Top 5 Scenes in Machikado Mazoku (The Demon Girl Next Door)

The Summer 2019 anime season was filled with so many fantastic anime. One of the best shows to come out was Machikado Mazoku. With a crazy story and hilarious characters, the anime is filled with so many fantastic moments. Today we will be taking a look at some of the best moments in Machikado Mazoku as we check out the top five scenes in the series. Let's get started.

5. Please Don’t Pummel Me! (Episode 8)

While working a part-time job as a mascot character, Yuko runs into a strange magical girl named Mikan, who says she has come to town to beat the demon that showed up. Not wanting to get pummeled, Yuko refuses to remove the mascot outfit and the heat eventually gets to her, causing Mikan to worry and force her to take off the mask. With her identity revealed, Yuko transforms into her Crisis Management form and begs Mikan not to beat her up. Luckily for Yuko, Momo arrives just in time to explain what is going on to both her and Mikan. This is a pretty short scene, but the interaction between Mikan and Yuko is absolutely hilarious. This scene is also great because this is the first time we get to see Mikanand learn about her character.

4. Dream World (Episode 11)

Yuko heads into Momo's dreams for the second time, but his time things don't go as easy. While in the dream world, she finds out Momo is behind a locked door that is being guarded by a giant muscular Metako who attacks her. With a little imagination, Yuko is able to summon her ancestor to help her fight and then she is able to get inside Momo's locked room by bribing her with food. Once inside, Yuko learns that Momo knows she is inside of her dream and the two agree to meet up in order to discuss something important. This scene has a little bit of everything with some hilarious moments and it even has a somewhat serious conclusion. Metako and the giant ancestor statue make this scene even more ridiculous and helps make it one of the best in the series.

3. The Laptop Episode 5)

Momo decides to give Ryo her old laptop and send it home with Yuko. Not wanting to incur a larger debt, Yuko tries her best to get it home in one piece dodging every obstacle in her path, even going so far as to transform into her new Crisis Management form in order to protect the laptop. Unfortunately, Yuko lets her guard down once she gets home and drops the laptop. Luckily, Momo had prepared for Yuko's clumsiness by putting the laptop in a super secure bag. One of the main things that make Yuko so funny is her clumsiness and this scene is dedicated to it. Watching Yuko try so hard to keep the laptop safe only to fail in the end is funny, but it also makes you feel for her as you just want to see her succeed.

2. A Magical Girl Appears (Episode 1)

Having just awoken her powers as a demon girl, Yuko heads out to kill a Magical Girl, and lift the curse on her family. Yuko finds a magical girl much sooner than she expected when she is saved by Momo the magical girl, who uses her powers to stop a truck with one hand. Seeing the power difference between her and the magical girl, Yuko heads home in defeat and decides she will beat a magical girl some other day. This is one of the first scenes in episode one and it is one of the best in the entire series. Everything about the first meeting between Yuko and Momo is fantastic. This scene does a great job at showing us the great dynamic between Yuko and Momo and we also get to see just how ridiculous and hilarious the series is going to be

1. Shopping Trip (Episode 5)

After making some money from her part-time job, Yuko decides to spend her hard-earned money on a present for Ryo. Yuko, along with Momo and Ryo, head out to find the perfect gift. However, Ryo is reluctant to pick our something she wants and is instead focused on picking out something that would be helpful to Yuko. With some help from Momo, Yuko picks out a camera for Ryo, who decides the first things she wants to take a picture of, is her sister and her best friend. While a lot of Machikado Mazoku's best scenes feature a bunch of comedy, this scene is just a nice wholesome moment. Everything from Yuko deciding to spend her money on her little sister, to Ryo wanting to do anything she can to help Yuko, just warms your heart.

Final Thoughts

Machikado Mazoku was such an amazing series and there were just so many great scenes. Hopefully, you enjoyed taking a look back at some of the best scenes the series had to offer. What do you think of Machikado Mazoku? What was your favorite scene? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

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