Top 5 Hilarious Scenes in Zombieland Saga

Zombieland Saga is by far the funniest anime of the past Fall 2018 season, and with so many funny scenes to choose from, it's hard to pick only 5. Still, we did our best to bring you the highlights of the show, and we bet after reading this you'll definitely feel like rewatching it!

Are you ready for Koutarou's occurrences and the girls' clumsiness? We are! So without further delay, let's relive Zombieland Saga's most hilarious scenes. Enjoy!

5. Tae's Head on the Loose

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 2

Before Franchouchou there was Green Face, an idol group with zero chemistry between members and little to no experience on stage. Oh, but the 7 girls were the same, so we can definitely expect something bizarre coming from Tae-chan, right? Sure thing!

While trying to "dance" to the music, Tae saw a man in the first row eating squid, something that wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't because she decided to join him in that very moment. Sakura tried to stop her, Tae's arm broke, and a few seconds later Tae's head ended up landing on the man's arms! And what did he do? He fed the ripped head like it was nothing! Luckily for the girls, the audience was convinced that it was an awesome magic trick, and the fight between Sakura and Saki triggered an epic, unforgettable rap battle.

4. Teamwork Means Everything

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 5

The first part of the episode depicted how Franchouchou starred in Drive-In Tori's commercial, leaving that catchy jingle stuck in our heads to this day. However, the second half of the fifth episode was about the Kashima Gatalympics, an event that takes place on the Ariake Sea's mudflats. Covered in mud from head to toe, Sakura and the girls try to win the competition to bring some attention to Franchouchou... but sports talent is not on their side!

After making a fool of themselves in various disciplines, Tae manages to win the swinging rope competition, dismembering her body while in the air. The whole segment is hilarious, but the best moment comes when the girls try to "fix" Tae's body before anyone notices something's wrong. From the girl's faces to Tae's final pose, it's hard not to laugh at what you see... but the cherry on top has to be Koutarou's words once Tae-chan receives the prize. Nice bird!

3. Ohayou Gozaimachu~

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 3

Koutarou's chalkboard scenes are one of the funny highlights of the show, and there's a reason for him being our favorite character in Zombieland Saga. However, this time we'll talk about that scene in episode 3, one that contains several WTF moments one right after the other.

Yes, he frequently receives the girls with an "ohayou gozaimasu", but it's hard not to crack up when Koutarou teases Lily by saying "ohayou gozaimachu", a pun between a common way to say "good morning" in Japan and the Japanese onomatopoeia for a kiss (that being "chu"). If that's not enough for you, just wait a few seconds until he passive-aggressively congratulates Sakura for that rap battle we mentioned before!

To round off the scene, Koutarou proposes a new plan (a “guerrilla live” gig) and prepares to write it on the board, only to realize that he failed in his attempt to do it in English after writing “GE”. You missed the "U" in “GUERRILLA”, Koutarou! Oops!

2. Poor Lady at the Hot Springs

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 4

Imagine you're a zombie girl trying to relax with your friends after a very busy day. Being at night, you sneak to the pool with them and prepare for a satisfying rest at the hot springs. However, the inevitable happens: a lady is approaching the pool and she might discover you! What do you do?

Since zombies are already dead and breathing shouldn't be a problem, Saki's brilliant idea is to go underwater... but that's when Sakura hits her head against a rock. Not sure if she heard something, the poor lady sees something floating in the water and picks it up, only to find Sakura's severed head, with her body floating a little farther. If that's not shocking enough, wait to see how Saki and Junko emerge from the hot waters with a terrifying expression on their faces! Too bad that running away just made things worse, 'cause you know... all the other girls woke up and they crossed paths with the lady in the corridors. The whole sequence is just awesome and straight out of a horror movie!

1. Watch Out, Junko!

  • Season: 1
  • Episode: 7

One of the most shocking moments of Zombieland Saga has to be its first scene, that one where Sakura got hit by a van. That set the show's tone and nobody was expecting it, that's for sure, but Sakura is not the only one being hit by a vehicle here. Remember what happened in episode 7?

At that time, Junko was pretty conflicted and thinking about leaving Franchouchou, but her friends ultimately supported her. After a second thought, Junko realized last minute that it was about time to fight for her dream and leave her fears aside, so she jumped over the front gate and ran to the middle of the road, waiting for Koutarou to stop the van and take her to the show too... but Koutarou had other plans for this overly dramatic moment!

You could say it was an accident and that running over people isn't funny at all, but you can't argue after watching Koutarou's reaction. He ran over her deliberately, and he totally enjoyed it!! True, it's impossible to kill someone who's already dead, but boy this scene is as cruel as raw!

Final Thoughts

Zombieland Saga is full of funny moments, it doesn’t matter if you prefer dark humor or some silly scenes. Another thing you can take from this article is that Tae-chan and Koutarou are by far the best characters of the show, to the point that we could easily make a top 10 article using only their scenes... like that "Saga Jeune" moment between Koutarou and Ai, or when Tae tried to eat a black marker. Don't you think that's reason enough to ask for a second season? We sure do!

If you want to bring up another hilarious scene from Zombieland Saga, or if you'd like to tell us how you feel about our top 5 moments, feel free to leave us a comment! See you soon, baka zombie!

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