Top 5 Emotional Scenes in Granbelm

Granbelm was one of the most surprising anime from this season! The series started out slowly but picked up toward the end with far more emotion than we would have expected. Mangetsu Kohinata continually thought she had nothing in her life, but meeting Shingetsu Ernesta, Fukami ended up changing her perspective forever. In many ways, the setting reflected Mangetsu’s own outlook on her life—perfectly average on the surface, but the magic lies buried beneath it if you look hard enough for it. Like any other dark magical anime, there were plenty of tragedies we saw along the way as each character struggled to win Granbelm!

We wanted to point out a few of the most emotionally impacting scenes in Granbelm, everything from the epic fights to the characters discovering truths about themselves. Most of the more powerful moments are from the latter half of the show when the characters were developed further, though we did enjoy the series as a whole.

5. An Alternate Ending – Episode 6

Shingetsu has been protecting Anna Fugo from the truth, but Anna is finally told that she will never succeed as a mage. The revelation crushes both of them but Anna seems to take it better than we would expect her to. The ending music begins to play when out of nowhere, the music stops altogether. We then see Anna, having attempted to kill her mother, laughing brokenly while she opens the box with the family magic stone.

Though it was obvious that Anna was losing her grip on life, this scene was so unexpected that it will never be forgotten! The way that the ending so casually played up until that point was brilliant, and played into the true shock factor of seeing Anna having finally lost her mind.

4. Kuon Learns of Her Sister’s Plan – Episode 10

For Kuon Tsuchimikado, most of Granbelm has been spent striving to get a better life for her older sister who is lying mentally damaged after her own fight. Kuon is desperate to heal Shisui, so when she discovers that Suishou Hakamada was the cause behind it all, she uses everything she has to defeat her. Kuon can’t seem to find the strength to do so until she realizes that her sister had purposefully implanted herself within Suishou so that Kuon and Shisui could win together.

Despite Kuon eventually losing the fight and disappearing from existence, this moment was powerful and gave a bit of hope for the other mages, as Shisui was saved in the end. It was truly a testament to the bond between families!

3. Mangetsu Discovers Her True Nature – Episode 10

Mangetsu has puzzled everyone from the beginning, as she seemed to get into Granbelm by happenstance yet boasted incredible power. She does not discover the real reasons why until almost the end of the show, when Suishou reveals that Mangetsu is actually a doll brought to life by Shingetsu’s wish.

This was another shocking moment that we weren’t expecting at all, one that came with plenty of raw emotion for Mangetsu! Of course, it would be strange to learn that you did not really exist, except with the borrowed magic of another person! The initial discovery and Mangetsu’s reactions right after it are indeed a memorable part of Granbelm.

2. Shingetsu Completes Her Wish – Episode 13

Shingetsu has always claimed she would win Granbelm and get rid of all magic in the world, but when she finally reaches her final test, the figures from her past are asking her if she really wants to go through with it. Suishou’s figure tells her that she will be forgotten in the world, meaning all the mages from Granbelm will no longer be remembered, including Shingetsu. Despite all the pain that might come with her loneliness, Shingetsu remembers Mangetsu’s bravery in death, and sees her dream through.

Though it is a tragic victory, we do get some hope when a girl that looks like Mangetsu arrives in Shingetsu’s classroom, causing Shingetsu’s translucent figure to regain a bit of form. This was such an emotional moment, and a powerful way for the series to go out!

1. Mangetsu’s Goodbye – Episode 11

One of the most tragic discoveries was that Mangetsu would have to die in order for Shingetsu’s dream to be realized. Mangetsu bravely takes the fall for her friend, going on one final camping trip with everyone and then carving her goodbye into the sky with fireworks before vanishing. When Shingetsu catches up to her, Mangetsu delivers one of her best speeches in Granbelm, talking about how much she appreciates the little things in her life and asking Shingetsu to follow through no matter what.

Though Shingetsu has always been the braver and stronger one, Mangetsu has taken the pain from learning what she is and made herself a better person. This moment showcases how much growth she has had, and we won’t soon forget her last few sacrificial moments!

Final Thoughts

Granbelm was an anime full of surprises at every turn! From characters losing their sanity to others sacrificing their lives for another, we will remember this dark magical girl anime for a long time to come.

What did you think of Granbelm? What was your favorite moment from the anime? Let us know in the comments below!

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