Top 5 Unfaithful Partners in Anime

Anime boasts some of the most heartwarming and romantic love stories ever to grace the screen. With tested loyalties leading to gripping climaxes, it goes without saying that the world of anime couples is just as vibrant and idealistic as one might expect. However, at the other end of the spectrum, rests the more realistic and slimy side of relationships. Where the aforementioned tested loyalties are not met with rejection, but with a concession of temptations. Here, we'll look at five individuals in anime who just could not keep it in their pants!

5. Paul Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu (Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation)

Paul Greyrat is the father of Rudeus and wife of Zenith. As stated by Rudeus himself, Paul is not inherently a bad father but he had a ways to go before becoming a better person. It was stated that Paul Greyrat would often be found leching after women even before settling down and, unfortunately, it seems this kind of behavior would remain prevalent even after his attempts to remain respectfully monogamous.

After his wife Zenith becomes pregnant, their relationship seems to slow down considerably. Naturally, for such a horndog as Paul, this causes pent-up problems. Lilia, the family maid, admits that listening to the couple go at it night after night causes her feelings to become much harder to ignore. So, when the opportunity arises, she seduces Paul away from his wife. Perhaps, had this been the end of things, nothing more would need to be said. However, Paul ends up getting Lilia pregnant as well and, after a few greased-up and slicked-back excuses in a leather jacket later, Lilia is allowed to continue living with the family alongside her child!

4. Sho Fuwa from Skip Beat!

Kyouko Mogami devotes herself to her idol boyfriend, Sho Fuwa. What does she get in return? She receives brutally honest dumping as she overhears Sho proclaiming that he does not love her and is simply using her as a gofer. She is also shocked to discover, that he has been cheating on her for quite some time! Determined to get her revenge, she decides to enter into the world of show business in order to beat Sho at his own game and rise to the top!

Now, this is an anime for those who want to see a cheater receive their comeuppance! Over the course of Skip Beat, we see Kyouko's gradual transformation from a measly doormat into a powerful and independent woman who knows her worth. The Kyouko at the end of Skip beat would never have dreamt of dating someone like Sho. While we at Honey's Anime do not condone cheating in any regard, should it happen to you, hopefully, it acts as the catalyst for you to realize that nobody, especially YOU, deserves to be treated in such a horrid way.

3. Toya Fujii from White Album

Toya Fujii struggles to maintain his relationship with his girlfriend and rising pop idol sensation, Morikawa Yuki. With Yuki forced to dedicate a lot of her time to her career, Toya is left feeling neglected. And so, Toya plays away whenever Yuki is on the road and ultimately damns his relationship with Yuki (whose naivety leaves her trusting him far too much).

This entry is perhaps the most realistic. While the first two entries on this list using cheating as more of a narrative device and the following two entries are heavily exaggerated, Toya Fujii's dilemma is the most relatable to our everyday world. Long-distance relationships are hard and, by no means is this an excuse for his actions, this kind of scenario is how most acts of infidelity occur in the real world.

2. Akane Minagawa from Kuzu no Honkai (Scum's Wish)

Akane Minagawa finds joy in toying with men and, ultimately, breaking their hearts. She admits that she is elated when breaking up a married couple by seducing someone's husband and she enjoys sleeping around just to feel powerful when she eventually kicks her many lovers to the curb. Akane puts on a rather cold and stone-faced facade during her day-to-day goings-on. However, do not let this fool you. Beneath the mask likes a woman who is nothing but poison.

Akane eventually gets married and you would think this would put a stop to her galavanting. On the contrary, Akane informs her now hubby that she will be proceeding to cheat on him at every available opportunity! Poor Narumi Kanai… Whether it is someone in a relationship, her students, or even her own husband, Akane Minagawa is someone you never want to take home to mom and dad.

Especially not dad!

1. Itou Makoto from School Days

Itou Makoto wrote the playbook on how to get away with cheating. Makoto grows tired of the lack of excitement in his relationship and proceeds to cheat on his girlfriend, Kotonoha, with another of his classmates, Sekai. Sekai, racked with guilt, demands Itou confess his sins so they can be together. However, Itou decides to ignore this advice to cheat on BOTH of them with anyone who gives him the eye!

Not only this, but should you delve past the anime and into the visual novel for School Days, you will find that his insatiable lust has him cheat with even more of his peers and even some of their much older relatives! Itou Makoto is truly the ultimate cheater and one who viewers can relish in watching his misdeeds. Powering through to the end of the show sees Makoto's chickens come home to roost as he receives a rather bloody warning as to the dangers of cheating.

Final Thoughts

So, these were our picks for some of the grimiest cheaters of the anime Universe. Whether they are engaged in a modern multi-partner relationship or are just downright relationship poison, steer clear from these anime bombshells at all cost! Who is your favorite (most hated?) anime cheater? Let us know down below!

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