Top 10 Waifu To LOVE-Ru Characters [Best Recommendations]

The day To LOVE-Ru ends will be a day of great loss for the harem and ecchi genres. Providing top quality fan service and many laughs throughout, Kentaro Yabuki’s creation has been a giant middle finger to manga censorship for years, with its anime adaptation straddling the thin line between ecchi and hentai, and riding it hard.

With a not insignificant number of girls now in Rito’s harem, the series is doing a great job of nailing every possible trope and character archetype it can to ensure that every base is covered. Lolis, big chested doctors, aliens, and a student council president, it’s all here. So as you can imagine there some difference of opinion regarding which girl is best girl. Who is the waifu to rule them all.

So to throw our thoughts into the mix, we’ve put together a list of who we think are the top 10 waifu To LOVE-Ru characters. Please don’t hurt us.

10. Riko Yuusaki

The unfortunate result of Lala’s crazy inventions, Riko is the female version of poor Rito, and a very pretty version at that. Like her male counterpart, Riko is very easy to embarrass, and gets flustered by just about everything. Additionally she retains his ability to fall into anyone and everyone for no reason at all, which is all around marvellous. In many ways very similar to Nana, Riko is also a total tomboy (who would have guessed) almost exclusively wearing boys clothes.

If anything, Riko’s origins just make her one of the more interesting girls in the cast, for those of you who like something a little bit different. Good natured and willing to play along with whatever madness is unfolding, regardless of how embarrassing it might be, while not your conventional girl, she sure makes one hell of a waifu.

9. Tearju Lunatique

Along with Doctor Mikado, Tearju Lunatique is one of To LOVE-Ru’s most mature characters, in both body and mind. In spite of her age, Tearju is in the shy girl boat, apparently having little experience with things of the adult realm after devoting herself to science. Although she’s a fairly new addition to the cast, Tearju tries her best to look out for everyone, even if her clumsy self is often the one in need of assistance.

Fitting the older teacher character type, Teraju’s allure is the forbidden zone created by the student-teacher relationship. This is only exasperated by her often getting into sticky situations and sharing Rito’s uncanny ability to trip over absolutely nothing. Although we’ve not seen a lot of Tearju yet her warmth and beauty have earned her a spot on this list.

8. Nana Astar Deviluke

Tsundere of tsunderes, Nana Deviluke thinks you’re a dog, and a baka, and she won’t let you forget it anytime soon. Despite being the middle child of the three Deviluke sisters, Nana often comes off as the youngest, being blissfully ignorant of many things and getting easily alarmed at the mention of anything ecchi. But despite her quick tempered, tsundere nature, Nana’s a good hearted girl, always putting her friends first, even being the one to help Mea out in her darkest period.

Nana isn’t just your waifu, she’s your best friend, always up for hanging out or playing video games. This relaxed, tomboy appeal is what sets her apart from the rest, and that despite being an alien, she’s actually one of the least crazy girls in the series. On top of her petite loli appearance, and cute twin tails, Nana is the perfect girl in the eyes of many.

7. Nemesis

Evil mastermind behind something, maybe, it’s hard to know, she’s very secretive. Nemesis’s affiliation is one of the biggest mysteries of the series, as despite her potentially world ending attempt at activating Darkness, she currently seems content playing pranks and messing about. The only character to beat Momo when it comes to teasing poor Rito, her recent relocation to his shadow has only increased the ease with which she can do so.

Although Yami, Mea and Nemesis all have the same Transform ability, Nemesis is by far the most liberal with its usage, switching between cute, flat loli and busty young woman whenever she feels like it. Either way Nemesis is one of the most unique looking members of the cast, and has gained a following amongst tan girl lovers. The ideal waifu for masochists, Neme-chan will be more than happy to keep you around, as her pet that is.

6. Mikan Yuuki

She does the cooking, the cleaning, the walking in on you in the bathroom: perfect little sister Mikan Yuuki. As imoutos go, Mikan is one of the most mature ones about, looking after the whole house by herself, including little flower girl Celine. In fact, along with Haruna she stands out as one of the sanest girls amongst the otherwise fascinating cast.

Often seen apron on and ladle in hand, Mikan is already designed as the wife of the house, looking after her hopeless husband (Rito), baby (Celine) and teenage daughters (Deviluke sisters). So it’s no surprise that she makes a great waifu, with all that on top of her thoughtful and caring nature. She’s got both the imouto and loli traits going on too, which for some so is enough for her to be instantly promoted to best girl.

