Top 5 Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2 (Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2) Scenes

For the last few years, Attack on Titan has been an international and domestic hit for its engaging story, ensemble cast of characters, and creative action. Despite being labeled as Part 2 of Season 3, it is the fourth installment (based on the manga by Hajime Isayama). Putting the label aside, when you watch this anime from the start to its latest episode, you can collectively see it as one series. However, this particular season has not only raised the stakes for our heroes and for everyone within the walls, but further adds elements to give background and enhance the plot. So, what are some of the top 5 scenes that best provide this? Read on! And one last warning, THIS ARTICLE IS GOING TO BE FULL OF SPOILERS!

The Basement (episode 7)

Since the beginning of this series, the basement of Eren’s childhood home has been a mystery. At the start when Eren and his friends were children, his father gives him the key to the basement to unlock it when the time comes. After a long hard battle with the Beast, Colossal and Armored Titans, the Scout Corps is finally given the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of that basement. Within that basement was the true secret behind the key. Granted a lot of things happen between the beginning and this scene, but the way everything is presented here and what we learn (which we’re going to get to), does help make the wait worth it. The way everything is dramatically built and presented just helps makes part of the story complete an aspect of the circle.

Origins (episodes 8 and 9)

Due to the discovery of the basement, the cast and audience not only get to learn the origins of Eren and his father, but the truth of their world. Though part 1 of season 3 pretty much establishes that the people within the walls are living a lie no thanks to the original king, this part of the story finally gives you the truth as to how the kingdom within the walls and the titans came to be. Though viewers have previously seen how the walls were made, we finally get to know why as well. Through the memories of Grisha, Eren’s father, you learn that there’s a world beyond the walls and that he came from a nation called Marley (originally called Eldia), and how the government of Marley were actively discriminating against people of Eldian descent, and that included Grisha. As a result, you see how Grisha became part of a resistance and how he came to the walls and why.

Friendship (episode 6)

If any part of this season has some major tragedy, it would have to be 6 when it comes down to Erwin and Armin, who are both severely injured to the point that they’re moments away from dying. The only way to save one of them is to inject the Titan fluid into their spinal columns, and have them devour Bertholdt, the Colossal Titan. Naturally, Levy wants to save Erwin while Eren and Mikasa want to use it on Armin. They both argue on how they have their roles to play in saving humanity but the audience knows when they watch this scene, it is about the bonds they have. Through this scene, viewers can see how much Erwin means to Levy not as a savior but as his only friend.

Through Eren, you see that if any character had any right to live, it was Armin and it wasn’t because of his intellect, but how Eren wanted to give Armin his dream to see the ocean. The acting of all voice actors involved gave brings you into the moment and you truly feel how each character feels for their friend in their own authentic ways.

The Beast Titan/Zeke (episode 5)

Previously, the Beast Titan is shown more in passing but for this installment, he has a much more active role and you learn more about him. With his part in the battle, you see how brutal he can be as his size and arms give him power to easily destroy an entire army. Not only is he a powerful titan, you come to learn that he’s Zeke, Eren’s half-brother, and he’s trying to present himself as something of an ally when he meets Eren. While we do get to learn a lot more about him, his true role is only just beginning as it relates to Eren and the story.

Armin’s Sacrifice (episodes 4 and 5)

If anyone can be considered one of the most contributing cast members, it certainly has to be Armin. For this season, the series takes that to the next level as they fight the Colossal and Armored Titan. Thanks to Armin’s powers of observation and previous exposure to knowing how titans are actually in the walls, he was able to conclude that they were actually in the walls and forced them out of hiding. As the fight progresses, Armin notices how the Colossal Titan's muscles thin out showing that he can weaken as time goes on. However, there was a moment when Eren needed to be protected and in order for Eren to help seal the walls, he serves as Eren’s cover to the point that burns himself to a crisp not only saving Eren, but the people within the walls.

Final Thoughts

Through our selected scenes, you learn what it means to have friends and family and that this series isn’t solely about some fight against the Titans. As an extension, trust is also a big theme and we feel our selections reflect those themes. As you watch this anime, you get a true re-evaluation as to what family and friendship really means through the bonds all these characters with one another.

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