Top 5 1st Cours Carole & Tuesday Songs

In this recent hit by Shinichiro Watanabe, he takes us back to Alba City on Mars to give us the story of our two titular leads, Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons. They are two teens from two different worlds, but they come together in hopes they can launch a musical career. In their short time together, we hear them create and perform their own songs as well as the others of the remaining featured cast members. So for today’s list, we thought it would be best to explore some of the best 5 songs from this anime (without counting the opening and ending themes).

5. Galactic Mermaid by The Mermaid Sisters

No Carole & Tuesday song list is ever complete without Galactic Mermaid by The Mermaid Sisters. In Acapella form, the quartet who claim to be neither men nor women just simply use every swear word in the book that would make legendary comedians George Carlin and Richard Pryor proud. When you watch this anime in its Japanese audio and is then transitioned to this quirky song, it’s going to have you instantly laughing. The song is absolutely ridiculous for every reason possible, but you can’t help but enjoy it. It’s the kind of song that you want to listen to when you’re having a bad day, or stuck in traffic. Yes, The Mermaid Sisters were disqualified midway but after seeing this unpredictable performance, we would love to see someone compete on one of those singing shows and sing this song for everyone’s amusement (preferably dressed as The Mermaid Sisters).

4. Round & Laundry by Carole & Tuesday

So you’re doing laundry and just waiting for time to pass by. You could be looking at your phone and tablet like most people these days do but for Carole & Tuesday, they just make a song up on the fly. When they make up a song like that, it comes to show the creative talent they have. After all, the idea for Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror simply came from looking at a rear view mirror while driving. Compared to the first song they come up with together, this song a perfect reflection of how their relationship has developed in the short time they’ve spent time together and how they’ve overcome adversity thanks to it.

3. Love Yourself by Pyotr

No, we’re not talking about the Justin Bieber song, but a song with the same name sung by Pyotr, a futuristic Instagram sensation. Love Yourself is very befitting for Pyotr due to the nature of his pre-existing fame by no means meant to be for self-validating. It’s a great reflection of his outgoing personality and confidence and through how the actual singer delivers the lyrics, the audience can feel a genuine sense of who he is. Views can get a feel that his persona is by no means fake, and he wishes for others to feel the same about themselves. Lastly, no one can deny that rotoscope isn’t dead when you see him dancing as he sings.

2. Move Mountains by By Angela

If anyone can be considered a rival to Carole & Tuesday, it has to be Angela an actress/model who is now aspiring to be a singer. Despite her pre-existing fame, she still wishes to show that she wants to pay her dues. Yes, uplifting songs to put people up as if they can move mountains can be cheesy and trendy, but this song does a great job of keeping such themes fresh. Move Mountains is very energetic and is an excellent contrast to Angela on a superficial level who, people believe she’s had everything handed to her. The song is a great reflection that she wants to achieve her career as a singer based on her own merits, and that she has the talent and dedication to overcome her personal and professional obstacles.

1. The Loneliest Girl by Carole & Tuesday

At number one, we put in the first song Carole & Tuesday made together, The Loneliest Girl. What makes this song great is how it perfectly reflects where Carole & Tuesday were upon meeting, and how their abrupt friendship turned into something magical. Obviously, both of these young ladies were lonely in their own ways despite coming from totally opposite backgrounds. Now that they’ve chosen to walk this path together, they use this song to express the hopes that their friendship will bring. Through The Loneliest Girl, you truly feel that within their brief time together, you see that they have a strong relationship and how they value it, which is why we put this song at number 1.

Final Thoughts

There is so much to share that maybe we can make a part 2 in the future. Compared to most music/idol oriented anime, Carole & Tuesday is one of those few music titles that tend to portray their music in English (and in French) despite presently being in Japanese at the moment. Let’s hope that when the series does get dubbed, that the singers of the songs will also portray their respective characters, but that’s a different ball game. What the songs of Carole & Tuesday all ultimately do is bring the audience not just to the music, but to the singers behind them through their good times and bad and shows that regardless of language, music is truly universal.

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