5. Yui Kotegawa

Whenever something shameless occurs, it should always be that Yui Kotegawa is around to point it out by shouting loudly and pointing. To be fair, as student council president, it’s kind of her job. Despite her own shameless chest size, Yui is quick to punish anything of an ecchi nature, even when Rito hasn’t actually done anything yet. But you can only hide from reality for so long, and watching Yui come to terms with her own feelings is the most satisfying thing about her character.

Prim and proper in public, but likely more daring in private: the contrast between the two is Yui’s strong point. Seeing all her walls crumble when put in the right situation is endearing, as is watching her think about relationships in non-ecchi ways: walking together, having children, the normal stuff. The fact that the besotted girl thinks about sweet things like this, makes her excellent waifu material.

4. Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness)

One of the deadliest assassins in the galaxy, and lover of taiyaki, Yami’s cool and frankly violent attitude has had far from the desired effect. She’s just playing hard to get right? Like super high level hard to get. Anyway, regardless of her intentions, Yami’s kuudere nature has given her a cute, shy side when she’s not on a murderous rampage, winning her an overwhelming number of waifu points, assuming there’s a point system. Or that we’re keeping score.

Shy types like Yami are incredibly popular, wanting little more than to stay in the company of those who are important to them. Whether it’s reading a book or sitting eating crepes, Yami is one of the more easy-going girls, as long as you don’t try anything weird. Her transform ability has its various uses too, not just saving your butt when aliens attack, but as her own experiments have shown, she change the size of anything. Anything.

3. Momo Belia Deviluke

Mastermind behind the Harem Plan, Momo Deviluke’s erotic antics are the source of much pain and embarrassment for Rito, and much joy for us viewers. Wanting to be seen as a mature young woman, Momo is often doing and saying things that she’s not quite ready for herself, adding a cute side to an otherwise very ecchi character.

This teasing and cute combo is for sure what makes Momo one of the most popular girls in the series. Well that on top of the half-naked in bed thing. Infact, the general lack of clothing in many of her appearances has been a large asset to her popularity. On top of her incredible desire to protect the person most important to her and make them happy, there’s a pretty strong argument for wanting Momo as your girl.

2. Haruna Sairenji

The ordinary classmate, Haruna Sairenji is the girl Rito would’ve ended up with had this been a regular teen romance show. Cute, sweet, and innocent, Haruna is everything one would expect from a high school girl heroine. In fact amongst the aliens and the nutty other girls, a normal girl like her stands out simply for the fact that she’s normal. But with that said, she’s also one of the warmest girls, always treating everyone kindly and fairly, no matter what’s happening.

Haruna’s ability to forgive is seemingly limitless, no matter what strange, perverted things are done to her. Though that’s not to say she doesn’t get shaken up a bit by the experience, as she’s also one to get genuinely embarrassed when a situation gets “interesting”. Easily spooked and frequently worried, Haruna is the type to cling to you when she’s scared, which is nothing short of adorable. In waifu terms, Haruna is fairly vanilla, but more often than not, that’s just what you want.

1. Lala Satalin Deviluke

The runaway royalty and reason why this all started, Lala Satalin Deviluke is the first Princess of Deviluke and mad inventor extraordinaire. Despite her qualities as a princess and apparent intellectual, all of that gets over ridden by her relentless enthusiasm. An passive user of “I reject your reality and substitute my own”, Lala is prepared to completely ignore anything bad that’s going on, or anything that’s going on at all, and replace it with whatever she is very excited about in that moment. Even if you can’t match her endless enthusiasm, rest assured you will still be taken along for the ride.

Despite her genius, beauty, and insane strength, Lala has an almost child-like innocence and purity about her, never looking down on others or casting judgement. This kindness along with her constantly upbeat nature makes Lala an amazing person to be around, bringing light to even the crappiest of days. The waifu that’ll always be there for you, to turn that frown upside down.

Final Thoughts

With so many different girls, and all of them getting plenty of screen time and development, in the end the waifu decision comes down mostly to preference. Like lolis? Well might we recommend you a blonde assassin or this sweet little sister. Perverts? We have several to choose from, would you prefer her to have a plan or a kind of stab in the dark type attitude?

So who would you want to have around, for better or worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health? Whether it’s one of the girl’s here or one of the awesome girls that didn’t quite make it in, we’d love to hear your comments!

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