Top 5 Scenes in Tejina Senpai (Magical Sempai)

The summer 2019 anime season brought us all sorts of fun and unique anime. One of the funniest and strangest anime that came out was Tejina-senpai. Every episode of Tejina-senpai was filled with some hilarious and ridiculous scenes made even better by the wacky characters. Today we are going to be looking at the best moments that the series has to offer as we cover the top five scenes in Tejina-senpai. Let's get started.

5. Visitors (Episode 5)

While reading in the classroom, Assistant overhears some girls talking about the magic club and how they are going to go check it out after school to see how strange it was. Not wanting his reputation to be ruined, Assistant rushes to the club to warn Senpai. Assistant's worst fear is realized when Senpai starts thinking of all the tricks she can show off to the girls. When the girls arrive, they see a headless Senpai with flags coming out of her mouth, causing them to run out of the room screaming. After seeing it all unfold, all Assistant can do is cry in the corner of the room. Most of the great scenes in the series are thanks to Senpai's antics, but Assistant is what makes this scene so great. Everything from his misconception of how he is perceived by his peers to his reaction when the girls leave the room is just absolutely hilarious.

4. Magic in the Park (Episode 2)

Assistant heads to the park for some relaxation only to find Senpai there trying to show off her magic to some kids. All of Senpai's attempts at impressing the kids fail. Assistant gives it a try and is able to impress the kids with the help of Behemoth-kun. Senpai tries to pull off some quick change magic to finally win the kids over only to realize she forgot to bring a change of clothing under her quick change clothes. It is always quite funny to see Senpai's failed magic tricks, but it is even funnier when she fails in front of an audience. You can't help but laugh at the children's blunt comments on her failed attempts to pull off some magic tricks.

3. Senpai in a Box (Episode 1)

Senpai takes control of the PA system to call Assistant to the magic club room. When he arrives, he sees Senpai along with some freshly baked bread. He takes a bite out of the bread only to find a hidden key inside of the bread. In order to get back at her, Assistant tricks her into hiding inside of the magic box and not telling her when to come out. This is a pretty short scene, but it is both funny and important to the overall series. This is the first scene where the names and roles of Senpai and Assistant are established and get us ready for all of the crazy comedy to come.

2. Fireworks (Episode 10)

After a fun-filled day at the beach, the members of the magic and chemistry club president Madara decide to finish up their day with some fireworks. With the sun having gone down, Senpai decides it would be the perfect time for some magic. Senpai pulls out some flash paper and tries to use it to reveal a hidden flower, only to accidentally light it on fire and throw it into the fireworks. Luckily, Madara still had some sparklers in her bag and the group got to have some fun with fireworks before they went home. This may just be the most entertaining failed bit of magic in the entire series. Senpai's failed magic has a much more eventful end in this scene and we're treated to a wonderful fireworks show. What makes the scene even better is they get to have a nice ending thanks to Madara.

1. The Confession (Episode 5)

Senpai hides inside of the magic box in order to surprise Assistant when he arrives. However, before she is able to come out of the box, Assistant sits on top of it, not knowing she was inside. While hiding in the box, Senpai overhears Assistant talking to himself and revealing his true feelings and talking about off the good things he sees. Senpai believes he is talking about her, but in reality, Assistant is actually talking about Behemoth-kun. This is the best scene in Tejina-senpai and features all of the elements that make it a fun series. It is such a ridiculous scene and you can't help but feel a little bad so Senpai.

Final Thoughts

That is it for our list of the top five scenes in Tejina-senpai. Hopefully, you enjoyed looking back at all of these scenes and remembering how great of an anime Tejina-senpai is. What did you think of Tejina-senpai? What was your favorite scene? Let us know by leaving us a comment.

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