Top 10 Strongest Beyblade Characters

Since the early 2000’s, Beyblade became a widely known popular anime series that took the world by storm. Back then; when the Beyblade line of toys was initially released, it spawned a large cult following that began a craze in: collecting, building and battling against other enthusiast ‘Bladers’.

With its current new series still going strong, let’s take a nostalgic trip to look back at the Bladers that we had come to know and love for their strength in battle. Here are our picks for the top 10 strongest Beyblade characters in the series. Just to be clear, we’ll be looking at the strongest characters out of all of the animated series, so far. So without further ado, 3…2…1…Let it rip!

10. Tsubasa Ootori

Beginning our list is one of the protagonists in the Metal Saga series, Tsubasa Ootori, a calm-headed Blader who was once a secret agent of the WBBA that was working to uncover the mysteries of the Dark Nebula. Tsubasa is an intelligent Blader who has a kind personality. In battle, he appears very confident and fairly perceptive of the situation. Tsubasa is very adaptable in battle and uses his senses quite effectively to counter his opponents.

He owns the Blade Earth Eagle 145WD which is a powerful balance type Beyblade with many wind-based special abilities. We think Tsubasa is one of the strongest Bladers because of his strategist-like mind, which he uses to outthink his opponents. His journey into darkness also made him quite powerful, though it had taken quite a toll on his health. He was even able to put up a good fight against one of the strongest Bladers, Ryuuga. In addition, he was also able to become the president of the WBBA, being able to reach that level of accomplishment truly shows his strength.

9. Ryo Hagane

Next on this list is Ginga’s father, Ryo Hagane, otherwise known as the masked Blader, Phoenix. Ryo has owned a few Beyblades during his time but he is known mostly for using the Blade Burn Fireblaze 135MS, which is a Stamina Type Blade that is said to be able to turn opponents into ashes. He once also owned the Blade Storm Pegasus that he gave to Ginga, which is a legendary Blade, so Ryo was arguably, once a legendary Blader. Ryo was also able to become the president of the WBBA at one point.

We think that Ryo is one of the strongest Bladers because he is the person who raised and trained one of the most powerful Bladers in the world. Ryo has a deep passion for both Blading and parenting. He crushed Ginga in their first battle just to remind him of what it truly means to be a Blader, to teach him a lesson. Ryo has also been seen to be able to hold his own and fends off against Ryuuga, to save Tsubasa. In addition, he is also the first person to have ever owned two Blades, a feat which seemed impossible to do until he actually did it.

8. Chris

One of the legendary Bladers and also the Winter Blader of the Four Seasons is Chris, a confident and immensely tough Blader due to his experience training in rough environments. He works as a Blader for hire who does jobs in order to earn a living. Chris owns the Blade phantom Orion B:D, which is one of the strongest Stamina Type Beyblades ever seen because of its ability to withstand almost any attack.

Chris is a confident fighter who sometimes can be overconfident in his own abilities; this is because he is so reliant on his own skills. He has always been the strongest Blader within his group of friends. Chris has a dark past in which he once was abandoned by his friends at a tournament; he also used to be a hired servant of Nemesis, but gave it up to stop him from destroying the world. He has always been a seeker of strength, wanting to become stronger in order to become a great Blader.

7. King

Coming in at number 7 is King, one of the legendary Bladers who is part of the Solar System Bladers, representing the planet Mars. King has a deep passion for Beyblading and like his name suggests, King takes pride in everything he does, which sometimes, can come across as cocky. Though he is a loving and kind individual who enjoys battling strong opponents, and likes to befriend them after battles. King was the strongest Blader ever seen in his home town in Greece and was even forbidden to battle because of this fact, having his Beyblade taken away from him because of his immense strength.

King owns the Beyblade Variares D:D that came to him one day when he was distraught by the fact that he had his rights as a Beyblade battler taken away from him, he believed that it was a sign of destiny. King became a legendary Blader after defeating Masamune in battle, making Masamune acknowledge him as a strong Blader. King has a valiant fighting style and likes to gloat a lot about his abilities, one of which is his incredible reverse rotation, which is a rare move amongst Bladers. He is one of the strongest Bladers because of the God-like power contained within his Beyblade that he draws out with his passion for battle.

6. Kyouya Tategami

Taking the 6th place on the list is Kyouya Tategami, who is one of the main protagonists in the Metal Saga series. He is a legendary Blader and is the Spring member of the Bladers of the Four Seasons. Kyouya has a wild and arrogant sort of personality that has no hesitation when it comes to battling, and is known to launch attacks without second thoughts. He is quite rash and ignorant, appearing quite cocky at the beginning, though later he learns to be a wiser and more mature Blader. He is one of Ginga’s rival and his Blade is Fang Leone 130W2D, which is a defense type Beyblade with an array of powerful air-based special abilities.

We chose Kyouya as one of the strongest because of his strength and fighter mentality to fight every battle with all the power that he has, with a very competitive outlook. He has a passion for Blading like no other and a determination that leads him to go to great lengths to achieve his goals. Despite not actually winning a battle against Ginga, he has defeated many strong opponents over the course of his career, including Damian Hart who was the leader of the team that placed second in the World Championship.

