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Karneval is a josei manga born in 2007 by the skilled hands of Touya Mikanagi. Full of action, a good amount of mystery, fantasy, and sci-fi, Karneval became very popular thanks to a catching plot and a big range of funny and relatable characters and, of course, an abundance of bishounen.

Karneval revolves around Nai, left alone with only a bracelet connecting him to an important person whom he is searching for. Gareki is a boy surviving on picking pockets. Nai and Gareki meet in strange and dangerous circumstances and, together, while trying to save their lives by running away from trouble, they come in contact with a powerful defense organization called Circus. Their trip alongside the Circus members begins, and both of them will learn important lessons about life and bonds among people.

This josei manga full of beautiful guys gained a huge popularity in time, and in 2013 it had a wonderful anime adaption. With its popularity, an anime adaption, a wonderful plot and a big range of bishounen, multishippers around the world were happy to have yet another series to satisfy their fantasies! As Karneval is a josei, bromance and tender interactions among male characters is not just imagination, and that's why we will list down 6 among the most lovely couples in Karneval!

6. Gareki x Nai

Let's start this ranking with Gareki x Nai! This couple doesn't seem shippable enough in the beginning, but step by step Gareki and Nai manage to create a strong bond and the shippable couple suddenly comes in sight. Gareki and Nai met under very dangerous circumstances, facing a woman who turned into a monster and trying to run from her. The two of them manage to escape, but they are found by the “police”, an organization called “Circus”, and consequently, decide to join it.

Nai and Gareki's relationship is almost that of a human being – Gareki – and his pet. Nai acts like a loyal dog, but it takes just one minute of attention for Gareki to understand how Nai's naivete actually hits where it hurts. In fact, thanks to Nai, Gareki will understand the importance of bonds among people. On the other side, Nai will treat Gareki like a precious friend, never once forgetting about his purpose: to find Karoku.

As we said up above, this couple is not an immediate ship. But throughout the series, Nai's sweetness towards Gareki and Gareki starting to open up to Nai, show how they suit each other and would make a wonderful couple.

5. Hirato x Akari

Let's continue with the tease couple, made of the Captain of the Second Ship – Hirato – and the doctor. This two are funny in their interactions because we see two opposite personalities by comparison. On one side there's Hirato, who doesn't seem to like working and spends his time joking around; on the other, there's Akari, who is a workaholic, focused, and serious.

That's why, when Hirato keeps teasing Akari, Akari is never amused. On the contrary, he is very annoyed by Hirato's personality and the way he talks to him. This is because Hirato is younger than Akari and shows no respect. At the same time, in spite making fun of him, Hirato shows to be protective of Akari when he puts himself in dangerous situations. What's more, when Tsukitachi doesn't call Akari “doctor”, he gets angry at him and tells him how he should show some respect.

Yet, when it's about joking, Hirato teams up with Tsukitachi with the sole intent of getting Akari drunk. This couple sees Akari as a potential bottom and Hirato as a teasing seme. We totally agree with the fandom, we like them together, as they are funny and hot!

4. Tsukitachi x Hirato

Let's go on with an interesting couple made up of two beautiful men who are old-time friends. Tsukitachi is the First Ship's Captain, while Hirato is the Second Ship's Captain. Long story short, these two are the big shots of the Circus organization, and they trained together when they both were teenagers. Hirato appears to be polite, but the flip side is that he is very manipulative. Tsukitachi, on the other side, appears to be easygoing and opportunist, but he is actually very caring and understanding of his surroundings.

These two make the perfect couple because their personalities seem to click. Tsukitachi, with his way of chirping, keeps asking Hirato out. Hirato keeps refusing, but that's what makes these two so funny. They're friends and foes: they steal each other's missions, but they can plot together funny jokes against Akari. What's more, Hirato, who is seemingly unfazed about what may happen to people around him, shows to care a lot about Tsukitachi. At the same time, Tsukitachi seems to be the only one to perfectly understand Hirato's personality. We can end this by saying that this is a couple meant to be, in all respects!

