Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga

There’s an old saying in the world of romance, love hurts. In the world of the yandere girls, this statement fits all too perfectly. While yanderes may show you undying love and devotion, they tend to be a little scary—or extremely scary—if their love is threatened or if they are crossed. However, regardless of this scary love, we here at Honey’s Anime can’t get enough of the yandere ladies out there. That’s why we decided to show our love—and fear—of yanderes in a list titled Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga.

This deadly list of yandere girls in manga must be explained first to those who may want to judge us right away. While there are tons of yandere girls out there, we wanted to show some love to most of the manga only girls. These are yandere girls in manga who haven’t been given the love they deserve and we here at Honey’s Anime want to correct that. Don’t worry for those that hope their favorite yandere girls make this list, we made sure we included some of the more deadly and popular yandere girls in manga out there. Now then, if you’re ready to meet some of the more deadly vixens out there let us begin this yandere girls in manga list without any more delay.

10. Noeda Kanade from Hiai Mousou

  • Mangaka: Nakamura, Uzuki
  • Genre: Horror, Psychological, Seinen
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: Jul, 2013-Feb, 2015

School teacher Kadomae Kazuma is about to run into a troubled student named Noedaa Kanade. While at first glance Noeda just seems shy and quiet, the horror of her true personality begins to unleash as Kazuma gets to know her better. You see Noeda has a lot of love for our teacher. However, while it may sound cute, Kazuma begins to see that Noeda’s love for him is excessive. How will Kazuma handle a crush that begins to become terrifying?

Teachers have it kind of rough. Usually they must maintain law and order in their classrooms despite the sometimes-troubled students that occupy their roster of kids, but we don’t think many have run into the issue that teacher Kazuma has with Noeda. While still young and naïve, Noeda makes our list of Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga thanks to her love being anything but normal. If you want a girl who will give you gifts that aren’t apples, then we recommend the very yandere Noeda Kanade from Hiai Mousou.

9. Saedano Minami from Cock Robin wo Korosu no wa

  • Mangaka: Kaname, Ryuu
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama, Shounen, Super Power, Thriller
  • Volumes: 3
  • Published: 2009- 2010

School yard games should be fun for most students. Unfortunately for Hidaka Kishi, his soon to be school game will be far from the word fun. While enroute to class with a friend, Kishi hears an old song play called Who Killed Cock Robin on a radio. Shortly after the song begins, a strange killing game starts at Kishi’s school with him as the primary target. Luckily a fellow female student named Saedano Minami seems to want to watch his back. Kishi wonders why doesn’t Saedano want the prize of getting her wish fulfilled and instead, wants to protect him?

Almost any game is easier to play when you have someone watching your back. Though when you have Saedano Minami watching your back, you may have to be a bit weary of her ulterior motives. Nevertheless, even if Saedano may be a bit overprotective, having a cute yandere like her wouldn’t be such a bad thing. That’s why if you’re about to enter a killing game—which we hope doesn’t happen to you and doubt it will—then we suggest teaming up with the cute and smart Saedano Minami. Is it just us or is school a breeding ground for yandere girls in manga like Saedano Minami?

8. Rio Miyaichi from Ana Satsujin

  • Mangaka: Larsson
  • Genre: Ecchi, Horror, Romance
  • Volumes: 8
  • Published: Dec, 2013- Sept, 2016

For Etsurou Kurosu, his failings in life have finally become too much for him to handle. Deciding to end his life, Kurosu decides to hang himself. However, during the process Kurosu panics and ends up surviving all while breaking a hole in his wall. When Kurosu looks through the new hole, he sees his beautiful neighbor Rio Miyaichi and decides to make her his new lease on life. Though as Kurosu soon learns, Rio has a rather dark hobby…she loves taking lives of men who enter her domain. Rio then see Kurosu and offers him an ultimatum; he can survive but he has to love her and accept everything about her even the murder aspect of her…

One thing any good romance expert will tell you is that you must accept your significant other, even the worse side of them. However, for yandere Rio Miyachi from Ana Satsujin, this means accepting a murderer as your significant other. Sure Rio is cute, but could you handle a girl who literally loves to murder for fun? We here at Honey’s Anime won’t say our answer to this but we will say if you want a cute yandere who loves and kills in equal strides, Rio will be the perfect companion for you.

