Top 11 Cosplay Cameras [Best Recommendations]

Cosplay-Nanachi-MadeinAbyss-Seeu-004 Top 11 Cosplay Cameras [Best Recommendations]

If you're looking to take gorgeous cosplay photos then you'll need the right tools for the job. Not to worry, from now on we've got you covered!

Especially in Japan, shooting with a smartphone is not welcome at a cosplay convention.

The reason is that at cosplay conventions in Japan, everyone who shoots cosplay are equipped with large and high-performance cameras. When photos are taken with a smartphone, it will not be comparable with one from a high-performance camera, and so cosplayers will not be pleased, nor will they want to work with you in the future.

So with that being said, why not consider a single-lens reflex camera?
In this article, the author, who has been a staff member in the cosplay area of Comiket in Japan, will propose some camera recommendations for beginners to veterans, which are especially good at taking cosplay photos at the cosplay convention.

Of course, even if you are not in Japan, you can take high-quality cosplay photos at conventions and studios if you have these cameras!

If you're thinking of shooting, we recommend the best cameras for you!! On that note, let's jump straight in!

For Professionals (Full sized Model)

Sony α7Ⅲ

If you can afford a lot of money for a cosplay camera, this one is the best absolutely. Used by many amateurs and professionals, no one regrets buying this camera.
The Sony α7 series can take amazing photos in any environment. It can take the best photos even in bad conditions like under strong sunshine. Adjusting the distance to the subject and the light for a moment, it's the perfect option for events that are often crowded outdoors, such as Comiket." The latest α7R IV is also the best.

Cosplay-Nanachi-MadeinAbyss-Seeu-004 Top 11 Cosplay Cameras [Best Recommendations]

Canon EOS R

Among the cameras used by professionals, even beginners can handle it relatively easily. It's perfect for cosplay shooting because it allows you to capture beautiful skin tones and hair.

Nikon D850

Excellent image quality, battery, and the best camera that can be stably operated anywhere. In addition to these features, other performances are also extremely high. However, it takes time for a beginner to get used to all of the intricate options. However, after getting used to it, the range of things that can be done will expand dramatically for more versatility.


Pentax's first full-size SLR. Because it has excellent waterproof and dustproof performance, you can shoot outdoors without any problems. In addition, the performance of the sensor is great, making it easy to shoot even in the night or in the dark.
It's a camera that is cheaper than other full-size models and has the best cost performance.


It is as waterproof and dustproof as Pentax K-1, and does not break down much even in cold environments. It has a good reputation for its contrast, and can be used to its best especially in railroad photography or evening landscape photography.

For beginners (Entry Model)

Nikon D5600

The concept of Nikon's camera is "to shoot as it is." This camera is especially strong in terms of shadows and black shades and photographs of landscapes. Compared to other cameras, it doesn't require much correction, but because it saves as it is, it will be great after an adjustment on PC through programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

Once you start fiddling around and realizing how amazing this camera is, you may not want to use the camera of your smartphone anymore. Nikon is a long-established camera manufacturer that has been in existence for over 100 years. Their cameras are "reliable" and can work even in cold or hot weather when no other camera works. Like the Nikon camera on Apollo 15, it is used on many spacecrafts. Nikon D7500 is also a high-ranking model, so I recommend that as well.

EOS KissX9i

Canon's camera concept is all about "saving beautifully." In particular, the skin and hair are sometimes captured more beautifully than the real life counterpart, so it is not necessary to spend time on a computer. Even beginners can easily take professional-looking photos with the greatest of ease.

Canon cameras are easy to handle even for beginners and are recommended for first time use. Canon is a camera manufacturer that boasts an overwhelming No. 1 share in Japan and in the world in SLR cameras. The latest model is Canon X10, so I recommend it also.


Although the popularity has a smaller number than other major manufacturers, it has overwhelmingly better calculation processing functions than others.

Although the Pentax KP is an entry model camera, it does not reduce its function compared to high-priced models. You can automatically focus even in the dark, and you can take beautiful pictures of the starry sky despite being an entry model.
The waterproof and dustproof performance is overwhelmingly good, and you will not have any trouble shooting in the rain. Also, the color is unique compared to Nikon and Canon. Pentax is a brand name of Ricoh Imaging Corporation.

Fujifilm X-T30

Currently, cosmetics, medical products and medical equipment are the main products, but the digital camera is developed by FujiFilm, which boasted an overwhelming catalog of film cameras. Despite being a digital camera, the body looks like a film camera, and the photographs themselves still have the color tone of a film camera.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 MarkII

It is lighter than other cameras. The image stabilization, small and lightweight system are wonderful when shooting movies. Olympus is a medical device manufacturer with the largest catalog of endoscopes in Japan and the world.

Panasonic LUMIX G8

The image stabilization and autofocus functions have evolved overwhelmingly from the cameras of Panasonic so far. The characteristic of Panasonic cameras is that they are good at shooting movies, and while they are single-lens reflex cameras in this price range, they can shoot 4K movies.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion, these cameras are truly great for any occassion and depending on your tastes and preferences, there's a professional camera just for you!

  • Canon: A person who is not confident in operating the camera. A person who only occasionally pursues photography.
  • Nikon: A person who wants to continue to use the camera.
  • Pentax: A person who wants to shoot in various environments, not limited to cosplay.
  • Sony: For someone who wants to capture cosplay beautifully because of its great image censor.
  • Any camera above is fine, Since Canon and Nikon have many types of lenses, they can be used in various situations. Sony's cameras have shown dramatic improvement in the past few years. Pentax is packed with many features.

    If you have one of these cameras and shoot cosplay, you will be able to take pictures of extremely good quality! We hope you found this to be very helpful on your journey towards becoming the best cosplay photographer! Until next time!