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Junko is a popular manga artist who started with yaoi manga, and then step by step tested herself with other genres, as well. Whatever story she writes, though, magically becomes a popular hit that entertains every reader with comedy, humor and a lighthearted atmosphere!

Junko's art style is simply wonderful; the same cuteness you can find in her stories, lies in her drawings. She creates all of her characters as tender, detailed cutie pies, that the readers can only love them. Junko's peculiarity is how she doesn't like drawing stories that are too tormented, or too sad. On the contrary, she is exactly the manga artist you choose, when you want to have fun.

This is a list meant to list down Junko's best manga. She gradually switched from yaoi, to shounen-ai, to shoujo, and has never failed her readers. So stick with us until the end and get to know this amazing manga artist!

9. Ouji no Kikan

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Shounen-ai
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: May 2010

Let's start with a collection of stories full of love and a bit of drama! The first one is “Ouji no Kikan”, which gives the name to the entire manga, and it's the most important. It revolves around Kou and Fumihiro, cousins whose roads crossed once again at Kou's sister's wedding. Once fat and ugly Fumihiro is now a handsome, quiet guy and that lights the spark in Kou who can't believe his eyes. The second story – “Metamorphosis” –is about two childhood friends whose relationship is ruined by the appearance of a senpai and the third story – “By his side” – is about two classmates who love each other, but never confessed.

Junko proved to be amazingly good with oneshots, and short stories. That's why in Ouji no Kikan we find the beautiful touch of Junko's lighthearted atmosphere, and a flash of drama. All of her characters, in this story, are self-conscious about the person they like, and basically all of them find it impossible to confess. However, since it's Junko we're talking about, fear not; the happy ending is just behind the corner, just wait and see!

8. Omamorishimasu, Dokomademo

  • Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama, Shounen-ai
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: 2011 – 2012

This story revolves around Akira, a boy who managed to have a job in Tokyo. The country boy Akira finally moves to the city, full of hopes and projects for his future. The bitter truth strikes him violently, as not only his company has disappeared, also his housing has. Alone, without money, he is at a loss of what to do... Suddenly, Chihiro, a childhood friend Akira didn't meet since they were 10, shows up to save him. A lot of questions pop up in Akira's mind, and he will discover a totally new reality about his childhood friend!

This shounen-ai work is a witty story that make the readers crack up! Akira draws affection because of the misfortunes that keep happening to him, and even when he is saved by Chihiro, there will be strange happenings that will open up his narrow vision. In this manga, the lighthearted atmosphere, the cute art style and all what Akira will go through are guaranteed to be an enjoyment from the beginning to the end!

7. Abarenbou Kareshi (Abarenbou Darling)

  • Genre: Comedy, School life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: November 2012

Let's go on with yet another amazing story, this time yaoi genre. Abarenbou Kareshi contains different stories within it, but let's focus on the most important and the funniest one. Naoto and Hajime are childhood friends, and they attend the same high school. Naoto has his attitude problems, as he looks cute and sweet, while he is actually hot-tempered and spiteful. Even so, Hajime can't let go of Naoto. If things could be worse with Naoto's personality, well, guess what? He is homophobic! What if a male friend confessed to him, then?

With Abarenbou Kareshi, Junko gave her readers yet another rare gem, full of funny moments. She created this contrast between Naoto's personality and looks, that is funny per se. Naoto's hatred towards gay people is expressed in a rude way, but even so, you know... He will think it over again, thanks to Hajime's constant attentions. This manga also contains other two stories, equally funny and full of fluffy boy-on-boy moments. So hurry up and give it a try!

6. Recipe no Ouji-sama (Prince of Recipe)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: May 2012 – March 2013

Sakai has just one dream: to touch people's hearts with his tasty meals. He is a second-year culinary student full of hopes for the future. Since Sakai lives three hours away from university, though, life becomes a nightmare and he ends up fainting in class from fatigue. One of his friends suggests him to try to find a share house, and so Sakai is lucky enough to find a room nearby. He will share the house with other three guys and his life will be turned upside down!

Recipe no Ouji-sama is an amazing yaoi manga, and sadly, the last one Junko has created so far. In this story the readers can see the interactions between two couples, and a lot of incomprehension that will lead to unexpected conclusions. Junko put all her efforts in this one, in fact, you can find in Recipe no Ouji-sama all what you like about Junko: hot guys all over each other, a little bit of drama, a beautiful art style full of details, comedy and love!

5. Konbini-kun. (Mr Mini Mart)

  • Genre: Adult, Comedy, Slice of life, Drama, Romance, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: 2010 – 2011

Endou Nakaba is a NEET (“Not in Education, Employment or Training”), due to some hardships he went through at school. When he decides to break away from his being a NEET, he starts working to a convenience store, where he meets a co-worker – Yamai Kouhei – who is hard to deal with. Day by day, though, Endou comes to know different sides of Yamai and his initial thoughts about him change for the better. When everything seems to be going smoothly, though, his past reappears and Endou will have to face it...

