Top 5 Dororo 2nd Cours Scenes

Hyakkimaru and Dororo continue their journey to reclaim Hyakkimaru’s body and discover who they really are along the way. The battles grow harder each time for Hyakkimaru, especially as he starts to lose his direction and even a bit of his humanity. Things come to a final battle between Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru, even as Daigo’s land has reached its lowest point at the same time. Hyakkimaru and Dororo will finally come through their hardships to the end of their long journey, but who will they be when it all ends? Dororo truly was one of the best shows of the season. Here are a few of our favorite moments from the latter half of the series!

5. Ghost Children Lead Dororo – Episode 15

Dororo finds himself in a dangerous situation when he ends up in the basement of a grain storage shed, chased by giant, man-eating ghoul caterpillars! Just when he thinks he won’t find a way out, the giant ghoul baby that followed him appears, dissolving into many ghost children to protect Dororo. Discovering that the villagers gave up the children from their orphanage to protect their own semblance of peace was just another example of how dark the setting is in this series and an interesting twist to this episode!

4. Chimera Demon – Episode 20

Hyakkimaru and Dororo encounter a chimera demon, helped by a young samurai man. They fall off a mountain and Dororo becomes trapped, only freed thanks to the intervention of Biwamaru. Hyakkimaru is enraged by his inability to protect Dororo and he runs to face the demon once again. His anger fuels his strength, and even when the samurai becomes a part of the chimera, Hyakkimaru still destroys the demon. Dororo finds him again in his worst moment, as Hyakkimaru is desperately stabbing the demon corpse in the hopes of regaining more of his body. Dororo sees the darkness that is overtaking Hyakkimaru and tries to stop him. It is then that we first see the desperation in Hyakkimaru, how badly he wants to get his body back and be a human-like everyone else. This scene is one of the most impactful from the series since it is the start of his spiral into darkness.

3. Hyakkimaru Fights Tahomaru – Episode 24

Though Hyakkimaru has fought with Tahomaru many times over the course of the series, the final fight is one we will never forget! The brothers clash in the burning castle that was once their home. Hyakkimaru has the chance to end his brother, but he lets him be, repairing their relationship a bit. One of the most emotional moments from the fight is when Hyakkimaru comments on Tahomaru’s missing heart, showing that both of the brothers have been lacking in their lives.

2. Reunion with Jukai – Episode 17

Jukai and Hyakkimaru find each other again at the most random point in their lives, with Hyakkimaru jumping in to kill a ghoul. They are overjoyed to meet with one another again. Jukai takes care of him, just as he’s always done. He tries to ask Hyakkimaru about why he feels the need to reclaim his body, and Hyakkimaru simply says he wants what is his. Jukai is saddened, as he thought Hyakkimaru was the one good thing he brought into the world. Instead, Jukai feels as though he brought Hyakkimaru into the hell of the world. Jukai cares deeply about Hyakkimaru and their relationship is one of the purest in the series, second only to Dororo and Hyakkimaru’s relationship. Jukai found a reason to live in Hyakkimaru and we loved their emotional reunion in this scene!

1. Hyakkimaru Pardons Daigo – Episode 24

Even as Hyakkimaru finally gets the redemption he deserves, most of his family ends up dead, thanks to the fire burning their castle down. The only blood relative left for Hyakkimaru is Daigo, the man who fed him to the demons as a child. Hyakkimaru comes upon Daigo at the Hall of Hell after all the events unfold. He taunts Hyakkimaru, saying that he will hand him over to the demons once again. Hyakkimaru proves how much he has grown at that moment, by sparing his father and showing him a better way. It is ironic, Daigo realizes, that Hyakkimaru might have saved his land if he had not pushed him into that fate when he was born. This was one of the most beautiful sequences in the series, showing how far Hyakkimaru has come and how much the people in his life have changed him.

Final Thoughts

Dororo is easily one of the most underrated anime from this past season, and we loved every second of it! There were plenty of emotional scenes in the latter half of the series, and these were only a few, though they included some of the most important characters.

What were your favorite moments from Dororo? Let us know what you thought of the anime in the comments section below!

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