Top 7 Most Changed Characters in Akanesasu Shoujo (The Girl in Twilight)


The “Radio Research Society” is a group of high school girls – and some of them are even interested in old radios. The club, led by the happy-go-lucky Asuka Tsuchimiya, spends most of their time at a café chatting and drinking coffee. Asuka decides that one day the girls should test out an urban legend in regards to radios at a local shrine. The five girls tune a Walkman to a specific frequency and chant a spell, some of which is nonsense they make up on the fly, while linking arms near a sacred tree. The legend says you’ll be able to hear the words of another world. The girls get far more than they were expecting; a “Sliders” (that’s a TV show from the 90s, kiddos) -like adventure begins as they journey to alternate worlds referred to as fragments and inhabiting the minds of their “other” selves. The Radio Research Society then finds adventure, silliness, great danger, and the bravery to confront the fears they hold deep inside themselves. We now look at The Top Most Changed Characters in Akanesasu Shoujo.

7. Sexy Yuu (Alt Younaka)

Sexy Yuu makes her first major appearance in Mia’s arc. She then makes her second major appearance in Chole’s arc. Sexy Yuu is also totally attracted to Asuka and is very open about that fact. We think she proposes that the girls visit a world filled with tropical beaches just to see “Cute Asuka” in a bathing suit. She also considers Seriouska, Asuka’s regularly appearing badass alternate, boring. In turn, Seriouska reminds Sexy Yuu everything she does is for her own selfish desires.

Sexy Yuu is at the bottom of this list for a reason. She doesn’t really change all that much. The capricious girl who seems to be completely self-indulgent seems to remain the same throughout the story. Despite her happy-go-lucky attuitde, we suspect that she has a greater motive though it hasn't been revealed. We had to put her on this list because of her presence in so much of the story, bringing comedy and mystery to this adventure.

6. Seriouska (Alt Asuka)

Seriouska, a combination of the word Serious and the name Asuka, is from an alternate timeline that is in peril. She is a girl on a mission. Seriouska thinks if she can travel to enough fragments and prevent the dangerous fragment-eating "clutters" from infecting the other timelines she can save her own. She is a girl of action and though she looks identical to her main-timeline self, she is focused on her mission. Seriouska is the first person we see that has the ability to transform into her “twilight self” and combat the clutter. She is also seldom seen without her large sword hanging from her waist.

Seriouska maintains her stoic image through much of the story, only giving us peeks at the girl she was before her world came under attack. We see those moments when she is in Asuka’s home in the main timeline. She interacts with her parents and grandparents that are long gone in her world. Seriouska also identifies with Asuka both having the pain of the loss of their little brother under similar circumstances. Her biggest moment of mirth seems to be when she helps Asuka work in a café and dresses in a maid outfit with animal ears. Seriousuka doesn’t change much and really doesn’t have the option to considering she shoulders the great responsibility of saving her world. We get a good sense that she and Asuka wouldn’t be that different if the circumstances of their lives weren’t so different.

5. Mia Silverstone

Mia Silverstone is a junior member of the club and is the good little girl that never does anything to upset anyone. She is once caught enjoying a western and imagining herself a lawman and her mother couldn’t believe she would like something with that much violence. The cute silver-haired girl is rather meek compared to her outgoing senpai.

The alternate version of herself that she discovers in a Japan modeled after the old American West is a pistol-packing deputy. She doesn’t understand how a world filled with such cruelty exists and why her other self chose such a dangerous line of work. It isn’t until she sees her alternate’s mother who reminds her that she said she wanted to be “a hero of justice.” She has the chance to look back and remember that she always wanted to be a hero as a kid. But because she is cute, people just started to assume she liked cute things. She went along with the idea, but deep down she knew she wanted a much rougher and adventurous life. She learns how to stand up for herself and her true ideals. Mia decides not to deny her true self any longer and goes from bystander to hero of her own story.

4. Nana Nanase

Nana Nanase is your classic cute girl who knows she is cute. She is a blonde and keeps her hair tied in twin-tails. Nana also has a quick wit about her, usually making jokes involving double entendres. She also seems to have some issues with her stepfather, refusing to call him dad in the beginning. The journey of self-discovery happens for Nana when they journey to a world and, because she was the one that hit the play button during the ceremony, she inhabits her counterpart’s mind. She finds herself staring down the aisle at an impending wedding ceremony.

