Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga

Tsundere, the concept every man and woman knows if they read manga or watch anime. Though most could name some of the more popular tsundere girls in anime, very few can name all of the manga orientated tsundere girls. Though that isn’t the case with us here at Honey’s Anime. We love any tsundere girl and we want to let you all know about the manga tsunderes that don’t get enough love. That’s why we welcome you to our Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga list.

Now, we won’t say every girl on this list is obscure. A few of our entries will be popular tsundere girls thanks to their anime counterparts and manga lineage. However, we wanted to show our love to tsundere girls who are from mostly manga only sources and thus we scoured through hundreds of manga to craft this tsundere girls in manga list. By the end of our Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga list, you’re going to have some new waifus that’s for sure. Now the, let us venture forth into a world of beautiful but tough girls who just don’t know how to show their cuter sides easily.

10. Jin Gouhara from Ane Pani

  • Mangaka: Taguchi, Kenji
  • Genre: Action, Comedy, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: One Shot
  • Published: Sept, 2009

Changing one’s own image can be quite tough. Just ask Jin Gouhara, she can tell you the struggle. While Jin is trying to show her twin brother Konoe that she can be cute and kind, it’s not fully possible to hide the other side. You see Jin is someone who is quick to get angry and lash back at anyone who rubs her the wrong way. Jin’s quest to prove she can be normal begins during her high school year…

Starting our Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga list is Jin Gouhara from Ane Pani. Let’s be honest folks, the appeal of tsundere girls is that they are soft on the inside and tough on the outside, which we mean their personalities mind you. However, Jin isn’t just tough outside but also inside as well. Jin may try to hide her foul mouth and cruel demeanor behind a cute act but it usually falls apart in this one-shot manga. Nevertheless, Jin is still a cute girl that we love for at least trying to mind her manners and be cute. Sounds like a great tsundere if we do say so ourselves.

9. Saya “Anego, Angelica, Angie” Ikushima from Onidere

  • Mangaka: Crystal na Yousuke
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published: Apr, 2008- Feb, 2011

Tadashi is a guy you could consider pretty kind and laid back. At school, Tadashi isn’t part of a sports club or athletic club but instead a member of the handicraft club. Tadashi’s main skill is knitting and he finds incredible enjoyment doing so. Meanwhile, alongside him is Saya who is the polar opposite of Tadashi and also his girlfriend. Though if Tadashi should ever let it slip that the so called strongest girl of the area who is also the leader of the gang known as Onigarashi is his girlfriend, she will kill him.

Saya could be used as a checklist for the tsundere application form. Tough, strong and quick to swoon over her man—which she wouldn’t admit to Tadashi—Saya is a tsundere through and through. Tadashi, indeed, has it rough with Saya but in the long run, he should be pretty happy to have a girl like her. Thus, Saya has been deemed all too perfect for our list and we’re sure you’ll agree from our description alone. Though we do have to worry a little bit about falling in love with a girl who threatens murder just because she’s too embarrassed to show her true side.

8. Yukio Kuroki from Kyou no Yukio-san

  • Mangaka: Hidekawa, Kenshin
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Seinen
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: Sept, 2011- Apr, 2015

Girlfriends can be a handful at times. You may have a partner now by your side but depending on the girl, they could be filled with headaches at times. This is something Tomoya Tadano knows all too well. Tomoya’s girlfriend by the name of Yukio Kuroki is cute and he loves her something fierce but Yukio is also a tsundere which makes her love a bit hard. Journey alongside Tomoya and Yukio’s daily lives and how being a couple for them isn’t the easiest thing in the world.

Yukio Kuroki from Kyou no Yukio-san might be what some could consider a great girlfriend but you have to realize she’s a tsundere. As we see in Kyou no Yukio-san, Yukio’s tsundere habits make her a tough girlfriend to have. Quick to lose her cool, Yukio will bite your head off if she feels annoyed or agitated. Though we still love Yukio and like Tomoya we see past that tsundere shell she has. Hopefully you will agree with us once you check out Kyou no Yukio-san if you haven’t already.

