[Thirsty Thursday] Top 10 Waifu in In Another World with My Smartphone (Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni)

For many, a common fantasy is to imagine oneself in a different world with new powers and fantastical friends. We often wish we could bury our past selves and boring lives and live a hero’s life making a difference and enjoying every day. Another fantasy everyone can relate to is finding love! Put both of these wonderful things together and you have Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni! Sure, it’s not the most sensible premise nor is there any attempt at realism in how main character Touya accepts his strange fate, but that just gives us more time to concentrate on what truly matters. And that would be all the lovely ladies he meets along his journeys.

While girls in harems often don’t get along or get jealous easily, the Isekai wa Smartphone girls get along well with each other and rarely feel jealous of their friends. This gives us a better glimpse as to what these girls are like as their own person, not just what they’re like when they’re in love. And if you’re going call someone your waifu, you’re going to want to know all about her! While it’s hard to rate these cuties, we’ve put together our list of the top ten girls with the most waifu material.

10. Cecil

Cecil works as a maid managing Touya and Yumina’s estate alongside friend and fellow maid Lapis. Don’t let her sweet demeanor fool you though! She also secretly follows and protects Yumina from the shadows and is a master at throwing knives. While she acts a bit like an airhead, she takes both of her jobs seriously and cares deeply for Yumina and has a particular soft spot for children.

Cecil is one of the more womanly-looking characters in the show and her mother’s instincts when it comes to the younger kids is a clear mark of a good waifu. Being a maid means she clearly also has housework down! A mother, a housekeeper, and bodyguard should you need it, Cecil would make a great waifu. She’s also delightfully unaware or just unabashed enough to mess with her beautifully large boobies in front of you which is a plus.

9. Olga

Olga is the daughter of a merchant and a beast-person. Beyond her role as a devoted older sister she also served as an ambassador for Mismede to negotiate an alliance with Belfast. Despite suffering persecution and even accused of attempted murder, Olga remains level-headed and devoted to her mission. She has a very calm demeanor and is a very capable woman.

Olga has one thing that really separates her from the rest, and that is her fox ears. Nekomimi girls are truly special, and her lovely fluffy tail is an appealing trait as well. He holds her own well against those that might treat her unfairly and is very respectful to those who deserve it. While she doesn’t do much to initiate romance, she is easily moved by kind gestures. Seeing her proud and determined look melt into her girlish blush is very endearing.

8. Francesca

As an android guard that watches over one of the floating pieces of Babylon, it is Francesca’s job to ascertain if those who make it to the Garden are worthy of becoming her ‘master’. Only a noble pervert who might steal glances but ultimately demand she cover herself could prove his worth which is why she recognizes Touya immediately. While she feigns ignorance in order to embarrass others, she is not only intelligent but also reads people exceptionally well.

While her voice and mannerisms are very robot-like, she has a very lewd sense of humor and clearly enjoys causing misunderstandings and making people flustered. Despite being isolated for thousands of years she has a pretty solid grasp on humans. She deducts that Touya’s sneaking looks at her while abashedly demanding she put on clothes and spurring her advances shows sincerity. She reasons if a man came in acting like a feminist and being too kind under such circumstance it is most likely a guise to make someone let their guard down. While not as into immediate physical contact as she pretends, she sees no problem with stealing a kiss as if it were nothing. Francesca is definitely a waifu for those who like to be kept on their toes!

7. Sushie

Sushie is a princess but unless you knew her father, you couldn't tell from just meeting her. She is a young child but doesn't care about rank or class and loves her family and caretaker deeply. She admires those who like to help others and is, in general, a little ray of sunshine. She loves learning and new experiences and is quick to comfort others. She does get a little demanding when she wants to play and won’t hold back tickling you until she gets her way.

For those that are fans of the little sister types, Sue is a shining example. While occasionally demanding attention when she feels left out, for the most part, she is generous and is friendly. She has a lot of energy but doesn't cause trouble and is conscious of how her actions affect others. Due to her young age, we might want to consider her a waifu-in-the-making, but even she thinks about love and marriage!

6. Charlotte

Charlotte is the court magician of the Kingdom of Belfast and is as beautiful as she is gifted. When Kouya easily cures the king she does not feel jealous. Instead, she's filled with curiosity and interest. She loves learning which is why she is the fairy elder Leen’s apprentice and studies magic under her.

Charlotte is a switch, meaning she can be dominant and submissive. When we first meet her, she flirts with an embarrassed Touya and seems very comfortable doing so. She’s a whole other person when her master is there and you have to wonder if Leen is only her master in an educational sense. She talks about being lucky to receive her master’s punishments and seems incapable of going against Leen. Seeing a powerful and flirty woman become shy and submissive is a huge turn on. Combine that with her helpful nature and her love of learning and Charlotte is clear waifu material.

