Try These 10 Group Anime Costume Ideas for Halloween!

From easy Halloween costumes to complex cosplays at Comiket, we’ve compiled lists on lists on lists of anime characters for your inner cosplayer to draw inspiration from. Now that you’ve explored the well of possibilities for your next big costume, why not level up this Halloween and get the whole squad involved?!

While putting together a fabulous costume is immensely satisfying on its own, we at Honey’s Anime think you should double down on the fun and what better way to do so than roping your friends into an epic group cosplay? Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered with a Top 10 list of our favourite group costume ideas!

10. Plantation 3’s “Premium Quality Goods” from Yakusoku no Neverland (The Promised Neverland)

Worried your friends won’t be invested in putting together a detailed costume? Well, look no further than The Promised Neverland! The orphans at Grace Field House are startlingly recognisable and right on brand for Halloween! Seriously, you may not find this idea super scary, but what’s more terrifying than literally being raised as human cattle and farmed to feed a predatory alien species?

Simple, low-budget and well-thought out, all you need for this costume is that standard orphanage uniform: plain shoes, a white button-up shirt and plain white trousers/skirt. The only specifics we can think of to sell the costumes better, are wigs. For Ray, you need a messy short black wig parted to the right, for Norman a tidy white wig parted to the left, and for Emma a short light-orange messy wig parted to the right with strands sticking up all around. Grab some black body paint, or if you’re in a pinch, some long-lasting black eyeliner to stencil out the corresponding identification numbers on your neck and you’re all set!

9. The Club from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When They Cry)

How can any costume list be complete without at least one (sort of) gory option? Just for that, we have the cult classic, When They Cry. Get ready to dress up as the cutest and creepiest (what? They’re not mutually exclusive) students of the Hinamizawa Branch School.

From blue sailor-style uniforms and bright red ties to big floppy white caps and denim shorts, dressing like the girls of The Club is ridiculously simple. Just find the corresponding colourful clothes for each girl’s outfit and then really hit it out of the park by picking the perfect wig. From Rika’s long purple hime-cut to Satoko’s short blonde do to Rena’s orange angle cut and Mion and Shion’s long mint-green tresses, these hairstyles will make you instantly recognisable as members of The Club. But what about Keiichi? Well, if you throw on green shorts and a red vest and then proceed to spend your evening in the company of said brightly coloured hair-dos, you couldn’t possibly be mistaken for anyone else.

Wish your costume was a little edgier? Let Oyashiro-sama’s curse take hold and throw some fake blood onto your ensemble. With this slasher-flick-style manifestation of Hinamizawa Syndrome, you guys will instantly go from fetching to frightening and give everyone cause for a double-take!

8. The "Motion Picture" Club from Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! (Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken!)

Whether it's a gakuran or a sailor fuku, there’s something inherently fun about dressing up in a good old school uniform. Anime uniforms especially seem way more exciting than the stuff we wore to school. So why not twin with your bffs and cosplay as the adorkable trio from the Motion Picture (read: animation) Club?

Shibahama Highschool’s uniform consists of a white shirt, blue blazer and navy skirt coupled with a teal tie, black knee-high socks (in Asakusa’s case short white ones) and brown loafers. Now to specify which of the three members of the club you’re playing, you just need to accessorise. Throw on a pair of upper-rimmed black glasses on your head to channel Kanamori. If Tsubame is more your speed, style your reddish-brown chin-length hair (you’ll need a wig) parted on the left leaving two strands to frame your face. For Asakusa, just add a camouflage-patterned sun-hat and backpack to your uniform, and before you know it, you and your crew will be working on your own anime!

7. Team Seoul from The God of High School

If you and your friends want to keep it casual but cool with your costumes this year, then why not dress up as the low-key yet kick-ass Team Seoul from The God of High School? While on the simple side, these costumes are still fun and memorable. For Jin Mo-Ri, grab a comfy white tee, loose blue jeans, a black jacket, red boots and a green eye mask to wear over spiked up hair. For Han Dae-Wi you only really need black trousers, a dark belt and a white shirt with the sleeves rolled over the elbows. For Yu Mi-Ra you’ll have to grab a short-sleeved white shirt, an orange tie, a pleated teal skirt, dark knee-socks and brown loafers. The only accessories you need are round wire-framed glasses and a wooden sword.