7. Tomoko “Chiiko” Akiyama from Sekitou Elegy

  • Mangaka: Kira, Takashi
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Volumes: 15
  • Published: Mar, 2004- May, 2008

Satoshi Yanagawa has it rough. Satoshi seems to have found a cute girl that seems to be right up his alley. However, this cute girl known as Tomoko “Chiiko” Akiyama isn’t the kindness girl around. Tomoko’s rough personality make her hard to approach and Satoshi finds himself trying to somehow get on her good side. Can Satoshi melt the heart of his dream girl or will his attempts end in failure?

We here at Honey’s Anime respect any working girl. That’s why Tomoko—nicknamed Chiiko—Akiyama is perfect for our list. Not only is she cute, hardworking and self-motivated but she is a tsundere and that makes her love even more. Tomoko might be oblivious to romance but as we see in Sekitou Elegy she comes around slowly. If you want a working class tsundere then your best bet lies in Tomoko.

6. Haru Jigokumeguri from Ojojojo

  • Mangaka: Cool Kyoushinsha
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School, Slice of Life, Seinen
  • Volumes: 4
  • Published: Jun, 2012-Apr, 2017

Wealth and fame may get you a lot in life but it won’t get you everything. A prime example for this comes in the form of Haru Jigokumeguri. Drifting from school to school, Haru has never found herself feeling wanted or making friends. Though in one of her newest schools a transfer student named Kawayanagi Tsurezure has somehow find a way to befriend Haru. Watch as these two very different people end up as friends and possibly even lovers.

Rich girls seem to be another theme for most tsundere girls. That is very noticeable in Haru Jigokumeguri from Ojojojo. Ruthless, quick to belittle those under her and spoiled, Haru might turn away most from loving her. However, we here at Honey’s Anime love all tsundere girls equally and we understand that Haru’s harsher side is more so because of a lonely existence than just being a cruel person. That’s why, if you can find it in your heart to see past the rich demeanor of Haru, you’ll find out she’s a manga tsundere worth falling for.

5. Tomo Aizawa from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!

  • Mangaka: Yanagida, Fumita
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published: Apr, 2015- Present

Junnichirou Kubota and Tomo Aizawa have been friends for quite some time. Though for Tomo this friendship isn’t enough. With love in her heart Tomo decides to bite the bullet and confess to Junnichirou. However, Tomo is shocked and dismayed by her crush’s rejection. What makes it sting worse is Junnichirou’s rejection is due to a long-time belief that Tomo was actually a dude, not a girl. Now, Tomo must somehow take her damaged her and prove to Junnichirou she’s a worthy girl for him!

Tomboys aren’t rare in the manga world. Often, a lot of our favorite tsundere girls in manga usually are tomboys in nature and we’re completely fine with it. Tomo Aizawa from Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko thus enters our list and we’re glad to have here. We find it amazingly cute that Tomo is both tough and cute in equal measures and isn’t afraid to fight for what she loves. Tomo Aizawa deserves our hearts and hopefully by having her on our Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga list we’ve shown how much we care about Tomo.

4. Mao Motomiya from Taiyou no Ie

  • Mangaka: Taamo
  • Genre: Romance, Shoujo, Slice of Life
  • Volumes: 13
  • Published: Apr, 2010- May, 2015

Mao Motomiya has become very depressed as of late. Thanks to her mother’s abandonment and her father’s new marriage, Mao feels alone and unwanted. Sulking and trying to hide, Mao goes to a shrine to eat some convenience store food. While Mao eat her longtime friend named Hiro Nakamura realizes Mao’s plight and offers his home as a means of escaping her current situation. Mao reluctantly takes Hiro’s offer but soon finds that this new set up isn’t so bad. What now lies in store for Mao when her feelings for Hiro begin to deepen and her family situation begins to change is something you will have to see for yourself in Taiyou no Ie.

Sometimes life can make any girl into a tsundere. Mao stands as a perfect example for this. Thanks to her current family situation and temperament, Mao fits the tsundere mold pretty strongly. Though we love Mao as her tsundere personality doesn’t feel like a generic one and feels like a genuine girl trying to hide her emotions behind a protective shield. Shout out in the comments down below if you agree with us here at Honey’s Anime and if you also love Mao Motomiya and her tsundere personality.

