. Thor

Thor is the god of thunder but apparently, being a god is not everything in Marvel’s universe. Although Thor can’t control the whole world or grant the wishes of men, he can at least control the elements of a storm. While even the most powerful superheroes can succumb to diseases like how Son Goku once succumbed to a heart attack, Thor is immune to all Earthly diseases so he will not die meaninglessly from a disease. Plus, he has lived at least 1000 years so he has gained a lot of wisdom which helps during battles.

Being a reader of Honey's Anime, you probably have watched many shonen anime series and witnessed that powerful characters often have hidden powers which are only revealed when they face very strong opponents. It turns out that the regular state of Thor is not his final form. Thor can enter into a state called “Warrior’s Madness” in which he becomes kind of “Hulk-like”, and of course we are not talking about his appearance. In the “Warrior’s Madness” state, Thor’s strength and stamina increase ten times more but he sort of goes cuckoo in the head and would attack both friends and foes. Not quite the best in that department.

1. Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff, or Scarlet Witch, is the twin sister of Quicksilver. The twins were abducted by the High Evolutionary and experimented on, which lead to them having unusual powers. The twins are also children of Magneto. Scarlet Witch has the ability to manipulate energy and minds.

Scarlet Witch is capable of doing many things with her abilities. She is able to heal the severely injured legs of Professor X when no one else could! She should have cured the baldness too. Scarlet Witch is also able to alter reality and revive the dead when she wields the most ancient form of magic known as Chaos Magic. Her power is so great that she can even create an alternate universe. Surely, she is the most powerful character in the Avengers team!

Final Thoughts

We believe that these are the Top 10 Strongest Characters in the Avengers. Just keep in mind that we can agree to disagree, but we all love a debate, so do express your opinions below!

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