5. Leen

Leen is a fairy elder with great knowledge of forgotten magic and enjoys seeing how far she can push her powers and even the people around her. Her constant companions are a stuffed bear she brought to life and a magician who she loves to tease and force into uncomfortable situations. She does want Touya to study under her too but says she’s not the type to force others to do things. This is odd considering she starts fondling the boobs of a ninja she’s working with, ignoring her protests.

Despite her age, Leen looks quite young. She has powers not even Kouya can duplicate and is a valuable member of the team. Underneath her doll-like appearance is a perverted sadist. While at first it seems that maybe she’s only grabbing ninja-boobs to upset the girl, Leen gets VERY into it. She also forces her curvy apprentice to wear a small one-piece bathing suit at the beach despite not wanting to be there. When it comes to those she likes, teasing them sexually is a must. And at least she's old enough to where you don't have to feel guilty about it! If you want a dominant waifu who also likes girls, Leen is perfect.

4. Elze

Older sister of Linze, she’s the more physically adept sister. She can hold her own against male fighters and is not afraid of battle. She’s upfront with her thoughts and likes to put herself out there. Sometimes she causes her younger sister worry with her constant rushing into things, but Elze can certainly handle herself.

Elze is feisty and is the type who would rather get revenge for being wronged than consider whether it’s even worth the fuss. She’ll let you take the lead and stand beside you for every battle. She loves her younger sister and is proud of her abilities and is passionate about helping others. Elze loves cute things but doesn’t think they become her, so sometimes she has trouble expressing her feminine side. If she has one flaw, it would probably be her lashing out violently when she’s embarrassed, but she’s quick to apologize.

3. Yae

Yae comes from a line of swordsmen and is a fearsome fighter. She has a strong dislike for criminals and will not turn a blind eye to injustice. She wants to travel and become as powerful as her brother but not because of a sense of rivalry. She wants to live up to her family name and loves them very much. She eats a tremendous amount but she needs the energy to keep up her constant pep!

Much like Linze and Elze, she feels nothing but admiration for Touya’s abilities instead of feeling jealous. She is an emotional girl and is moved to tears when seeing acts of kindness. You never have to worry about where you stand with Yae as she's very easily impressed and honest when it comes to what she thinks of others. She is regal and beautiful and sure of herself but acts like a puppy when around those she loves. She's a waifu you’d want to protect and be protected by.

2. Linze

Linze is the younger and soft-spoken sister. She is an accomplished mage who doesn’t necessarily like resorting to fighting but won’t shy away from a fight. She shows no mercy to those who would hurt innocent people and is a fierce opponent. She might be a little clumsy sometimes but she is good at thinking things through and caring for others.

Linze shares a lot of good traits with Elze. They both easily show their affection and don’t tend to get jealous of people with natural ability. They love helping others and are quick to bond with those they consider good people. Linze though is the better communicator and manages her emotions better. She is the second girl to come to terms with her feelings, realizing she can’t blame Touya for her own feelings of jealousy. She is loyal and loving and super cute. She also doesn’t let romantic feelings cause a rift between her relationships with her sister and friends, choosing to support everyone as best she can. Linze is ideal in terms of disposition, looks, and understanding.

1. Yumina

Yumina, the princess of Belfast, is a young girl with incredible insight. She has Mystic Eyes of Intuition which allows her to see a person’s true character. She is not just immediately blinded by puppy love, but can actually see what characteristics Touya has and knows what kind of man she wants. She is sure very early on she wants to become his wife and acts as such from the day they meet. She is gifted in summoning magic and despite her age, is very good at interacting with other royalty and establishing good relationships with other kingdoms.

Yumina is a little girl, but it's easy to forget this with how mature she is. When acting the role of the wife she does not become jealous of those close to the one she loves. Instead she loves those her husband loves and works to create a peaceful environment for him and others. She may sometimes get jealous or lonely but her love keeps her rational and calm. However she is no pushover. She understands her own feelings well and doesn't blame her love for things that aren't his fault. While she is determined to become Touya’s wife, she also considers his feelings and desires seriously and wants him to fall in love with her organically. Her love is not just for her romantic interest, but for her friends as well and she supports them in becoming wives to her future husband. While it would probably be good to give her a few years, Yumina is our number one waifu.

Final Thoughts

The girls in Isekai wa Smartphone are all kind, understanding, and cute. It's hard to order them in terms of appeal but considering both screen time and how much love you can feel from them, it becomes a little easier. Don't worry if you feel you can't choose just one though because with this show you don't have to! The girls are definitely ok with sharing their special someone. Just make sure if you take more than one waifu you give them all the love and attention these darling girls deserve!

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