TransRoad USA & Police Simulator 18 to be at E3 c/o Astragon Entertainment!

astragon TransRoad USA & Police Simulator 18 to be at E3 c/o Astragon Entertainment!

What You Need to Know:

  • E3 is the one event that any developer never wants to miss, and German Publisher Astragon Entertainment is making sure to leave a mark this year. As one of the most successful publishers in the simluation games department, Astragon will bring two new titles to showoff TransRoad USA and Police Simulator 18.
  • Both games, which take place in a US setting, are still in their alpha stage but Astragon are willing to present the media with a sneak peek of gameplay footage, along with screenshots, artwork and general information.
  • Along with these sneak peeks, Astragon have given us some details to share about Construction Simulator 2 for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices. More details to be found down below!

Source: Official Astragon Entertainment Press Release

Game Details

Transroad USA

Have you ever wanted to be the head of a giant transport company responsible for connecting all important sectors of the US industry? This fall TransRoad USA, the newest management simulation game by Deck13 Hamburg and astragon Entertainment, will grant you the opportunity to discover the sophisticated logistics that are indispensable when it comes to keeping the US economy up and running.

After conquering the Seven Seas twice in TransOcean: The Shipping Company and TransOcean 2: Rivals TransRoad USA will take you to mainland USA. Or more precisely to a city of your choice from where you will manage your very own transport company. In the course of the game you will send countless trucks and their valuable freight along the legendary US highways, which connect not only federal states and time zones but also important industry sectors and their suppliers. Gain entrance into the challenging world of cross-country haulage and seize the opportunity to lead your business to the very top!

TransRoad USA will become globally available for PC in fall 2017.

Police Simulator 18

Dazzling blue lights, high-speed emergency drives and exciting investigative work: hobby sleuths can be looking forward to a new police simulation game coming to their PC! In cooperation with Portuguese developer Bigmoon Entertainment, astragon Entertainment is very happy to announce the upcoming Police Simulator 18.

In Police Simulator 18 the player will slip into the role of a real US police officer and discover the exciting day-to-day policework while on patrol through the sprawling US city. The extremely expansive - and thanks to the use of the Unreal® Engine 4 – very lifelike metropolis can be explored freely by the player either on foot or in one of three distinct patrol cars. He can also choose if he wants to go about his day alone or together with a partner in a 2 player cooperative multiplayer mode and use a great variety of authentic equipment.

Police Simulator 18 will be released for PC in 2017.

Construction Simulator 2

Construction Simulator 2 for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices takes the player to the United States of America. As the owner of a small construction company in the fictional state of Westside Plains he will be able to seize his chance to become the biggest real estate tycoon in the whole region. In order to achieve this goal the player will be able to access 36 originally licensed vehicles and construction machines by well-known makers such as Caterpillar®, Liebherr, PALFINGER, Bell, STILL® und ATLAS® during the course of the game.

Thanks to this great variety of vehicles and machines as well as challenging building contracts and missions players will not only be able to excavate building pits, control gigantic cranes and pour concrete to their heart’s content, but also tackle road construction tasks for the first time in the history of the Construction Simulator series – a gameplay element which has been long desired by fans of the popular franchise.

astragon TransRoad USA & Police Simulator 18 to be at E3 c/o Astragon Entertainment!
I've never been into simulation games much, but reading the description on TransRoad USA has me interested.
astragon TransRoad USA & Police Simulator 18 to be at E3 c/o Astragon Entertainment!
I may need to try out Construction Simulator 2!

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