Top 5 Romantic Scenes in Gotoubun no Hanayome (The Quintessential Quintuplets)

Gotoubun no Hanayome (Quintessential Quintuplets) is a romantic comedy which aired in the Winter season of 2019 and was quite popular that season for its characters and its plot, which feels like it eagerly goads you into being invested. Invested in a romantic comedy filled with twists and turns, heaps of confusion surrounding 5 identical siblings and of course, the age-old blissfully unaware main character. Having enjoyed this anime, we thought it would be cool to revisit some of the best part of the show, more importantly, the most romantic scenes we could think of. So let’s hop right into it!

Yotsuba’s near-kiss in the apartment

In episode 8 of the anime, Fuutarou is in a situation alone with Yotsuba after some wacky moments with Itsuki and Nino, featuring some scalding hot porridge! Yotsuba talks to Fuutarou about how she and her siblings are slowly starting to warm up to Fuutarou, so he begins to open up to her a little bit about how appreciative he is that she was never closed off to him or his tutoring like the others. She tells him that it’s because she’s rooting for his success as their tutor. He asks her why, as she circles around his laid out figure to his head; crouches down, cradling his head in her hands and placing it gently on her lap. Staring into his blue eyes, Yotsuba says “It’s because… I like you”. The scene itself is beautifully animated as we see the serious lighting on both of their faces with Yotsuba mere centimetres away from his lips. It shows an intense aggression to Yotsuba that we have not seen in this way up to this point, and it is a great scene for the character.

Ichika gets asked to dance at the campfire by Maeda

A quintessential confession scene in quintessential quintuplets is the kind of thing the anime really needed, so Maeda’s recurring nature as a side character is great in this particular scene. Blushing and a little nervous, Maeda reveals that he likes Ichika and wants to dance with her at the campfire after the culture festival. The lighting and colours in the scene are warm with the shots panning from closeups of both of them, to wide shots from the back of the classroom. Ichika stalls with her response and Maeda becomes restless, but Fuutarou arrives just in time to quell the situation, but also to unexpectedly shine like a white knight for Ichika! In the heat of that moment, she tells Maeda that she already had plans of dancing with Fuutarou, blushing at her seemingly newfound “cool and handsome” prince. Somehow, the romantic bits and the comedic bits just can’t be pulled apart!

“Kintaro” saves Nino’s life

When their class is set to go on a school trip, an excited Fuutaro simply cannot wait for the opportunity. However, during their test of courage in the forest one night, the quintuplets found themselves separated from their buddies and from Fuutaro. A prior misunderstanding between a wig-donning Fuutaro and Nino, as well as Nino’s own projections onto the situation because of a photograph she saw. Long story short, Fuutaro finds himself in a blonde wig having to pretend to be a guy named Kintaro because Nino has a massive crush on this blonde hottie Kintaro, who she does not know is actually Fuutaro in a blonde wig! They walk together in the forest, but Nino gets excited when she sees light and immediately dashes towards it, but Fuutaro’s face contorts in horror before he lunges himself directly in Nino’s direction to catch her before she falls straight off a cliff!

The scene applies a bit of slow motion and beautiful animation to the massively dramatic scene, and it shows a part of Fuutaro we don’t normally see: his disregard for his own well-being in the moment of another person’s peril. In the aftermath, Kintaro and Nino find themselves on the ground in a position that puts them closer than they’ve ever been, and Nino blushes immensely, showing what is possibly one of the cutest faces we’ve seen all year.

Fuutarou saves Ichika from a falling log in the storehouse

While at camp, the students are tasked with getting firewood for the big bonfire that will be lit to signify the end of camp, but also will illuminate the area for the dance everyone has been excited about. The premise of the dance is that any couple that shares a dance or joins hands on the last night of camp will be together forever. While getting big logs, Ichika and Fuutarou find themselves alone in a compromising situation, which only gets worse when they are locked in the storage room, in the cold. They start a fire and get to chatting, and at some point, Ichika is agitated and doesn’t notice the large log standing like a pillar behind her. It budges from the contact and begins to fall, but Fuutarou’s quick reflexes allow him to whisk her away from the log’s course, with a finish ballroom dancers could only dream of!

The Wedding

In the final episode of the anime, Gotoubun no Hanayome gives us an incredibly frustrating yet beautiful teaser into what awaits Fuutarou’s future! He is fated to marry one of the quintuplets, but given how they look the same, it is impossible for the viewer to actually know who Fuutarou marries, despite the fact that we’ve actually seen her face while she was in her wedding dress! We’re only treated to this beautiful vision of the future because on the final night of their school camp, Fuutarou was resting in the infirmary after trying to tough out an intense cold. The five of him all had the same idea of stealing his hand for those last few moments of the campfire and dance. Giggling, the five of them all join hands with the sleeping Fuutarou, binding them all together forever!

Final Thoughts

Gotoubun no Hanayome was a fun-filled ride that could get incredibly serious or dramatic at times. The animation was brilliant and the way in which the series continues to tease at who may actually be Fuutarou’s love interest among the five sisters, while playfully hiding her identity in plain sight. Hopefully we will be treated to a second season of this series so we can get even closer to Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba and Itsuki, as well as Fuutarou and everyone else!

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