3. Sakura Matsumoto from Kirai

  • Mangaka: Miura, Noriko
  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 15
  • Published: Mar, 1998- 2006

Hanada Shintarou is what many would call both a lady’s man and a playboy. Hanada knows he looks good and can make most women swoon over him in a flash. Though this has given Hanada a bad reputation at his school for being someone who is great for one-night stands and dumping innocent girls after using them. Hanada seems like a person who will never change his ways. Then one-day Hanada ends up falling in love with a girl who is persuaded by his charm and looks, in fact this girl finds Hanada utter scum…

Sakura Matsumoto from Kirai is probably one of our all-time favorite tsunderes. While she might have a cute side hidden behind that all too known tough exterior, Sakura is more so a girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to state it. This is why guys like Hanada who are so accustomed to getting what they want fall in front of her might. Sakura literally spends the majority of Kirai changing Hanada from a jerk to a likeable guy. That’s why Sakura deserves our third spot on our Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga list.

2. Naru Narusegawa from Love Hina

  • Mangaka: Akamatsu, Ken
  • Genre: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Shounen, Harem
  • Volumes: 14
  • Published: Oct, 1998- Oct, 2001

Keitarou has tried his best to get into the university of his dreams but has found failure non-stop. With no other options, Keitarou decides to isolate himself and study his hardest to get in. Deciding on taking over his grandmother’s hotel, Keitarou believes maybe now he can find a place to study in peace. However, Keitarou quickly learns that his grandmother’s hotel is now an all-girls dorm and the female residents aren’t too happy a man has infiltrated their domain.

Ken Akamatsu isn’t a stranger to creating tons of girls for his various manga creations. Though we here at Honey’s Anime love one of his best tsundere in the form of Naru Narsusegawa from Love Hina. Naru is easily one of the greatest and oldest tsunderes out there quick to punch men like Keitarou across the world and then blush when shown a little affection. If you decide on Naru—which we wouldn’t blame you—as your ultimate tsundere girl in manga then just be prepared to have a first aid kit ready. Now then let us see who takes the number one spot on our list of Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga.

1. Chitoge Kirisaki from Nisekoi

  • Mangaka: Komi, Naoshi
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen, Harem
  • Volumes: 25
  • Published: Nov, 2011- Aug, 2016

Raku Ichijou’s oldest memory is a promise he made with some girl who held a key to his locket. Their promise was eventually one day they would get married. Unfortunately, as time fades Raku’s memory continues to fade and while the promise is still there in his heart, the girl he promised has become unknown to him. Though Raku realizes he must move on from that memory and get ready for his new school life at Bonyari High School all while dealing with his yakuza family. However, Raku’s destiny will have him ending up in a fake relationship with an opposing Yakuza family’s daughter—Chitoge Kirisaki—and several girls that seem to possibly be from Raku’s past.

This was a tough one, folks. With so many tsundere girls available choosing who would get first place took us an incredible amount of time here at Honey’s Anime. Though we feel that Chitoge Kirisaki should take first thanks to not only her cute looks and spirited attitude but that great tsundere persona that she does so well. It shouldn’t be a surprise Chitoge is a tsundere, one just has to look at her family’s background of being tough yakuza to realize this was a destined personality for Chitoge. Nisekoi’s 25 volumes prove time and time again that Chitoge deserves our number one spot on our Top 10 Female Tsundere Girls in Manga and we know many of you out there already are agreeing with us.

Final Thoughts

Love them or hate them, tsundere girls are an ever growing theme in manga and anime. Though at least with so many tsunderes out there in the manga world your list of potential loves has a rather large number. Hopefully you enjoyed our list of Top 10 Tsundere Girls in Manga as much as we loved to write it for you beautiful people out there. Let us know how we did—or if we missed any tsunderes—in the comments below. If this article made you smile and you want more like it, check out our vast site here at Honey’s Anime for even more top 10s and various other manga related articles.

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