Tribe Nine

Tribe Nine


Airing Date:
January 10, 2022


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This story takes place in the country of Neo-Tokyo in the year 20XX. Despairing of society, young people form “tribes” to find their place in the world.
However, fighting between the tribes continues to intensify, so the Neo-Tokyo government steps in and enacts the XB Law, which limits the fighting to XB (Extreme Baseball).
Pitching, hitting, and slugging it out. With their pride on the line, the young people go crazy for this new game.

Characters & Voice Actors

Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Shun Kamiya: Akira Ishida

The founder and leader of Minato Tribe, and the main reason why Minato is considered the strongest in Neo-Tokyo. He’s one of the few people who can use a beam bat, and apart from being a top-notch pitcher and hitter, he is also a powerful fighter. Although a charismatic figure in XB, he also has a quirky side, giving his friends odd nicknames and getting hangovers from coffee.
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Haru Shirokane: Shun Horie

A timid boy who is often bullied. Kamiya and Taiga saved him from an encounter with some delinquents. Although he is convinced that he is incapable of anything, Kamiya discovers his excellent eyesight and agility and asks him to join Minato Tribe.
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Taiga: Chiharu Sawashiro

A hot-blooded young man who crossed the ocean to Neo-Tokyo to defeat Shun Kamiya. He ends up joining Minato Tribe along with Haru. He’s a beginner to XB and struggles to learn the rules, but he boldly takes on any foe with his great physical strength.
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Saori Arisugawa: Mai Fuchigami

The deputy leader of Minato Tribe. Despite her delicate appearance, she is an excellent catcher who can catch Kamiya’s fast balls. Minato Tribe is full of eccentric characters, and she holds them together in place of the easygoing Kamiya. She cares deeply about her teammates, but she’s also strict about rules and morals and will mercilessly fire her air gun at anyone who violates them.
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Santaro Mita: Mutsumi Tamura

A member of Minato Tribe. He claims to be Minato’s ace, when in reality, he is only a reserve pitcher. He is often scolded by Arisugawa for his vulgar behavior, but he shows no signs of changing his ways. While he tends to put on airs in front of the newcomers, he is also very friendly and helpful.
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Manami Daimon: Fukushi Ochiai

A member of Minato Tribe. He is always there to support them with his warm personality and delicious food. Minato’s base, the Lovely Ocean, is a shop set up by him. He’s generally a calm person, but when he does lose his temper, he’s impossible to handle...
Tribe-Nine-KV Tribe Nine
Kazuki Aoyama: Shoya Chiba

A mysterious young man who offers to join Minato Tribe. Due to his injured left hand, he is unable to properly play XB. However, he seems to know a lot about XB tactics and beam bats, and his knowledge often leads them to victory. Just what is his reason for approaching Minato Tribe...?

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: "Strike It Out" by MIYAVI
  • Ending Song: "Infocus" by Void_Chords feat. LIO
Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Akatsuki x Too Kyo Games
  • Director: Yu Aoki
  • Character Design: Yosuke Yabumoto
  • Original Illustrator: Rui Komatsuzaki
  • Music: Masafumi Takada
  • General Producer: Shuhei Yamaguchi

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