Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

Gamers would no doubt be amazed at how many free MMORPGs—Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games—get released yearly and that is due to their usual lack of success. Whether they just come out at bad times or don’t hold gamers' attention for long, most of these free titles fade quicker than a candle with a small wick. Tower of Fantasy, however, is a game we covered when it was originally released in August of 2022 and we loved everything about it.

Fusing multiple popular game ideas together—such as Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Genshin Impact—Tower of Fantasy was met with solid reviews and still is booming with a large player base even now! We here at Honey’s Anime were invited to a special event that talked about the expansion called Grand Sea and we knew many of you would love to hear what we witnessed for ourselves. Here is a brief bit of information for the upcoming expansion and why you, fans, should be setting your reminders for March 30th ASAP!

Into the Sea, We Go!

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

If it isn’t very obvious from the title, the Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion is set in the sea. With several new locations such as the Grand Sea Island, Innars City, and Dragon Breath Volcano, players will no doubt spend many hours exploring each section for new items, enemies to face off—more on them in a minute—and ways to grind for loot!

We got to witness some of these locations firsthand in the presentation and we were floored by the extreme level of detail the developers put into these locations. They aren’t just tiny new maps but full-scale segments that really expand the already large world of Tower of Fantasy and provide more bits of lore and depth to the player’s world. We can’t wait to explore either solo or with friends and see what new treasures we can dig up for ourselves!

An Expansion Full of Goodies!

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

Exploring new locations is fun and all but no expansion would be worthwhile if there wasn’t new content and Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion seems to have droves of new goodies to obtain! There will be new Simulacrums to obtain—four of them it seems—each giving the player a bunch of new ways to fight and abilities. We also loved the new underwater combat system which as the speaker was quick to address means new strengths and weaknesses to overcome.

Using fire magic underwater—obviously silly—will mean lesser damage and players will need to learn how to best overcome their new battle situations! There are even some new vehicles to obtain to explore these new underwater locations. The volcano section too looks chock full of new threats to overcome and items to farm which means you’ll definitely need to rethink your way of playing when overcoming this new expansion!

New Enemies!?

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

It should be pretty obvious but with all these new places to visit, there would be new threats and quests to overcome. The speakers for the event showed us some brief new enemies and we can honestly say they look incredibly powerful and are designed wonderfully! The quests of Tower of Fantasy have always been pretty engaging by giving players a way to learn more about characters and world lore but we also loved that their rewards are pretty substantial and have no doubt that will continue with this expansion! We also learned that many of these larger foes will give players more raiding opportunities and that is always a plus in our books!

Some Questions and Answers

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

As per most events like this one, we were granted the ability to ask some questions and we did so without hesitation. Unfortunately, there were audio issues that prevented us from getting many questions answered but the team was kind enough to try and give all media outlets their answers in some form. Here are the few questions we asked and their results!

Question 1: What was the hardest part of creating this expansion?

Answer: Because the underwater aspect of the overall world tends to be more dimensional and difficult, this made the developers define the experiences and spend more time with every aspect of the update. We tried to ensure the marine ecosystem made sense and could immerse the players as much as possible! Bringing our vision to reality was the most difficult part but we’ve had enough time to release the game and see the feedback from the developers and players which helped ensure a better experience overall!

Question 2: Was there a specific goal you were trying to achieve with this new content and its release?

Answer: With the new content, we had many lofty expectations in fact! Since this update is so different from the other games' competitors—meaning other MMORPGS—we want to see a lot of return users and hope to give players a newer experience with the updates and fixes.

Final Thoughts

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!

Tower of Fantasy: Grand Sea Expansion looks to be an incredible update to the already detailed and humongous free-to-play MMO! We are truly excited to see the new updates and additions for ourselves this March 30th and can’t wait to see the feedback from the other players as well! Are you readers looking forward to this big expansion for Tower of Fantasy as well!? Drop a comment below to let us know! Don’t forget to keep stuck to our exploring hive here at Honey’s Anime for more event coverage and all things anime!

Tower-of-Fantasy-wallpaper-700x393 Tower of Fantasy Grand Sea Expansion Press Event!


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