This is one of the most touching yaoi manga Junko created. For as touching as it is, it has some comedy parts as well, because Junko can never get too serious, or dramatic while creating her stories. Endou and Yamai's relationship develops step by step, and Yamai will make Endou understand how to fight back. With her amazing art style and Junko's sign as a guarantee, readers are bound to enjoy this story to the fullest!

4. Star-like Words

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Smut, School life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: April 2010 – June 2010

High school student Subaru conducts a promiscuous lifestyle: he is always ready to have sex with whoever, because he likes sex. Dating? No way, he can't date anyone, if he is not in love. When he walks around the school and happens to see a painting, though, he knows that's love at first sight: he wants to date the artist behind the work. That will be a hard task, as the artist is antisocial, and with Subaru's premises as a promiscuous person.

Star-like Words is yet another yaoi masterpiece Junko gave to her readers. This story is fluffy, cute and funny at the same time. Subaru is your idiotic fellow who just goes straight to the point, while Shizuka – the painter – is Subaru's exact opposite. This, plus all the people Subaru had sex with, will create all sorts of gags and misunderstandings. Since Junko never forgets to put a tiny bit of drama in all of her stories, so everyone's tastes are satisfied, please go ahead and enjoy Star-like Words and its amazing characters!

3. Kimi Note (Your Note)

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, School life, Smut, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: June 2008 – December 2009

Miyasaka and Sawatari are classmates. For some reasons, Miyasaka finds himself attracted to Sawatari, because of the beautiful scent he emanates. Miyasaka then asks Sawatari about that cologne, but when he tries it on himself, the effect is different and it actually smells. Because of a cologne that is only good on Sawatari, a love story develops between this two clumsy classmates.

Kimi Note is a yaoi manga with a sweet and lighthearted atmosphere. Miyasaka is yet another idiotic fellow full of insecurities, as he realizes how handsome Sawatari is and how easily he could find someone better than him. Yet, Sawatari considers Miyasaka just as handsome and cool, and he will do his best to reassure Miyasaka. Kimi Note is literally full of every thing we appreciate about Junko, from the perfect art style, to the sweet moments that can warm people's hearts up.

2. Watashi ga Motete Dousunda (Kiss Him, Not Me)

  • Genre: Comedy, Harem, Romance, School life, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 11
  • Published Date: April 2013 – ongoing

Let's switch to the first Junko's try with a shoujo! Being it her first try, well, she totally made it! This story revolves around Kae Serinuma, a high school girl who is chubby and funny. She has one passion: Boys Love. Consequently, she likes shipping her cool male classmates. Long story short: she is a fujoshi to the core. When due to some (funny) circumstances she loses weight and becomes beautiful, she starts to draw attention and all her cool male classmates finally look at her intently... And Serinuma, whose head is filled with fujoshi stuff, doesn't know how to deal with this new situation!

Junko created this shoujo manga, without forgetting where she started from. The yaoi elements that have characterized all of her previous works, here are reunited in a shoujo depicting a fujoshi. Serinuma is surrounded by beautiful boys, and a beautiful girl, and all of them drool for her. But she only loves yaoi and Shion – her favorite character – so she can't reciprocate their feelings. With Watashi ga Motete Dousunda you must be ready to embark on a cruise full of comedy, misunderstandings and crazy adventures!

1. Kasa no Shita, Futari (Under the Umbrella, with You)

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: June 2011 – October 2011

Let's finally get to our first position! This story revolves around Keisuke Mio, a high school boy who is bored with his life. Even though he is popular with the ladies, he is unable to keep one and he feels like his life lacks the thrill... It's a downpour that changes his life drastically: forced to seek shelter under the awning of an apartment, he meets Kakeru Yugi. This fated meeting brings Keisuke to start to hang out with Kakeru and his university friends, and when, by chance, Keisuke discovers Kakeru's loneliness he falls in love with him deeply...

We are used to Junko's stories as funny and fluffy, well, Kasa no Shita, Futari is a rare exception. This is probably the most touching and dramatic of Junko's manga, and the most beautiful as it makes the readers climb the mountain of feels. Kakeru is in love with a guy who doesn't love him back and only uses him, while Keisuke is in love with Kakeru. This triangle turns out to be painful and agonizing. As time goes by, though, Keisuke and Kakeru will finally face each other with a new awareness and maturity. This little masterpiece is bound to make readers smile, and shed tears, as it is very emotional. Since it's Junko's though, don't be afraid: you'll have your happy ending!

Final Thoughts

With this emotional manga, our ranking came to an end. How did you like it? As we said up above, Junko is popular thanks to the right amount of comedy, gags and lighthearted atmospheres that warm people's hearts. If you've never read Junko's stories, we think it's time you give her a try: you won't be disappointed. If you're into shoujo, Watashi ga Motete Dousunda will be your piece of cake; but if you enjoy yaoi and shounen-ai better, well, there's a huge range to pick up from! We hope you enjoyed the ride, and please, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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