In a confrontation over the surprise ceremony, Nana runs through a litany of reasons she thinks her mother and step-father want to marry her off. She talks about how her real father would never let her get away with her bad grades, or dying her hair, or mouthing off because a parent that actually cared wouldn’t let her do any of those things. The realization for Nana comes when her step-father stands up for her and defends her choice not to get married (which she is legally required to do in this universe). The conclusion is reached rather quickly and without much catharsis after a memory resurfaces about her biological father with the help of her step-father. She realizes that she is, in fact, spoiled and just doing what is expected of her. Nana also decides that she will determine her own destiny from that point on. Her decision to set her own expectations is an important part of her growth.

3. Chloe Morisu

Chloe Morisu is a member of the Radio Research Society. She is quiet and prefers to sit back and watch the craziness of the other members of the group. Chloe considers her ideal day cuddled up with a good book or two. She also occasionally speaks French due to growing up in France, a place she was often alone but never bothered by it. When they journey to the world of eternal summer and she finds herself in the body of her counterpart, she wakes up separated from her friends in a small house on her own personal island and that is perhaps the most obvious statement about her psychology.

We know with a personality setup like that the rest of her arc would fit a well-established pattern. She, and her other self before her, discover something sinister with the AI program called White Goat that controls the world like an out of control She shows concern for her friends and attempts to warn them but in the end tries to figure out a way to stop the mysterious White Goat on her own. She runs a virtual simulation and realizes that the only way she can save the world from this AI is to have help. The realization that her self-imposed isolation isn’t healthy is the cathartic force for her to grow stronger and, along with her friends, destroy the AI that had been isolating people.

2. Asuka Tsuchimiya

Asuka Tsuchimiya is a high school senior and a member of the Radio Research Society. The precocious girl is described as energetic, flighty, and dishonest about her true feelings. She seems as though she is all happy-go-lucky on the outside but hides her true feelings due to a combination of guilt and her unwillingness to face that guilt. She isn't bad, she just seems to wear a mask even around her closest friends. She still has admirable qualities despite that flaw. Asuka is also brave and adventurous and doesn’t back down from seemingly impossible challenges.

She is also easily the second most changed person by the end of the story. In all the alternate worlds, Asuka gets a sense of who else she could be even after facing the same tragedy in her life. She doesn’t seem to be the only one affected considering the family still makes meals for her missing brother. Her alternate, Seriouska’s, selfless goal-driven behavior made a big impact on Asuka. Seriouska showed her she could be more than she was letting herself be. By the end of the story, she also accepts the guilt and the loss from her brother's disappearance that caused her to wear a false face even amongst friends. Asuka changes and becomes stronger simply by facing up to her one shortcoming and becoming emotionally honest, which is harder to do than you think.

1. Yuu Tounaka

Yuu Tonuaka is the president of the Radio Research Society. Her fellow club-members see her as a girl who takes life seriously. Yuu is also at times critical of Asuka for believing in the supernatural. She also seems to be just going along with the club activities and not really enjoying them.

Yuu Tounaka enjoys time with her friends and spending time with her best friend Asuka. Despite finding her super-confident alternate and her “Twilight Self” early on, she still had to find a way to be honest with herself about what she desired the most. She didn’t just like Asuka, she was in love with her in a romantic sense. Yuu changed by realizing that her love for Asuka was more than just admiration and she makes a cathartic confession near the climax of the story. We think that Yuu coming to terms with her own sexuality and confessing even if Asuka isn't able to reciprocate her feelings is a major change in her character and is enough of a reason to be number one on this list.

Final Thoughts

The adventure of The Girl in Twilight is not just about the discovery of new worlds and alternate timelines but about the discoveries the girls make about themselves. The dangerous phenomenon threatening to envelop all the world was dubbed twilight and that makes you easily think that it is the titular twilight in The Girl in Twilight. We would like to pose another theory as we close out this article: The Girl in Twilight refers to Asuka. The definition of twilight according to Webster’s is the light from the sky between full night and sunrise or between sunset and full night, or an intermediate state that is not clearly defined. The second definition fits Asuka. The lead protagonist never moved on from the tragedy of her brother’s loss. This leaves her in an undefined state never moving forward or being honest about her feelings or her plans for the future. Asuka’s existence was simply in the twilight.

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