Top 10 Supernatural Anime Openings [Best Recommendations]

Usually, anime openings are made with the purpose of pumping us up for the episode. A good anime opening can raise the hype and make us viewers excited for the show. When amazing visuals mix with a good song, and become captivating, there we have unforgettable openings that can leave a mark inside our hearts, all the more when the show is actually worth it. Among all the anime genres, we decided to talk about ten openings from supernatural anime: we chose the most catchy, funny, spectacular, and stunning. Stick with us until our number one, we won't fail you!

10. “Welcome!! DISCO Kemo Kemo Ke” by Daisuke Ono – Gugure!! Kokkuri-san

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: October 2014 – December 2014

Kohina Ichimatsu is a little girl living on her own. She is a self-proclaimed doll, and one day she decides to call out the fox ghost Kokkuri-san, since legend has it that Kokkuri-san can give an answer to any question. Turns out, that was all in the past: nowadays, Kokkuri-san relies on digital stuff to answer the questions, but he's a klutz at it. Seeing how Kohina is living all alone, Kokkuri-san gets worried about her, and decides to become something very near to a maternal figure: he cooks for her, do chores, and keeps her away from trouble... or at least, he tries.

This opening starts off with the suspicious incantation used by Kohina to call out Kokkuri-san. Then, all we see is Kokkuri-san doing chores and bragging about how good he is at it. To keep him grounded, there are the supernatural raccoon Shigaraki, and the dog ghost Inugami, both of them bullying him with their answers. Then, finally we see Kohina and all the other characters, as the setting changes. All of them are doing the Kemo Kemo Ke dance in a disco, with strobe lights and wearing cool suits, while the viewers feel like dancing, too!

9. “Velonica” by Aqua Timez – Bleach

  • Episodes: 366
  • Aired: October 2004 – March 2012

Ichigo Kurosaki is your typical high school boy, leading a normal life. One night, his family is attacked by a Hollow – spirits devouring human souls – and Ichigo comes to know Rukia Kuchiki. Rukia is a Soul Reaper, and since she got injured trying to protect Ichigo's family, she had to give Ichigo all her powers, in order to allow him to fight, and crush the assaliant. Problems arise when Rukia can no longer regain her powers, and Ichigo has to fight the Hollows in her place!

“Velonica” is the ninth opening for this show. It starts off by showing one by one all the other Soul Reapers like Rukia, who – episode by episode – came to know and accept Ichigo as one of them. Then, we see Ichigo all alone in the desert, and step by step he becomes surrounded by the people who helped him – his dearest friends – and the Soul Reapers. Then, as the song presses, the focus is on Aizen, Ichigo's greatest enemy. In the following frames there's Ichigo fighting alongside his comrades, and all the Visoreds who also helped Ichigo out. The opening ends with Ichigo walking through ruins, surrounded by friends and Soul Reapers, meaning that the battle is finally over.

8. “What's up, people?!” by Maximum The Hormone – Death Note

  • Episodes: 37
  • Aired: October 2006 – June 2007

Light Yagami is a hardworking high school student, and a natural genius. His life changes abruptly the day he discovers the “Death Note”. At first, Light thinks that the black notebook is just some sort of prank, but the truth strikes at him when he tries writing a name on it, and that person actually dies. This is how Light's journey begins; he will try to become the god of a brand-new world, free of evil. If his original concept was somewhat noble, though, Light begins to change in the process... and many will try to stop him.

As Death Note is a very eerie anime, the opening needed to give off the same vibes, and it does perfectly. “What's up, people?!” can shake the viewers' hearts, what with all the shouting, and the metal music. In this opening emerges the main concept of the entire show. In fact, after chaotic frames in the beginning, showing some characters, Light, who wishes to become a god, is represented as very imposing; on the other side, there's L, and all the others who tried to stop Light. The opening ends with other chaotic frames, as the song presses, and with Light all alone among ruins and chains, meaning that justice triumphed in the end.

