Toxic Relationships Are Not That Bad in Poison Control

poison_control_splash Toxic Relationships Are Not That Bad in Poison Control

Are you looking for a new shooter game but, at the same time, you need pinkish environments and anime girls in your life? Well, you're in luck, friend! Today we're here to talk about Poison Control, a third-person shooter with RPG elements, a lot of sense of humor, very obscure topics, and a cute waifu for you to adore!

Your Body Is Not Just Yours Anymore

poison_control_splash Toxic Relationships Are Not That Bad in Poison Control

Okay, you're free to adore her, but she's not a cutie sent from above. Well, kind of. Technically, everything comes from above when you are in Hell, right?

This little girl with dainty-yet-too-big-even-for-herself boobs is Poisonette, but she's not really human. Poisonette is actually a Klesha, a strange creature that will do anything to kill and devour any mortal that steps into Hell. Luckily for us, instead of killing the protagonist, she just happens to merge with their body. Weird way to become our soul mate, girl... although it's better to share your body with a creature from Hell than just dying, we think? Still, staying alive is not the only benefit: now we can shoot poison bullets! Woohoo!

Familiar Taste of Poison

poison_control_splash Toxic Relationships Are Not That Bad in Poison Control

The protagonist can shoot poison bullets and kill the Klesha. Once the area is safe, Posionette can purify the zone to recharge your health bar and poison gauge. This is the basic premise, but getting escaping from Hell won't be easy and knowing when to swap your characters is the key to success.

These poison mires we must purge are born from a person's negative emotions, just like Kleshas, so at this point, you can imagine this is not just about finding a safe way out but also helping those troubled humans who unwittingly give life to these nefarious creations. And for some reason, most of these troubled humans are beautiful girls—that's why all stages are called "Belle's Hell." Yes, we know it's fanservice, but it goes with the spirit of the game and we can't complain about it. In fact, we do like how the poison mires represent the girls' struggles and how dark they can get, although all of them look almost the same and that can become tiresome.

All Belles are toxic as hell—pun intended—but you still want to save them. Does it ring a bell?

Sorry, We Can't Fall In Love With You

Your interactions with Poisonette and how you react to the Belle's Hells will affect your stats and available abilities. Synergy, Empathy, Insight, Toxicity and Trust will directly impact the gameplay, but also your relationship with Poisonette as a body usurper.

All in all, Poison Control features a funny narrative that never hesitates to explore dark topics, and we love that contradiction, but sooner than later, you might feel trapped in a repetitive shooter that's too busy with the plot to actually care about the gameplay mechanics.

Final Thoughts

Poison Control, available for PS4 and Switch, is one of those games that most people won't understand. It's just an average third-person shooter game, and those who like this kind of plot are probably not the target audience for a shooter game in the first place. Regardless, if you have the chance, give Poison Control a go; you may be surprised!

poison_control_splash Toxic Relationships Are Not That Bad in Poison Control


Author: Rod Locksley

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