[Fujoshi Friday] Top Manga by Ayane Ukyou

Ayane Ukyou, also known as Aya Sakyou, is an amazing manga artist who did an equally amazing job with either shoujo manga and yaoi/boys love ones. Her art style is simply wonderful; her style is neat, precise and at the same time full of detail – with her illustrations she conveys a feeling of fulfuillment as she fills readers' eyes up.

Lately, she gained a lot of popularity in the yaoi universe. As she is a cat lover, she made a starting point out of that, and managed to create an entire universe full of “werecats”, where all the various stories, and the different characters, intersect one way or the other. She's skilfull regardless, as she created very interesting shoujo love stories, with a big range of well-depicted characters.

Let's talk about her peculiar way of describing. She doesn't give the readers an easy, happy ending; she makes the readers suffer, cry and jump from their chairs at times. But when the happy ending finally comes, it's the sweetest of things. To make it easier to stand the long, hard path to the end, Ayane Ukyou puts a lot of smut in her stories... like, A LOT. Whether it's a yaoi manga, or a shoujo one, she makes the readers drool with sexy, hot scenes. Here we have a ranking mentioning only ten, among all Ayane Ukyou's amazing works! If you are searching for drama, love, sex, and a bit of supernatural, stick with us until the end and discover this extraordinary manga artist!

10. Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata

  • Genre: Drama, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: 2011

Let's get this ranking started with Ikezu Kareshi no Otoshikata! This story revolves around an ero-manga artist, Yukio, who gets scouted by an editor, Tanaka. Everything goes smoothly in the beginning, and until Yukio finally debuts with his manga. That's the moment when Tanaka starts to show his true colors: he is a sadistic, mean guy, with a stern look. He starts teasing Yukio, and doesn't spare him anything. Until, one day, Tanaka exposes the truth about Yukio... In spite being an ero-manga artist, he is still a virgin!

As we said up above, Ayane Ukyou doesn't spare struggling moments, and puts her characters into ambiguous situations. Tanaka is mean toward Yukio, who is in love with him in spite of everything. All along, the readers, and Yukio, wonder if Tanaka actually feels something for Yukio, or if he is just a plain teaser. As always, we find in this story an amazing art style full of details, and a lot of smut. Spicy moments, and even fluffy one are around every corner! And since it's Ayane Ukyou, after a lot of hardships, the ending will be satisfactory for everyone; from the readers to the characters.

9. Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are (Adolescence BOY and “it”)

  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School life, Smut, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: March 2013 – November 2014

Let's go on with a little bit of teenage angst! Sakurai and Shinohara are high school students and classmates, and like every normal high school student, they are both easily turned on. One day, Sakurai borrows an AV from a friend, and starts touching himself in his room, while watching it. Shinohara walks in unannounced, and happens to see his friend masturbating. After a momentary shock, Sakurai decides to act as if nothing ever happened. Yet, as days go by, he finds himself attracted to Shinohara somehow... How will the both of them deal, with what they have just discovered?

Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are is a wonderful comedy. If it's true that both the boys deal with adolescence and growth, it's even true that the situation is hilarious. And what matters the most, is that thanks to an AV borrowed from a friend, Sakurai and Shinohara discover an attraction, and start to feel something for each other. While their love blooms, the readers will be caught up in the beautiful art style, and the smutty stuff both will end up doing. Ayane Ukyou gave her fans yet another rare gem to devour!

8. Biyaku Cafe

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Gender bender, Mature, Slice of life, Smut, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published Date: October 2008 – November 2011

Did we mention how Ayane Ukyou likes to overlap stories with different characters? Well, Biyaku Cafe is an omnibus story, and its genre is shoujo. Since it's Ayane Ukyou we're talking about, expect something extraordinary! The first story is about a girl who is often mistaken for a boy, and that's the reason why she got fired from her last job. She is desperate, until a shop owner hires her as a male waiter! The second story and the fourth are about a girl introduced in the first arc, and her frustration toward her male childhood friend who is cuter than her. While the in between third one is about a waiter introduced in the first one, and the attention he receives from a girl who is a regular at the cafe.

In Biyaku Cafe, Ayane Ukyou managed to create a lot of short stories that differ from each other in many ways; in fact, readers can find stories that are funny, with gags and trivial reasoning, and stories that are very deep and sad. She puts all her efforts in Biyaku Cafe, and we must say she didn't disappoint. This is a manga that has to be enjoyed to the fullest, moreover if you are fans of the genre. Ayane Ukyou's art style, and her non-conventional way of depicting situations, will immediately win you over!

