Twin Angel BREAK - Spring 2017

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Twin Angel BREAK

Fantasy, Magical Girl

Airing Date:
April 7 2017

J.C. Staff

Honey’s Highlights

mo-happy1 Twin Angel BREAK - Spring 2017
ooooooo These girls look so cute! Twin Angel Break was made as a tenth anniversary project for the series right? When was the last one?
mo-happy1 Twin Angel BREAK - Spring 2017
Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel: Kyun Kyun Tokimeki Paradise the OVA Finihsed in late December 2014. So it's been a while since we have seen something new for them. Fans looking for similar series would most likely enjoy anime like Tantei Opera Milky Holmes, Nurse Witch Komugi-chan R, ss well as maybe the Precure Series for those who are into pure mahou shoujo.
mo-happy1 Twin Angel BREAK - Spring 2017
I was on the fence until I saw that not only is Ai Kayano in it, but the queen of all tsundere who matter, Rie Kugimiya, is performing too. I. Am. DOWN.
mo-happy1 Twin Angel BREAK - Spring 2017
I would have not pegged you for a seiyuu fan. However, yay more fans! This show is going to be great!~

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Twin Angel Break follows naive and ally of justice Meguru Amatsuki, and rigid and raised in the Kisaragi household, yet cool Sumire Kisaragi. Both are third year students in middle school when one day a mysterious Hedgehog calling itself “Miruku-chan”, appears and orders them to not only become Twin Angels, but also to fight against evil!

Suddenly, the bright and slightly pushy Meguru, and Sumire, the one who does not get along well with others, must not only cross each other’s paths, but must also while cooperating, bit by bit open their hearts to one another.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Meguru Amatsuki

Voice Actor: M.A.O.

Shining brightly at dawn, in the unique morning sunlight, she is Angel Rose! A naive middle-school student. A transfer student who came to Saint Cherine Academy from an isolated island. Her dream is to become an “ally of justice.”

Sumire Kisaragi

Voice Actor: Ai Kayano

Sparkling brightly at dusk and the first star, Sumire is Angel Sapphire. She can be quite cold, and doesn’t talk to her classmates much. Despite her appearance, she’s quite the glutton, but there seems to be some secret as to why…


Voice Actor: Rie Kugimiya

A strange, talking hedgehog. The one who scouts Meguru and Sumire to become Twin Angel Break. It instructs the two to collect Holy Medals, but what is its true nature? It may look cute, but has a tough personality.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Love tte♥Jewelry♪Angel☆Break!! by Abenyuu Project feat. Meguru Amatsuki & Sumire Kisaragi
  • Ending Song: Bureikuru Miruku Rabu! By Milk-chan (Rie Kugimiya)

Main Staff
  • Director: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
  • Series Composition: Michiko Itou
  • Character Design: Mika Takahashi
  • Music: Gin

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