7. Remina “The Strange Lolita” Kanbe from Ibitsu

  • Mangaka: Ryou, Haruto
  • Genre: Horror, Seinen
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published: Oct, 2009- Jun, 2010

In the middle of the night, an innocent chore became a catalyst for something horrible. Itou Kazuki ended up seeing a strange girl just watching him. Even when Itou returned to his room, the eerily strange girl continued to gaze at him from afar. What Itou will soon learn is that this girl is anything but normal and is someone who will become a part of his life. However, is this new element to Itou’s life a good thing or a horrible nightmare waiting to become real?

Strange people should be avoided. This is something most would tell you if you so happen to meet one. However, if you want a strange girl to end up working her way into your life, you’ll be hard pressed to find any better girl then Remina Kanbe. With stalker qualities and a desire to be part of your world, Remina is a yandere through and through. Just be warned, accepting Remina into your life means you’re going to maybe have some interesting and dark events befall you…

6. Tsubasa Tooka from Abnormal-kei Joshi

  • Mangaka: Katou, Haruaki
  • Genre: Horror, School, Harem, Psychological, Seinen
  • Volumes: 3 (Hiatus)
  • Published: May, 2012- Present

Shiina Shinya’s perception of the girls around him is pretty harsh. However, most could understand why Shiina believes this. That’s because most of the girls who seem to surround Shiina are all very strange and odd. Can Shiina deal with all the girls who seem to love him in their own creepy way? Find out in this horrific manga known as Abnormal-kei Joshi.

Picking a girl from Abnormal-kei Joshi isn’t an easy task. There are a slew of very unique girls too choose from but if you want a yandere, your best bet comes from stalker extraordinaire Tsubasa Tooka. Cute and well liked, Tsubasa is a popular girl at her school but her eyes are only focused on Shiina. Want a popular girl to obsess over you and follow you like a puppy? Then you’re going to want the yandere Tsubasa Tooka who will be by your side and never be too far.

5. Mai Mashiro from Dead Tube

  • Mangaka: Kitakawa, Touta- Yamaguchi, Mikoto
  • Genre: Ecchi, Horror, School, Seinen
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: Apr, 2014- Present

The internet is known for housing various video websites but none are as infamous as Dead Tube. On Dead Tube, people post videos of morbid and overly graphic videos that are ranked based on views. While Tomohiro Machiya would rather continue his filming for his Film Research Club, he ends up having to film for the site once he encounters a psychopathic girl named Mai Mashiro. Now, Tomohiro must continue filming various horrible acts or else he will face fatal consequences.

A lot of women and girls hate overly violent movies and videos. Though there are obviously some who are obsessed with the darkness that you can find in some video content. That line definitely applies to Mai Mashiro from Dead Tube who not only loves disturbing videos but loves being the star of them. Mai has always apparently loved Tomohiro after seeing a video he did when she was younger but her love comes at the price of working with her in some horrible and grisly acts. If you’re not afraid of a wild girl with a desire for the spotlight, you’re probably going to love the yandere known as Mai Mashiro.

4. Yuno Kirishima from Uwakoi

  • Mangaka: Itosugi, Masahiro
  • Genre: Drama, Ecchi, Romance, School, Harem, Seinen
  • Volumes: 6
  • Published: Sept, 2011- Sept, 2014

Yukiteru’s world is about turned upside down when he gets involved in a terrible love triangle. On one hand, Yukiteru has his childhood friend who loves and admiration is borderline on psychotic. Then a new girl by the name of Saotome Rena ends up falling for Yukiteru when he learns of a secret she has. Both girls are beautiful as Yukiteru would agree, too, however, behind their beauty each girl is filled with darkness and troubled minds.

Have you ever wanted a girl to carve her name in your stomach? If your answer for some reason is yes, we direct you to our number 4 yandere Yuno Kirishima. Yuno might be a cute childhood friend on the outside but inside her there is a dire need to be loved and recognized over other girls. Yuno Kirishima is a girl you don’t want to cross but equally if you love her she will probably not hurt you or anyone else. Seriously though, we could do without the carving her name in our stomach thing…just saying.

