Top 5 Kuroko's Basketball Yaoi/BL Pairings

Multishippers around the world were overly happy with a sports anime like Kuroko's Basketball, that is full of hot, tall and buff guys. It's impossible to blame them; Kuroko's Basketball is a wonderful mix of nice things. The plot is solid, as it depicts the story of a plain and almost invisible boy, Tetsuya Kuroko, that can do the magic. Putting beside Kuroko a hot-headed boy like Taiga Kagami was the step needed to make Kuroko's Basketball an amazing show!

Kuroko and Kagami were meant to become an amazing duo. Kuroko had to be the shadow, while Kagami had to be the light. Isn't it already enough for a shippable couple? Well, there's a lot more to be seen in Kuroko's Basketball. Adrenaline-laden matches, strong opponents to be defeated, friendship and a sweet dose of bromance. For those who got lost among all the shippable couples in the Kuroko's Basketball universe, this is a list meant to mention only 5 of the most loved couples! It proved to be a hard task to only choose 5, but we hope you'll enjoy the ride!

5. Shintarou Midorima x Kazunari Takao (MidoTaka)

Let's start this ranking with a couple made of two totally different guys. Shintarou Midorima is a problem kid, seriously addicted to horoscope – to the extent that he acts following what it says – and with a few problems at befriend people. Midorima has a lot of self-esteem and he is a “megane”, which means that he is actually the serious guy you would expect him to be. Next to him, as a basketball partner and close friend, there's Takao. Takao is easygoing and cheerful, and enjoys playing basketball but he doesn't feel the same need to crush his opponents as Midorima does.

Takao is what Midorima really needs; in fact, Takao is always the one to persuade Midorima into doing fun things, or into positive thinking. It's impossible to not imagine something going on between them. They are close enough to bicker over trivial stuff, and yet Takao is always doing what Midorima wants him to do, in spite of complaints. Takao is very comfortable around Midorima, so much so that he calls him “Shin-chan” in a very friendly way. Even though Midorima seems not to enjoy the nickname too much, and Takao keeps on teasing Midorima non-stop, is clear as daylight how these two have a very deep bond. That's what made them one of the most loved and shipped couple by the fandom!

4. Daiki Aomine x Ryouta Kise (AoKise)

Let's go on with a potential couple that is often seen as “dramatic” by the fandom. The reasons why these two make shippers cry is easy to explain. But let's start from the beginning and talk about their characters and their past. Aomine is a boy that truly loved playing basketball, and he was a member of the “Generation of Miracles”, together with Midorima, Kise, Murasakibara, Akashi and Kuroko. He was outgoing and friendly, and loved to fool around with his two best-friends Kise and Kuroko. He kept training, and became stronger day by day so one day he realized that playing basketball wasn't fun anymore; no opponent could defeat him and so it became boring to him.

On the other side, there's Kise. Kise is a very friendly and outgoing boy, the only one who actually tried to befriend every member of the Generation of Miracles, even though they ignored him most of the time. Aomine and Kise have a controversial and yet painfully wonderful relationship; Aomine was the one who inspired Kise to play basketball. Kise was amazed at Aomine's skills, and when he realized that he couldn't copy his style, Kise realized that it could become an interesting challenge and so he joined the team.

Split in different high schools, now Kise and Aomine find themselves as opponents. Kise frequently reminds how they used to play one-on-one during Teikou Junior High, or how they hang out together after school. Kise still admires Aomine, and even though he wants to defeat him, at the same time he doesn't want to see his “idol” lose. If it wasn't enough to make you understand what these two share, we can add how Aomine punched Haizaki in the face, when Haizaki wanted to take revenge against Kise! Even though they can no longer admit it, they still share a close friendship. Probably it's their shared past, and Kise's admiration towards Aomine, or the fact that Aomine was easygoing and friendly back then, but this is one of the best couple that shippers enjoy fantasizing on!