7. Nekoka Danshi no Shitsukekata

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural, School life, Shounen-ai
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published Date: Septemer 2009 – June 2014

Let's go on, but back on what we said before! We mentioned how Ayane Ukyou is a cat-lover. This is her first approach to shounen-ai genre, and her first try with “werecats” and supernatural. This story revolves around Michiru Ninomiya, who returns in Japan after ten years. He has been apart from his older brother, Shiou, and when Michiru gets back, they start living together. But many things have happened while he was away, and there's something lying within Michiru's memories, that he tried hard to forget...

This time, Ayane Ukyou gave her fans a story full of bishounen, drama and brother complex! Shiou, who is the older non-blood-related brother, dotes on Michiru a lot. Michiru, as the story goes on, develops some sort of jealousy toward the fact that Shiou is a werecat – a person who can turn into a cat, belonging to a particular species. Their story is an alternation of humor and drama, with a big range of characters on the background. Add this a character like Shiou who is head over heels for his little brother, and the recipe for the wonderful story is ready. As Ayane Ukyou's first attempt with the genre, we can safely she say she did a great job!

6. Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata

  • Genre: Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, School life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: October 2010 – October 2011

Let's keep going with the “werecats”! This is Ayane Ukyou's actual first yaoi manga. In the “werecats” universe she created, this is the second story, revolving around a cutie pie called Kokonoe. He is a werecat who can't control his turning into a cat, as it happens whenever he is excited. One day he meets Natsume, the school doctor, whose touch has a surprising effect on Kokonoe, who suddenly can't stop turning into a cat all the time. Natsume will try to help Kokonoe with his problem, but is there room for a real feeling of love between the two of them?

As her first attempt with yaoi, we find in Nekoka Kareshi no Ayashikata all the traits that Ayane Ukyou developed better only later on. But still, this is a story worth reading, as her first well-done try with this genre, and because of the cutesy within. Kokonoe and Natsume's relationship is hard to understand at first; the readers will keep wondering whether Natsume cares about Kokonoe as he is, or because he is a werecat. However, since Ayane Ukyou doesn't want to leave a bitter taste to her fans, table turns right when another character – Shingo, her most popular werecat – makes his first appearance. Trust us, you will enjoy this one!

5. Yokujou Climax

  • Genre: Adult, Drama, Romance, School life, Smut, Shoujo
  • Volumes: 7
  • Published Date: June 2004 – July 2006

Let's forget about cats for a bit, and let's go on with yet another wonderful shoujo manga Ayane Ukyou gave us! Yokujou Climax revolves around Mio Omori, who is a teenager trying her best to economically support her family. Her efforts, though, barely cover the basic living expenses. One night, she receives an offer: to become a maid for a rich landlord, whose son – Shoei Jinnai – has obviously ulterior motives toward her. How will Mio deal with the landlord's son?

Once again, with Yokujou Climax we face a shoujo smut that is absolutely wonderful. If the beginning may seem a bit cliche, or even if it may look slow, the story gradually develops becoming remarkably good. And so do the characters. Ayane Ukyou created a non-conventional shoujo heroine; she is actually capable, hard-working, caring and probably a little bit naive. Her counterpart, Shoei Jinnai, is a double-faced character who shows his true self only to Mio. Dramatic plot twits, surprising developments, smutty scenes and an exquisite art style are the rewards awaiting those who are willing to give it a try!

4. 12-ji kara Hajimaru

  • Genre: Drama, Psychological, Romance, Smut, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: September 2014 – December 2015

Let's go back to yaoi now, and let's talk about this story revolving around two former classmates! Shoyu and Chiharu have lost track of each other for twelve years; their paths strayed after an incident exposed Shoyu being gay. Twelve years later, Shoyu turned into a disenchanted man, running a cozy pub where all the workers gather to complain about their lives. His love life is rather non-existent, and he prefers cold sex with strangers. One night, though, his past knocks at the door... How will Shoyu react, when Chiharu appears right before his eyes?

12-kara Hajimaru is probably the most serious story Ayane Ukyou created. If her works usually go from serious to hilarious at times, 12-ji kara Hajimaru keeps the serious mode from beginning to end. Shoyu had to deal with his incident of the past for his entire life, so he is frightened to death; Chiharu, on the other side, kept having unresolved feelings for Shoyu. When the two of them will finally talk, they both will face those twelve years apart and realize how nothing ever really changed. This is a story about two cowardly grown-up men madly in love with each other, plus all of Ayane Ukyou's magic!