3. Ayaka Tachibana from Re:Birth- The Lunatic Taker

  • Mangaka: Im, Dal Young
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Supernatural, Seinen
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published: May, 2009- Oct, 2011

Reiji Tachibana has found his hometown to be the center of an odd event as of late. A mass amount of suicides have been taking place around town and most think it’s due to a legend surrounding odd artifacts known as death accessories. Reiji thinks this can’t be the case and his very protective sister Ayaka agrees. Though when Reiji finds and picks up an odd bracelet on the street, he learns that the so-called death accessories are very much real. Now Reiji and his sister are about to become part of a death game where blood will be shed…

Family is very important to us here at Honey’s Anime. Though maybe having a sister like Ayaka Tachibana might be a bit much. Ayaka and her brother are forced to undergo a strange metamorphosis and in the process, Ayaka becomes imbued with power which she in turn uses to protect her brother who she loves maybe a bit too much. Though thankfully we’re not related to Ayaka, we love her dark yandere side even if she’s a legit killer. If you want a strong girl who has killer moves and looks then you’re going to want to choose Ayaka Tachibana.

2. Misa Amane from Death Note

  • Mangaka: Obata, Takeshi- Ohba, Tsugumi
  • Genre: Mystery, Drama, Shounen, Supernatural, Psychological
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: Dec, 2003- May, 2006

Imagine for a moment you could control the fate of a man with just their name? Light Yagami, who was a normal high school student, is about to gain that power thanks to a special book called the Death Note. Dropped from a place unknown to man, Light picks up the Death Note and learns he can literally write the name of someone he’s seen and kill them via the Death Note. Even when Light learns from the Shinigami that dropped the book—named Ryuk—that he is destined to go to neither heaven or hell when he dies, Light continues to use his new power to remove the criminals from the world. However, when Light’s non-stop killings begins to get noticed, he begins to become hunted by those who don’t like his vigilante justice.

One-part idol and one-part die-hard Kira fan, Misa Amane takes the second spot on our list of Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga. Misa doesn’t just act like a killer girlfriend like some yandere girls in manga on our list, she actually uses her own Death Note to kill for her man Light. Misa is the type of girl who once she falls in love with you—in this case Light—she will literally show you how much she’s willing to do. Misa was a must for our yandere girls in manga list and we know a lot of you are breathing a sigh of relief that we included her. Honestly, we wouldn’t mind having a girl like Misa but we would probably tell her to not kill anyone…

1. Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki

  • Mangaka: Esuno, Sakae
  • Genre: Action, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural, Psychological, Thriller
  • Volumes: 12
  • Published: Jan, 2006- Dec, 2010

Amano Yukiteru is a young man who has lived most of his life being a social outcast. Amano’s only friend comes in what seems to be a made of being named Deus who happens to be the Lord of Time & Space. Though one day Amano learns that in reality, Deus is in fact a god and has asked Yukiteru alongside several others to participate in a very strange game using their cellphones. Each phone user must try to eliminate one another till only one remains and their reward for being the last man standing is to gain the power of the now dying god Deus. Whether or not Yukiteru wants to participate or not is out of his hands and if he wants to survive he will have to rely on his phone that can predict the future.

Coming in on our top spot is the infamous Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki. If you want what many—including us here at Honey’s Anime—consider the ultimate yandere, then all you need to do is look for Yuno and her obsessive and overprotective personality. Yuno single handedly is the one who keeps Yukiteru alive for most of Mirai Nikki but also is quick to do very odd things to him as well. Yuno is a girl that once she locks in on your love, it may be impossible to stop her from being with you 24/7. While this does intrigue us it also terrifies us, which is why Yuno takes our top spot on our Top 10 Yandere Girls in Manga without any competition.

Final Thoughts

Yanderes may be scary but there’s just something we love about them. The idea of a girl showing her love in some of the most eccentric ways probably is why most are enticed by the yandere arch type in manga. At the end of the day whether you love these yandere girls in manga or not, once they have decided to be yours there’s no escaping their love. Now then with our list done let us know have we satisfied your taste of yanderes? Drop a comment down below to tell us and if you loved this list we have hundreds more for you to read here at Honey’s Anime.

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