7. “Uragiri no Yuuyake” by Theatre Brook – Durarara!!

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: Janurary 2010 – June 2010

Durarara!! is a supernatural, mystery anime taking place in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. It revolves around a huge range of characters, and the story follows equally each of them, as they become victim and perpetrator of what's going in Ikebukuro. Each of the characters is looking for something, physical or not, and they drift among the gangs wreaking havoc in the city.

As we just said, Durarara!! is an anime full of characters, all of them equally analyzed, so this show's opening keeps the same main concept. It starts off with Celty Sturluson – the Headless Rider – on her motorbike, and as the music pumps up we see frames of the various characters. Then, each character is presented with their own name, and some action that characterize them – we see Shizuo throwing a mail box at Izaya, for example. It's a very fitting opening!

6. "BREAK IN TO BREAK OUT" by Lyn – Persona 5 the Animation

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: April 2018 – ongoing

Ren Amamiya has just been transferred to Shujin Academy and is about to begin his second year. Some circumstances awaken his Persona, and so he and his friends decide to form the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”. While in the background, strange crimes begin to happen in Tokyo, Ren and his friends try to reform the hearts of corrupted people. They will lead a life as ordinary high school students during the day, turning into the Phantom Thieves at night!

This wonderful opening starts off with the show's logo, and then each character begins to appear on the Tokyo background. The predominant color is red. Then, the frame is divided in two, and while above we see a static background, below there are characters in their everyday lives. As the opening keeps going, we finally see Ren in his second identity, and gradually all the other characters as the Phantom Thieves. A wonderful opening with English lyrics, for a promising show!

5. "The Sore Feet Song" by Ally Kerr – Mushishi (Mushi-Shi)

  • Episodes: 26
  • Aired: October 2005 – June 2006

The most basic form of life are called “Mushi”, and they are literally everywhere, even though they can't always be seen. Ginko is a Mushi-shi, a Mushi master who travels from place to place in order to study Mushi, understand the effects they have on people, and find a way to treat the people affected by them. During his wandering around, he will meet a lot of people, and offer them his knowledge about Mushi, while learning other things in exchange.

Mushishi's opening is very static; during the whole song, we don't get to see Ginko wandering around nor Mushi. On the contrary, those few minutes just show the deepest part of a forest, as the song goes by: all you see is green trees, and green leaves. Yet, we decided to put it in this ranking, right because it results totally spot-on. Ally Kerr's voice talks about a person walking thousands of miles, which is the cornerstone of this anime. Then, the atmosphere is exactly what you'll find throughout the show: delicate themes debated lightly. This opening says a lot, without showing much, and those who have watched Mushishi know what we're talking about.

4. "Re:Re:" by Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Boku dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED)

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2016 – March 2016

Satoru Fujinuma wields a strange power, that he calls “revival”: whenever a tragedy is about to happen, the revival brings him back in time by few minutes, allowing him to possibly fix things up. When Satoru's mother gets brutally killed, and he happens to become the prime suspect, his power sends him 18 years back in time. Probably, his mother's death is connected to what happened while they were living in Hokkaido: during that time, Kayo Hinazuki, one of Satoru's classmates, was abducted and murdered. Trapped in the body of his 11-year-old self, Satoru must save his friends and his mother's lives!

Boku dake ga Inai Machi's opening starts off with black and white visuals, and both Satoru – the older and the younger – enter a cinema and sit down. The movie played is one of innocent children playing in the playground outside their school: little Satoru and his friends. From a window, the older Satoru watches them while smiling, but suddenly a water flow floods the school's corridor: a metaphor meaning that the peace is threatened. Then, we see Satoru's black shape, struggling with his revivals. This opening ends with the school's corridor neat and clean, and finally the black and white cinema seats empty. This opening can really make you perceive the race against time that Satoru went through!

