Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)

Toshinki G's Frame

Action, Mecha/Robot, Sci-Fi, Space

Airing Date:
October 12, 2021


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This story takes place at the end of the 21st century. Humanity has discovered a new type of energy called DG (Divine Grace) that has revolutionized the economy and space exploration. However, when settlers attempt to colonize Pluto, unidentified alien lifeforms known as “Nergal” suddenly attack and annihilate them.
To fight the Nergal, the United Earth Forces forms the AG Unit, which consists of ancient robots called “G’s Frames” that were excavated from ruins around the world. These robots are piloted by girls with special qualities who are known as “Ancient Girls.”
The 1st AG Unit is launched to protect the earth, and thus begins the first war between humanity and the Nergal. During the Jupiter Trojan Campaign, there are many casualties, and Reiu Minamiya, the pilot of the Unit No. 4 Asena, is missing-in-action afterwards.
Some time later, our protagonist, Reika Minamiya, volunteers to serve in the AG Unit to find her sister, Reiu.
This is a story of camaraderie, bonds with ancient robots, and a deadly battle with aliens.
The girls must overcome much hardship and grow as people and pilots.

“We’ll change the fate of the world! ...Before the earth is consumed.”

Characters & Voice Actors

Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Reika Minamiya: Rie Takahashi

The pilot of Shennong. Although pure and innocent, she has the inner strength to handle any crisis. She volunteers to serve on the AG Unit to find her sister Reiu, who went missing during a previous battle, but her application is rejected. However, in the midst of a Nergal attack, she accidentally succeeds in activating the G’s Frame Shennong and is accepted as a backup candidate for the AG Unit.
Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Luna Mariano Perez Le Piano: Aya Suzaki

The pilot of Kukulkan. Her father was a soldier who died in a suicidal attack against the Nergal. She is serious to a fault, and as a senior pilot, she often treats Reika and the others strictly.
Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Jotis Pearl: Kaori Ishihara

The pilot of Gandharva. She is a survivor of the 1st AG Unit and Reika’s commanding officer. She is usually strict but has a kind heart. She feels guilty that Reiu, her comrade in arms, was shot down in front of her. During peacetime, she works as a musician and is very popular.
Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Arhena Hakim: Hiromi Igarashi

The pilot of Pabilsag. She used to work as a magician. She is deeply compassionate and volunteered for the AG Unit because she wants to protect the smiles of people on Earth. She is accepted by Pabilsag, who was wounded in a previous battle.
Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Air: Arisa Nakata

A mysterious girl who was aboard the G’s Frame White Titan when it was excavated from the ruins of Tassili n’Ajjer. Under her guidance, many other G’s Frames were discovered.
Toushinki-Gs-Frame-kv1 Toshinki G's Frame (Ancient Girl's Frame)
Reiu Minamiya: Ayana Taketatsu

Reika’s older sister. She has a bright personality and is knowledgeable about many subjects. She was a member of the 1st AG Unit, but her G’s Frame was surrounded by Nergal during the battle and was badly damaged. Her whereabouts are currently unknown, and she is registered as MIA.

Other TitleAncient Girl's Frame
Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Ten" by Kuhaku Gokko
  • Ending Song: "Galactic Wind" by MARiA
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Osamu Yamasaki
  • Director: Osamu Yamasaki
  • Sound Director: Hisayoshi Hirasawa
  • Music: Shun Narita, ISAO

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