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Peace in one world creates a calamity in ours. That’s the universe we witness in Luck & Logic. The world of Tetraheaven had been embroiled in a 100-year war that left the losing side, the Majins, to seek refuge in ours. The Majins are loosely defined as dark gods, fallen angels, demons and creatures of chaos who wreak havoc where ever they go. The side of good, basically angels and gods (mainly goddesses), offers its help to the people of Earth (Septia) to combat and contain the powerful threat the Majins pose to humankind. We learn that all living beings are made up of 1,000 logic cards. Some humans (about one in a million) have the ability to merge their logic cards with a goddess’ and become powerful warriors called Logicalists, strong enough to defeat the Majins.

Yoshichika Tsurugi is a former Logicalist called back to duty when the goddess Athena finds his missing logic card after many of them were dispelled by an enemy attack. Athena is a kind, strong, intelligent and beautiful goddess who feels she is destined to be Yoshichika’s partner and work with him as well as the Another Logic Counter Agency (ALCA) to fight, detain, imprison and deport the Majins who enter our world.

10. Venus / Tamaki Yurine

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters
Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Venus is a goddess from Tetraheaven and, like her goddess of inspiration, embraces love and kindness. She is a bubbly girl, who flirts, loves, and is extremely affectionate to everyone. Venus keeps parts of her long pink hair in heart-shaped buns on the side of her head.

Her partner, Tamaki, is a classic kuudere character with a conservative, almost expressionless personality. She wanted to be a doctor before being drafted into the ALCA. Her goal has always been only to help people, whether human or god. She is often in inner turmoil at the violence she has to commit as part of protecting the city.

Venus and Tamaki are powerful, but not in the way you might think. The trance state, the joining of Venus and Tamaki, like all trances leads to a quick costume change. The bows and ribbons that make up her costume make you think she the hero of a Magical Girl show. Her power lies in her ability to heal. She may have some offensive powers, but her ability to absorb the blows of powerful of the Majins and heal her fellow fighters makes her 10 on our most powerful list.

9. Mana Asuha

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Mana is the partner of the goddess Altemis. She is a small girl who barley speaks. Mana is quiet and distant, much like the moon which Altemis represents. We often see her with headphones on, presumably listening to music. She has dark blue-black hair and blue eyes. She didn’t start off life in the most ideal way; she was abandoned as a baby in a coin locker. Her childhood and inability to make connections with others led to her be a loner even after being taken in by the ALCA. She never made a connection with anyone until she woke up one morning sitting on the floor next to the coin locker and found Altemis sleeping with her head on Mana’s shoulder. It was the first time Mana had truly felt the warmth that comes from the comfort of another.

She is still cold and distant from most people, but that is a perfect fit for a sniper. Her trance form is that of a sniper with a glowing scarf wrapped around her face. She engages her enemies at a distance with focused laser-like precision. She is easily one of the most powerful in this story because you don’t even know you’re a target until it’s too late.


Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Altemis is the moon goddess from Tetraheaven and works with the ALCA as part of its mission to combat the Majins. She, like all goddesses, is beautiful. Her skin is dark and hair is light green. We don’t know a lot about Altemis. What we do know is that she loves music and has an almost motherly connection with Mana.

Altemis isn’t constrained by the same beliefs of unconditional love that Venus is. Historically she’s considered the goddess of the hunt and it seems to come through in this anime. She is ready to go on offense, joining Mana as a sniper in their trance state. Her willingness to take the fight to the Majins puts her on our list at number 8.

7. Veronica Ananko

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Veronica is a Logicalist who is partnered with the goddess Nemesis. She is also the rather hardnosed Chief to the Naien branch of ALCA. Veronica has a tough job protecting a city and wrangling a bunch of goddesses and teenaged heroes. She also has to walk a thin line of being the commander and mentor for the young people who, because of their innate abilities to merge with beings from another world, are drafted into the ACLS.

The no-nonsense approach that she takes towards her job is also translates into her actions on the battlefield. Her weapon of choice is explosives and she doesn’t mind using them to lethal effect. Veronica doesn’t agonize over the decision to kill the Majins if that is the most effective way to preserve the peace.

6. Nemesis

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

The goddess Nemesis is partnered with Logicalist Veronica Ananko. She is a snide Lolita who spends most of her time pointing out the flaws in others. Nemesis also spends a good part of her time watching zombie movies and in some ways being a NEET. She is interested in the culture she is living in, but resembles a NEET more than a hero, given she really doesn’t have much interest in protecting anything or anyone.

