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For this article, we are going to go almost 30 years back to the past and explore the top 10 strongest characters from Saint Seiya, or Knights of the Zodiac in other respective nations. Based on the manga by Kurumada Masami, the man who put Shounen Jump on the map, Saint Seiya is full of explosive action with moves that are said to equal the power of the Big Bang itself. Who has the most burning Cosmo? Let's take a look.

Warning! There will be some spoilers!

10. Gemini Saga

saint seiya Gemini Saga

For 15 years he played the Sanctuary like a fiddle. Like the namesake of his horoscope, Saga has two sides, one is good and the other is evil. However, his evil side grows powerful enough to the point that he wishes to kill Athena and ends up getting Aiolos, the original Sagitarrius Saint, killed.

During his fights against the Bronze Saints, he uses scary techniques such as, Another Dimension, to send them across to the other side of the galaxy while his Galaxian Explosion is the equivalent to a super nova.

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9. Thanatos

saint seiya Thanatos

Based on the Greek God of Death, Thanatos lives for battle. He is brash and cocky, and can back up all the trash he talks. He bullies our heroes like rag dolls, and when the Bronze Saints were able to wear the Golden Cloths in their most desperate time of need, Thanatos shatters them like fragile glass before they could amount any kind of significant offense.

Thankfully, our heroes did not have to face the wrath of his ultimate attack, Terrible Providence, which is to deprive the opponent of their 5 senses and live their mind in a state of insanity.

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8. Hypnos

saint seiya Hypnos

Based on the Greek God of Slumber and the twin of Thanatos, in comparison, he is more patient and calculating. He understands the great potential the Bronze Saints have and wants to end the battle using his sleeping powers, so the holy grounds of Elysion will not be tainted with blood. Like Shun, he does not want to be violent and despite the consequences of his attacks, they are rather harmless but with the intention of still coming out as the victor.

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7. Virgo Shaka

saint seiya Virgo Shaka

When a man is considered the closest to the gods and the reincarnation of the Buddha, who could ask for a more powerful warrior? To make things crazier, he keeps his eyes closed most of the time to store his Cosmo, and once they open, all hell breaks loose. Hell, he'd kick a lot of people’s asses just by remaining in the lotus position. During the Hades arc, he is also shown to be capable of fighting 3 of his fellow Gold Saints on his own.

He was such a strong match that the three Gold Saints who fought him had to use a forbidden technique against him, which requires three Gold Saints to pull it off. Plus, many of his attacks are pure torture on not just the body, but the soul too. One by one, he can take away his opponent’s five senses.

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6. Hades

saint seiya hades

The God of the Underworld himself, every two and a half centuries he comes back in hopes of ending mankind for their betrayals to the gods. Like the original Greek god he is inspired from, he also has the power to bring the dead back to life. In order to protect his real body, he also has the power to possess the purest human being as his vessel.

Even when possessing a human vessel, Hades shows tremendous power in combating the Bronze Saints. In addition, his sword can pierce the most divine of cloths and take away one’s soul.

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5. Cygnus Hyoga

saint seiya  Cygnus Hyouga

One of the most tragic characters in the series, Hyoga overcomes countless hurdles to become the great warrior that he is. Due to the corruption of Athena’s Sanctuary, he has to defeat and kill his master, the Crystal Saint in combat. Later on, Hyoga is pushed to new limits when he faces The Aquarius Gold Saint, Camus, his master’s master. During their first encounter, Camus sinks the ship where Hyoga’s mother resides to un-reachable depths of the deep sea of Siberia and freezes him in an Ice Coffin.

Thanks to the help of his friends, Hyoga gets his re-match and bests his master by adapting his techniques in using Absolute Zero temperature attacks to beat him. After this battle, Hyoga would become the occasional successor to the Aquarius Gold Cloth.

saint seiya Cygnus Hyoga wallpaper

4. Dragon Shiryu

saint seiya Dragon Shiryu

Shiryu is a perfect combination of brains, brawn, heart, and balls. When he fights Medusa, he goes as far as purposely blinding himself to win that fight. In the battle against the Gold Saints, he pushes himself to the brink of death, on a couple of occasions, to achieve victory.

Armed with a near indestructible shield and later inheriting the Excalibur technique from Shuura, he has an equal arsenal of both offensive and defensive moves. As the disciple of Dohko, the Libra Gold Saint, has worn it at times to strengthen his Cosmo when it becomes necessary.

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3. Andromeda Shun

saint seiya Andromeda Shun

The kindest and most gentle of the Bronze Saints, Shun refuses to hurt people and is mostly defense oriented in his fights, thanks to his Nebula chain. But do not let his personality and feminine design full you. In comparison to the more macho characters such as Shiryu and Seiya, Shun is 100% methodical in his fighting. When push comes to shove, Shin does show a great power in a way that he could be stronger than most of the Saints. Due to the potential destructive nature of this move, he only uses the Nebula Storm as a last resort.

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2. Pegasus Seiya

saint seiya  Pegasus Seiya

As the main character, it is natural he is on this list. Though he primarily fights with his Pegasus Bronze Cloth, he has shown his worthiness to combat the forces of evil in the Sagittarius Gold Cloth as well. Seiya is always smiling in the heat of battle and is always ready to push his Cosmo beyond its limits.

Despite his brash fighting style, he shows cunning and intelligence where it counts. He is never willing to back down from a fight, and even though he can have a difficult relationship with Athena/Saori, he will do anything to protect her.

saint seiya  Pegasus Seiya wallpaper

1. Phoenix Ikki

saint seiya Phoenix Ikki

Influenced by the mythical creature itself, Ikki and his cloth are immortal and immune to the flames. Kill him, and he will come back stronger than ever, and it is frightening to say that about him when he was already one of the most fearsome Saints to begin with. Although he is introduced as an antagonist, he becomes the ultimate ally.

Despite his lone wolf nature when he joins the forces of good, he cares very deeply about his brother, Shun, as with the rest of the team (though in the manga, the Bronze Saints are half-brothers anyway through Kido, the man that raised them, and only Shun and Ikki share the same mother).

Depending on their will power, There are times he can defeat an opponent with his Hoou Genma Ken, a technique that makes the person experience the most frightening of nightmares. What makes Ikki arguably the most powerful Bronze Saint is that he went toe to toe with Shaka, the Gold Saint whose power was said to be closest to the Gods.

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In considerations to their accomplishments throughout the series, the 5 main Bronze Saints are a natural inclusion (and they all had opportunities) to wear the Gold and God Cloths. Despite the brief appearances of Thanatos, Hypnos and Hades, they all show great power in fighting the Saints but also serve as a great tool as mankind can surpass the Gods themselves. I understand those that are reading may want to know why Omega and Lost Canvas characters are not included. The intention of this list was to limit it to the old series based on the original manga. So who do you think has the greatest Cosmo?



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