While replicating Team Seoul's enviable fighting skills may be out of the realm of possibility, dressing like them definitely isn’t, and you don’t have to look any further than your own closet!

6. Kingdom of Science from Dr. Stone

Set in a second stone-age, the Kingdom of Science outfits redefine the term basic. Roughly-patched tunics, single-toned cloth shirts and pants, loose-fit monochromatic dresses, sack-like booties or chunky stone-like shoes, accessories made up of creatively placed rope and cloth bands and simple weaponry, these costumes are beyond easy to replicate. Throw in a funky hairstyle or, for Senku and Gen, a wig to specify which character you’re cosplaying, slap on the body paint to get those de-petrification markings right and get ready to party, stone-era style!

With a wide array of characters to choose from, there’s no limit to how many people can participate in this cosplay; a duo, a trio, a quartet even a philharmonic orchestra can be accommodated! Senku, Gen, and Chrome are a good start. You can expand further with Kohaku, Taiju, Yuzuriha and Suika, after the Stone Wars there’s also Tsukasa and… Honestly, it’s called a kingdom for a reason, so why not crank it up a notch, and have a Stone Wars party? At the very least every single one pf your guests will be able to cosplay a different unique character from the Kingdom of Science!

5. Franchouchou from Zombieland Saga (Zombie Land Saga)

Idol anime are a great place for cute synchronised costumes, but how about switching it up with a spooky twist? Why not dress up as Franchouchou, a hard-working idol group made up of seven adorable women who happen to be reanimated? That’s right, this septet is made up of the zombified deceased. However, being dead doesn’t take away from their sense of style. From Sakura’s blue uniform to Yugiri’s orange and white plaid kimono-style blouse to Junko’s navy sailor dress, there’s no shortage of fun and unique getups. If you want something more simple, there’s Ai’s idol-style navy blazer outfit, Saki’s letterman jacket and knee-length skirt, Lily’s green and white uniform or Tae’s simple black gown. Throw in the super campy hairstyles each of our zombies sport (you definitely will need a wig) and you’re almost good to go. For that extra touch, grab the body paint and bandages and get your zombie on! Paint your skin a greyish-blue, add on the scars and stitches, wrap yourself in bandages and get ready to turn some heads, but be careful not to actually lose yours!

4. The Armed Detective Agency from Bungou Stray Dogs (Bungo Stray Dogs)

If you and your coterie prefer to masquerade with a more understated yet undeniable style, then delve into the world of the Armed Detective Agency. Try on Fukuzawa and Kyoka’s elegant traditional Japanese attire. Maybe you prefer something more eclectic like Ranpo’s Inverness cape and newsboy hat or Dazai’s tan trench coat and turquoise pendant bolo. How about something simple and chic, like Yosano’s puffy-sleeved button-up, red-heeled shoes and butterfly hairpin or Kunikida’s tidy beige vest and matching trouser combo? And if these are too much, you can always take it easy with Kenji’s straw hat and overalls, Tanizaki’s blue jeans and red sweater or Naomi’s simple sailor fuku. Depending on your dedication, your group’s take on these cosplays can be extremely easy or super complex, but either way, with these outfits, you and your squad will definitely be dressed to impress!

3. Yorozuya Gin-chan from Gintama

Zombieland-Saga-Wallpaper-2-500x500 Try These 10 Group Anime Costume Ideas for Halloween!

©Hideaki Sorachi/GINTAMA the Movie

Are you into super campy outfits? Do you enjoy putting in the work for a good costume? Then look no further than the anachronistic futuristic Edo-era world of Gintama and get ready for the OTT costumes of the most counterproductive trio in anime, Yorozuya Gin-chan.