3. Karoku Arumerita x Nai (KaroNai)

Let's go onto another couple, maybe the most non-conventional in this ranking. Yes, because in the beginning of the show and the manga, Karoku and Nai are separated. Nai is looking for Karoku, but he has no further memories about what happened. Karoku and Nai don't meet, at least for the first huge part of the series, and yet this is a couple very shipped by all those who like suffered love stories.

This is a couple of mystery because viewers/readers don't know if Karoku sent Nai away by force, or if Nai ran away from Karoku because of certain reasons, and yet, they are loved and dear to the fandom.

When it comes to this popular couple, we can say that Nai starts his journey in order to find Karoku, his beloved friend. While Karoku is somewhere else, apparently held captive by shadowy characters, thinking about Nai and the fact that it's better for him to stay away. And that's it. Nai and Karoku don't interact directly with each other, yet their characters are so meant to be, that the fandom started shipping them almost instantly. Nai is so focused on finding Karoku, thinks so fondly of him, and their story is so frayed by destiny, that it touched multishippers' hearts!

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2. Akari x Yogi

For our second position, we have two hot guys that make the fandom faint. Akari is the doctor of the Second Ship, while Yogi is a fighter, and he impersonates Nyanperona – he dresses up as a huge, yellow cat – to entertain the kids. Akari is a workaholic and insensitive man. As a doctor and as a researcher, he is great, but his character is a different matter. In fact, Akari is very dominant, serious, and diligent. Yogi, on the other hand, is just like a puppy; he has a bright disposition, a cheerful and childish personality, and he is open towards everyone, showing affection right away.

When Hirato saved Yogi, Akari performed surgeries on him. That's why if there's a moment when Yogi changes his attitude, that moment is in front of Akari. In fact, Akari's presence can turn Yogi into a scaredy-cat who wants to avoid the daily check-ups. It's exactly the whiny side of Yogi, turning him into a power bottom, who made this ship bloom into the multishippers' heads.
With Akari's dominant personality, his ability to scare Yogi with only his presence, and with the ambiguity of “what happens behind the doors of the daily checkups?”, this couple gained huge popularity as the “sadist x masochist”!

1. Yogi x Gareki

Let's end this ranking with the absolute most loved and shipped couple: Yogi x Gareki! If in front of Akari, Yogi was an uke, with Gareki he turns into a wonderful seme, and we can admit this role is very fitting for him. At the same time, Gareki is so versatile that he looks good as a power bottom, too.

When Yogi meets Gareki and Nai, because of his cheerful personality, he immediately shows affection to both of them, in his childish way. While Nai and Yogi start to get along right away, with Gareki he has difficulty. Yet, Gareki's aloof personality is bound to crumble in front of Yogi; in fact, Gareki gradually warms up to Yogi and goes as far as to protect him during battles. At the same time, Yogi risks his life repeatedly to save Gareki. It undeniable: between these two there's something very near to romance.

Yogi would like for Gareki to rely on him more and is always sad when Gareki acts cold towards him. Actually, Gareki tends to let his guard down when he is with Yogi, way more than when he is with Nai. There's something between Yogi and Gareki, and that something doesn't stay unnoticed. Together, they're a feast for the eyes as they are hot guys. When they interact, they're a joy to the heart, as a subtle romance pops up. What else can we add? Yogi x Gareki is, so far, the most shippable and loved couple in Karneval... And we agree as to why!

Final Thoughts

With Yogi x Gareki, we end our chart of most shippable characters in Karneval! We hope you enjoyed the ride, and we hope you agree with our choice. As a josei manga, Karneval is a fertile ground for all those multishippers who enjoy fantasizing on BL. In fact, this is a series full of bishounen interacting with each other in certain ways, which leave room to imagine bromance, or romance. These six couples are the most popular and most shipped out there; these characters are those in the spotlight, who actually interact in a way that touched multishippers' hearts around the world. However, since Karneval is still ongoing, who knows? Other couples may bloom in this long journey! So, fans of Karneval out there, please let us know what you think in the comments below and if you have suggestions about other couples, don't hesitate to let us know!

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