5. Tyson Granger (Takao Kinomiya)

At the halfway point is the main protagonist of the original Beyblade series, the one and only Tyson Granger. Tyson started off as an impulsive and rash Blader but later matured, as he became a professional at Beyblading. During his time as a Blader, he became the number one Beyblader in the world with his unbeatable track record, winning a total of 3 World Championships in a row. He owns one of the 4 sacred Bitbeasts, Dragoon, which controls the element of wind.

After the events of the Metal Saga, we have been introduced to many strong Beyblade characters, but we think that if Tyson were to battle some of these opponents, he would be able to hold out his own against them. That is why we ranked him at the middle of this list. As a world-class Blader, Tyson has fought many battles and learned from experience what it truly means to be a Blader. During this time he was able to hone his skills and develop as a valiant Blader, which makes him a legendary Blader capable of many great things.

4. Kai Hiwatari

At number 4, we have another protagonist from the original series, Kai Hiwatari, who also owns one of the 4 sacred Bitbeasts, Dranzer. A Blade with many abilities and skills, it holds the elemental power of fire. Kai has a personality of pride and justice and can seem a little tough on the outside, but we find out that he actually has a very caring attitude on the inside. At first, he appears as a serious and distant type of character who likes to do his own thing rather than having to depend on others, however his personality changes over time as he discovers the importance of friendship.

Kai battles with pride and confidence, giving his all every time and is willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his goals. He is deeply driven by emotion as Beyblading holds a much-valued importance in his life, this shows in his battles and also after, when he reflects on his performance to improve his skill. Kai has also beaten Tyson on a one-on-one battle once before when he was corrupted by darkness, but his journey in overcoming it only made him much stronger. We think Kai definitely deserves a high place on this list, as he is one of the greatest Bladers that ever lived. His powerful technique in battling and the strength that comes emotionally from his heart is what makes him so.

3. Rago

Third on this list is main antagonist of Beyblade: Metal Fury, Rago, who is also known as the Child of Nemesis. He is a legendary Blader who has a very dark and sinister personality. Rago takes joy in watching others suffer, he is ruthless in battle, and he will not hesitate in destroying anything that gets in his way. Rago is feared even by the other legendary Bladers, and he is so powerful that they once thought it was hopeless to even take him on. He is the only Blader with the power capable of containing and controlling Nemesis.

He owns the Beyblade Diablo Nemesis X:D, which is a balance type blade that has a unique special ability, Armageddon. This special move is a vortex that is able to completely annihilate enemy Beyblades and the nearby environment, it can be seen even from space. We think he is one of the strongest Bladers and also possibly the most powerful enemy anyone has ever faced in the world of Beyblading. This is because of the magnitude of his strength and the fact that he doesn’t lose, except when all the Blader’s powers unite to take him on.

2. Ginga Hagane

The runner-up, and just short of the top place is the one and only Ginga Hagane. He is the legendary Blader that represents autumn of the Four Seasons and holds the title of number 1 Blader in the World. Ginga has a calm and kind type of personality; he does whatever it takes to protect his friends and to become a better Blader. He has a deep passion for Beyblading and a fighting spirit that emanates from his heart; Ginga never gives up in battle and always fights to the very end.

Over his time as a Blader, Ginga has owned 4 different Beyblades, all attack types that contain his signature Pegasus and its powerful wind-type abilities. We think that Ginga deserves one of the top spots on this list because of his unmatched strength, both physical and mental. He is the only Blader to have gained power from every Blader in the world. He has an impressive track record, with many wins over losses. Ginga is also known to have saved the world 3 times and is the only Blader to defeat Rago.

1. Ryuuga Kishatsu

Taking the top place on this list is Ryuuga Kishatsu, also known as the Dragon Emperor. He was an antagonist in the Metal Saga series, as he was the strongest member of the Dark Nebula. He is also a legendary Blader, and what’s more, he is the Summer Blader of the Four Seasons. Initially, his personality appeared rather power-hungry and merciless, he was smug and loved terrorizing other Bladers, but this was when he was controlled and consumed by the power of the forbidden Beyblade he owned. After he was released from control, he gained a vast knowledge about being one with a Beyblade and over time developed as a Beyblader that fought for himself rather than for evil.

In his time, Ryuuga had owned 3 attack-type Beyblades, first his element was of darkness but later became of fire. We think that Ryuuga deserves the top place on this list because of his insane track record, losing only 2 of his battles, one time by Rago after he stole L-Drago’s power. During the other time, Ginga only defeated him because he had the help of the power from all the Beyblades in the world. If the battle were purely between their individual powers, then Ryuuga would triumph.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list for the top 10 Strongest Beyblade Characters. So, what did you think about our list this time? Do you agree with our list or is there someone that you would have liked to be included? Please as always let us know in the comments down below, we’d love to know your opinions. There are many different types of Beybladers that had been introduced over the many years that this series has aired. We’d love to know who were your favourites? Tell us down below!

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