3. Teppei Kiyoshi x Junpei Hyuuga (KiyoHyuu)

Here's a sweet pairing made only for Kuroko's Basketball true lovers! Kiyoshi was the founder of the basketball team of the Seirin High School. When he first met Hyuuga and saw how tall he was, and discovered he was into basketball, he tried to coerce him non-stop to join the team. After a few failed attempts, Kiyoshi managed to have Hyuuga join the team. That was the beginning of a true and long lasting friendship.

Kiyoshi is very smart, mature and kind. He is caring, and towards his teammates he acts a bit as an older brother. Maybe because he founded the club, but he has the feeling that he has to protect it with all his might. Hyuuga is the captain of the team, and a very composed and collected person. Although Hyuuga usually acts coldly towards Kiyoshi, who is basically always smiling, it's made clear that they are very, very close.

Maybe because they are the older ones, and have started the club together, but they are a bit like the “mother and father” in the fandom. It's not a stretch, it is enough to think how they act and how they keep on trying to cheer up the younger teammates. Not only that, even the way they interact with each other makes shippers think of a husband-wife relationship. They are so far the most cute and lovable pairing, as they are foils and understand each other even without speaking.

2. Atsushi Murasakibara x Tatsuya Himuro (MuraHimu)

It's time for the most eccentric pairing to appear. We're referring to Murasakibara and Himuro as an “eccentric” duo right because of their characters. Both of them have somehow a split personality. Let's explain it; Murasakibara is abnormally tall for his age, and act like he doesn't care about playing basketball, stating that he only plays it because he is good at it. He only wants to eat snacks, and is very childish and sadistic at times. Himuro, instead, acts in a very mature way. He looks composed, cool and level-headed. There's a flip side for both of them!

Murasakibara doesn't want to play to his fullest ability because he feels that if he did, he may hurt his opponents or even teammates because of his huge size. Himuro, on the other hand, can become very manipulative and cunning. The point is: Murasakibara has the talent, but doesn't want to use it; Himuro envies Murasakibara's talent and doesn't tolerate naturally “gifted” people who don't give their best.

Himuro is the person Murasakibara get along better with, and the both of them are basically always together. Himuro manages to drag Murasakibara along to watch matches together. It's impossible to forget how during the match Seirin vs. Yosen, Himuro punched Murasakibara and cried in his face, stating clearly how he hated when talented people didn't put efforts into things. Himuro's tears moved Murasakibara so much so that he started to play seriously and possibly discovered how much he actually enjoyed playing basketball. They'd be the perfect couple for real, these two.

1. Taiga Kagami x Tetsuya Kuroko (KagaKuro)

Here we are with the first position. The couple made of the “shadow”, which is Kuroko, and the “light”, Kagami. He and Kuroko are on the opposite sides, from their style of playing, to their way of acting. Their characters are opposite as well. Kuroko has a straightforward personality, and he is a hardworking almost unnoticeable boy. Kagami is ambitious, stubborn, determined and hot-headed.

Maybe it's pointless to mention, but right because of their differences, they complete each other, starting from their style of playing, to their characters. They met when they entered Seirin High School, and made a promise: to become the number one players in Japan. To achieve this goal, they need to cooperate and do their best together. Their relationship turned out to be simply amazing. While playing, they understood each other just too well, and it was Kuroko himself who defined their friendship as “shadow and light”, that, by definition, are things that cannot disregard each other.

Even though Kuroko's attitude manages to make Kagami mad sometimes, they have a bond that is very strong. Kuroko often thinks of Kagami, and they hang out together even off court. They can understand each other's problems, and can alternately become the driving force to motivation. Then again they share their feelings, and are comfortable while talking to each other. Kuroko admires Kagami, and Kagami considers Kuroko the most reliable of his teammates. With what we just said, it's simply impossible to think of Kagami, without Kuroko and vice versa. Shipper around the world consider them as the most beautiful and the most naturally shippable couple... And with what we just told you about them, tell us if it isn't true!

Final Thoughts

With KagaKuro, our ranking came to an end. What do you think about these couples? And what is your favorite OTP in Kuroko's Basketball? We know it's difficult to choose, it was hard for us as well. We decided on these five because they involve different teams and are the ones that resulted to be the most loved by the fandom. We hope you enjoyed this list! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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