These instantly recognisable outfits aren’t the easiest to mimic but they’re so worth the effort. From Kagura’s yellow-piped red duangua, hair ornament covered knots and large purple parasol to Shinpachi’s light-blue keikogi, dark blue hakama and round wire-framed glasses that make up 95% of him (according to Gin-chan), these costumes are campy at best or just complicated af in Gintoki’s case. For the eponymous Gin-chan’s fusion get up, you’ll need to pair a white yukata with swirling blue patterns with a red-lined black shirt and matching trousers tucked into knee-high black boots. Don’t forget the wonderful Lady Toya (Gin-chan’s bokuto) and that messy, spiky silver, say it with us, wig.

These outfits, while super iconic, require some real dedication to be done right! So if you and your friends really love the process and work that goes into cosplay, then Yorozuya Gin-chan won’t disappoint!

2. Gojo and the First Years from Jujutsu Kaisen (TV)

On the other hand, if you want something as epic but not nearly as demanding as the last cosplay we mentioned then get ready to enroll in Tokyo Metropolitan Jujutsu Technical High School and grab your gakuran! If you need a fun group costume for a quartet, then we suggest Gojo and his First Years (and wouldn’t Gojo just love that title?). It’s something new yet recognisable and effortlessly cool. For our protagonist, Itadori, you need a black long-sleeved t-shirt resembling a gakuran over a red hoodie, black trousers and red high-top sneakers. You’ll also need a pink spiked undercut (it’s wig time). For our favourite stoic sea urchin Fushiguro, you’ll want to start with spiking up your dark hair like, yep, a sea urchin! You’ll also need the standard Jujutsu Tech uniform: a black long-sleeved high-collared shirt with a gold button, matching black trousers and brown ankle-length boots. For sassy and fabulous Kugisaki, style your short orange hair (read: wig) such that the bangs cover the left half of your forehead. You’ll need a black button-up top, matching knee-length skirt, black stockings, and brown loafers. Add a brown belt for her signature hammer and nails and you’re all set! Finally, for our big fish Gojo-sensei, you can start with an all-black ensemble consisting of a high-collared jacket and matching pants with darkdress bootss. Be sure to style your white hair/wig up into spikes and don’t forget the signature black blindfold to tie your whole outfit together!

1. The Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece

Finally, for the ultimate no.1 group costume idea on our list, we have none other than the infamous Straw Hat Pirates from One Piece. A mix of easy and difficult costumes to tickle the fancy and varied interests of your squad, this cosplay is easily the most versatile on our list. Don’t have enough people for the full crew? Just go as a Straw Hat sub-group like the Monster Trio!

Each of the Straw Hats also have multiple outfits across the long-running anime and you can definitely cosplay them at different points in the story till you find the perfect costume to suit your fancy. If you prefer something simple, then go for Luffy’s red vest, denim shorts, and straw hat look or Sanji’s black suit and cigarette. The devil is really in the details so don’t forget the important parts of your costume like Nami’s tattoo and log pose or Usopp’s goggles and slingshot. You could also go for some of the more trademark outfits, like Zoro’s three swords, green bandana and green haramaki, Frankie’s speedos and unbuttoned Hawaiian shirts or Robin’s purple cowgirl outfit. If you’re really ambitious then there are the less-than-human-looking characters like skeleton Brook’s purple suit and afro, blue fish-man Jinbe’s traditional yukata and obi ensemble, and reindeer Tony Tony Chopper’s red shorts and top-hat.

There really is something for everyone in this cosplay, so if you want to go traditional in Wano or stay OG in East Blue, go for it and get ready to take that epic group shot as the baddest pirates on the Grand Line!

Final Thoughts

Two groups of terrified kids, four groups of terrifyingly powerful young adults, three groups of terrifically talented youths, a trio that’s terrifyingly incompetent,13 mentions of a wig and 10 terrific anime crews later, we’ve reached the end of the line with our list of the Top 10 Group Anime Ideas. Any one of these costumes will be a super fun endeavour, so jump into the wonderful world of cosplay and share in the joy with your pals!

Tell us in the comments below or share a picture of what whacky ensembles you and the squad decided to go with! If you’ve got a group costume idea that you think should make it on the list let us know, we love hearing from you!

Zombieland-Saga-Wallpaper-2-500x500 Try These 10 Group Anime Costume Ideas for Halloween!


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