Nemesis wears the moniker of “Goddess of Wrath and Punishment” and seems to delight in dishing out that punishment. Her choice to be paired with no-nonsense Veronica really fits with her own love of using overwhelming force, mainly explosives, to subdue any of the errant Majins causing chaos and harming the human population. That easily lands her on this list.

5. Chloe Maxwell

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Chloe is a Logicalist partnered with the goddess Valkyrie. She has fair skin, blonde hair tied in a ponytail and turquoise eyes. Chloe loves being a Logicalist. She loves fighting the Majins and even taking on responsibilities in the ACLA that aren’t her job. The investigation division of the ACLA calls her “Chloe the busybody” because of her need to conduct her own investigations. She has a cheerful personality and is what many would consider a gym rat, constantly working out in order to be the best fighter she can be.

Chloe may be the fittest fighter in the ACLA and her enthusiasm for battle makes her the perfect Logicalist to drop into a melee or challenge a powerful opponent. She is always ready to call out a new move, with a ridiculous name, like “final, finishing sword move!” as she brings down a flaming sword onto any foe.

4. Valkyrie

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Valkyrie, as her name suggests, is a goddess of war from Tetrahaven. She is the calm, reserved type; in many ways she seems a lot like a samurai. She is seen on more than one occasion polishing her sword and meditating. She’s the perfect counter to her partner Chloe’s abundance of energy and enthusiasm. She appears to be a young girl with bushy flaming red twin tails sitting atop her head.

Valkyrie is a powerhouse. Her trance form is that of a large broadsword wielded by Chloe. She seems to be the embodiment of brute force, smashing into large armored Majins with great effect. She does have the power to split herself in two, giving Chloe a dual-wielding ability. You also know she means business when she becomes a blazing sword and burns and blasts her way through malicious Majins.

3. Lucifer

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Lucifer is a bad guy. We are never told he is Lucifer the evil prince of darkness who rules the underworld, though it is assumed he is one in the same as the fallen angel. He is a charismatic villain who at first seems to have a benevolent goal: humans and gods living together peacefully. He is as handsome as powerful and spends a lot of his time in our world seducing the populace and trancejacking them. The process is like a drug that can leave you in a state of bliss but be incredibly harmful to a human.

Lucifer is powerful because he believes in what he is fighting for and has nothing to lose. He has the strength and power to overwhelm most of his opponents, as well charisma that can bring allies over to his side. He is even willing to “Overtrance,” a dangerous maneuver that can destroy or scatter his partner’s logic cards, in order to win.

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

2. Athena

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Athena is a goddess from Tetraheaven and the partner of the main protagonist of the series, Yoshichika Tsurugi. She is a beautiful goddess with long blonde hair tied with a white lace ribbon. She also appears to be in love with Yoshichika, not just considering their closeness as a part of their partnership. When we first meet her a section of her hair is braided in a gravity-defying loop. It looks like a halo behind her head, adding to her angelic appearance. She is caring with a great deal of power and a sense of justice.

Athena is a powerful and intelligent goddess who always seems to know a little bit more than she is leading on. She has both the ability to attack and defend in her trance form, Aegis, a cape that rests on Yoshichika’s shoulders and turns in to a shield that can withstand the punishment the Majins can dish out. She can even release that energy as a beam of light energy to cut down the enemy.

1. Yoshichika Tsurugi

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters

Yoshichika is a Logicalist and the protagonist of the anime Luck & Logic. He and his partner Athena are the strongest pair in the series. Yoshichika is one of the most experienced Logicalists in the ALCA with more than a 2,000 hours of trance time. He is the kind of guy who is always calm and collected. He possesses a strong sense of justice and the will to put himself on the line to protect others, the exact trait that drew Athena to him in the first place.

He is strong because he smart. When taking a 500 question quiz on Logicalist information, he correctly answered 500 questions. Yoshichika also knows when to use power and when not to. Early on, we see him confronting a Majins that was incredibly week. He talks it into releasing the human it had transjacked without using force. We also see those smarts come into play when he is fighting Lucifer, an opponent whose power rivals his own. He was able to outthink Lucifer, and that in combination with grit and determination help him emerge victorious.


Luck & Logic has a lot of strong and powerful characters, especially when you are talking about gods and goddesses. We see them use their power in many different ways, from healing to hurting. The characters, even our lead antagonist, are characters of conviction which is the key to winning any fight. The story has a lot going for it too, like great animation, likeable characters each with a little depth, and beautiful goddesses. If you want front row seat for a polytheistic smack-down you might want to give Luck & Logic a try.

Luck-Logic.jpg-wallpaper-655x500 Top 10 Strongest Luck and Logic Characters


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