3. "Boku ni Dekiru Koto" by HOW MERRY MARRY – Natsume Yuujinchou San (Natsume's Book of Friends Season 3)

  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: July 2011 – September 2011

Takashi Natsume is an orphan who changed families year after year, as each of his relatives found him too strange to deal with. Natsume is able to see the spirits, and that's what makes him look weird. Tables turn when he happens to find the Book of Friends, a notebook that belonged to his long-gone grandmother, who could see the spirits, too. The fated meeting with Madara, a powerful spirit trapped in the body of a maneki-neko, will be Natsume's starting point: he'll begin to return the names of the spirits written on the Book of Friends, to their owners.

Natsume Yuujinchou San's opening is very meaningful and touching. It starts off showing Natsume's loneliness, while he walks under the rain, and then something makes him remember his grandmother Reiko, and a gust of wind full of petals makes him realize that the rain has just stopped: a metaphor to say that he's no longer alone. Then, some frames of all the spirits he helped out pop up one after the other, and after the delicate gesture of giving a spirit's name back to his owner, Natsume is taken on the rooftop of his home by Madara. The opening ends with all Natsume's friends showing up for him – spirits and humans – and when Nyanko-sensei jumps on him, and he is about to fall down from the rooftop, each of them runs to rescue him.

2. "ENAMEL" by SID – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus (Black Butler: Book of Circus)

  • Episodes: 10
  • Aired: July 2014 – September 2014

Noah's Ark Circus arrives in London, ready to show spectacular stunts, made by what before were considered as rejects: amputees, dwarfs, giants, and so on. However, Noah's Ark Circus' arrival coincides with children disappearances in the city. It's time for the Queen's Watchdog – Ciel Phantomhive – to begin his investigations. Ciel, together with his devil of a butler, Sebastian Michaelis, disguised as rejects, manage to infiltrate the circus... and the curtain rises on a circus of horror.

The opening of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus starts off right with the circus' curtains rising, and the presentation of the Noah's Ark Circus team members. Then, we see Ciel engulfed by a dark figure – Sebastian – and a lot of frames of his past. When the chorus begins, we see the Grim Reapers and then the circus' members fighting against Ciel and Sebastian. After one last focus on Ciel's eye – the one used to make a contract with Sebastian – the curtain comes finally down. ENAMEL performed by SID is just the perfect fit for Book of Circus!

1. "Unravel" by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure – Tokyo Ghoul

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2014 – September 2014

Tokyo Ghoul revolves around Ken Kaneki, a university student whose weakness is Rize, an intellectual girl. When Ken finally manages to go on a date with Rize, he is just overly happy. That happiness isn't supposed to last, though; in fact, on their first date, Ken discovers that Rize is actually a ghoul – a creature eating human beings. After being assaulted by Rize, Ken miraculously survives, but he is now half-ghoul half-human. How will his life change, from that moment onward?

We really had to give Tokyo Ghoul's opening our first position, as the song, the visuals and the very cornerstone of the entire show, are enclosed perfectly in this opening. It starts off with Ken sitting in the middle of a lightly cloudy sky, and then, in turns, we see the two women who forever changed Ken's life: Rize and Touka. Then, the screen cracks and all the other characters pops up too, on Tokyo's background. After other frames implying that Touka and Rize are both ghouls and showing one by one other characters – friends or foes – the opening ends letting you perceive Ken's evolution. If in the beginning of the opening he was lonely, scared, and insecure, at the end of it we see his old self and new self, compared. The opening ends with a white-haired, determined, and darker Ken. We believe that this opening is a real masterpiece, as the lyrics of the song, the atmospheres of the visuals, and its contents perfectly blend with one another.

Final Thoughts

With the stunning “Unravel”, we ended this chart. The anime world is full of supernatural series with beautiful openings, but sadly we had to choose only ten. That's why we tried to pick those that came across as the most touching, spectacular, catchy, or meaningful. We hope you enjoyed the ride! Now, why don't you let us know what your favorite supernatural anime opening is, in the comments below? See you next time!

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