3. Himananode Hajimete Mimasu.

  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 1
  • Published Date: March 2013

Here our top three starts with a story full of angst! Rintarou Amano and Nozomi Nakatsugawa have been friends for years, since kindergarten. Or more like, Rintarou has always taken care of Nozomi, since Nozomi is a klutz. Growing up together, they attended the same high school, and later they made it to the same university and started living together. That's the moment when Nozomi's admiration toward Rintarou, turns into perversion. Nozomi's attitude leaves Rintarou puzzled, as feelings toward Nozomi harbored within him!

Himananode Hajimete Mimasu. is a good balance of comedy parts, smut and even sadness. Nozomi may look stupid, but he knows when to put all of his efforts into something, and Rintarou will give him a very hard time; Rintarou, knowing Nozomi since childhood, realizes how fickle he can be, so he doesn't feel like trusting him. There will be misunderstandings, and even characters who unconsciously will almost divide them, but Ayane Ukyou gives her readers a lot of spicy moments, love and, of course, a super-sweet happy ending!

2. Fukigen Kareshi Series

  • Genre: Drama, Supernatural, Romance, Smut, Slice of life, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 2
  • Published Date: October 2014 - ongoing

Now, let's go back to “werecats” and end this chart with a lot of purrs! The Fukigen Kareshi series is a spinoff Ayane Ukyou created from the main series – Kuroneko Kareshi. It is about Yuujin Kagami, Keiichi's older brother – Keiichi is one of the protagonist of Kuroneko Kareshi series. Since Ayane Ukyou loves to give all of her characters a happy ending, she felt like Yuujin, too, deserved one. So this is the tormented love story between Yuujin Kagami, and his childhood friend, and secretary, Ei Takamizawa.

Did we mention how Ayane Ukyou makes you suffer before giving you the craved happy ending? Well, it applies to Fukigen Kareshi, as well. This is the most tormented of the love stories she depicted. Yuujin, as the eldest son, for all his life acted according to what his family demanded. He sacrificed his life, by marrying a woman and giving the family an heir, even though he isn't even a complete leopard werecat. It goes without saying that he had to sacrifice his love for Ei, and that's why when he sees how his brother, Keiichi, didn't just care and chose a domestic werecat and a male – Shingo – as his lovers, Yuujin simply snaps.

This is a story about a cowardly man, Yuujin, who finally decides to stand against the duties his family imposed him for his entire life, and about his childhood friend, who never left his side in spite everything. Love, smutty scenes, jealousy and misunderstanding will lead the readers in a vortex of feelings. As this story is still ongoing, we have a long way before the happy ending, but we just can't wait to see how things will turn out for this couple!

1. Kuroneko Kareshi Series (Black Cat Boyfriend Series)

  • Genre: Drama, Romance, Slice of life, Supernatural, Smut, Yaoi
  • Volumes: 5
  • Published Date: February 2012 – ongoing

Finally, we reach our 1st position. We can safely state that this is The Masterpiece Ayane Ukyou created. Let's put aside the art style, as we already mentioned how it is full of details and very neat, and focus on the story.

Shingo is a stray domestic werecat. Like every stray, he was repeatedly taken in, and then abandoned since he was a child. Because of this, he developed a character that allows him to justify his fickle nature with the sentence “because I'm a cat”. Shingo convinced himself not to deserve love, and so he just looked for sex in his partners. Things were bound to change with the fated meeting with the popular actor, Keiichi Kagami, who happened to appear on the set where Shingo was working at. And what looked like mere passion from Shingo's point of view, it was already something else from Keiichi's.

This story is a whirlwind of emotions. For as strong as Shingo can seem, that's just a facade hiding his fear of abandon; Keiichi is madly in love with Shingo, but he can't get a hold of him. Ayane Ukyou put in Kuroneko Kareshi series all the things we love the most about her stories; there are comedy parts that can make readers crack up, there are erotic sex scenes to make it hotter, and there are emotional moments that can bring the readers to tears. Hoping she will never get tired to draw Shingo and Keiichi's adventures, we recommend you give Kuroneko a try as it is the peak of Ayane Ukyou's works!

Final Thoughts

With the beautiful Kuroneko, we end this ranking. We enjoyed talking about Ayane Ukyou, as she is very skillful, with a peculiar art style, and stories that are always extraordinary. Whether you are approaching Ayane Ukyou's works only now, or you're already a fan, or you decided to start reading her works after seeing this ranking, we hope you all found it useful! If you like spicy love stories, with that “something” more consisting in smut, drama and all kind of struggles, really, give Ayane Ukyou a try. You won't be disappointed! And, please, don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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